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(4.10a) Player stores
(4.11a) Drain effects
(4.11)  Malicious effects players can suffer                                    
The player can suffer from various effects caused by monsters, traps or
himself. Against several of these effects the 'Saving Throw' ability helps
to decide whether it will be resisted or not (especially true for effects
that are cast by monsters on the player - see (6.3) for more details on
Saving Throw).
The various effects are:

For 'Fear', 'Blindness', 'Confusion' and 'Paralysis' - please see (5.6).

Hunger  -Gorged         Your speed gets reduced by 10.
        -Full           While being /afk in 'Full' state or in normal state
                        (normal = no food state is displayed, the 'Full'
                        disappeared), your digestion will be stopped, allowing
                        you to remain afk as long as you wish.
        -Weak (yellow)
        -Weak (orange)
        -Weak (red)     You lose hit points and get paralyzed even with FA.
         (starving)     If you hit a bowel cramps trap, you instantly enter
                        this nutrition state. 'Slow Digestion' will help to
                        not get insta-paralyzed!
        You will regenerate hit points slower if you are weak, and not at
        all if you are starving (red 'Weak').

Slowdown        Monsters can cast spells or breathe (inertia, gravity) to slow
                the player down. This effect is temporary. 'Free Action' helps
                a bit to reduce the effect from inertia breath.

Stun    -Stun           Reduces to-hit and to-dam.
                        Reduces your martial arts damage (because you cannot
                        perform MA special styles while stunned).
                        Reduces chance for successful spell-casting.
                        Prevents you from intercepting a monster (see (6.2)
                        'Interception' skill).
                        Reduces chance to block or parry.
        -Heavy stun     Greatly reduces to-hit and to-dam.
                        Reduces your martial arts damage (because you cannot
                        perform MA special styles while stunned).
                        Greatly reduces chance for successful spell-casting.
        -Knocked out    You cannot perform any action while knocked out,
                        it leaves your character completely helpless.

                        High AC helps to avoid melee-based stuns (see (5.12))
                        (most famous monster is probably "The Stormbringer"),
                        while stun from sound attacks can only be prevented
                        by having sound resistance.

                        Melee-based stun can be caused by HIT, PUNCH, KICK,
                        BUTT and CRUSH type attacks, also see (*) below.

        Most means of Curing, Cure Critical Wounds and Healing will also remove
        any stun. Therefore it is recommended to treat any form of stun
        immediately, before it builds up. In unlucky cases a normal Stun might
        even turn straight into a Knocked out state, so even a light 'Stun'
        should be cured right away.

Cut                     Cuts will make you lose HP continuously.
(Graze, Light cut, Bad cut, Nasty cut, Severe cut, Deep gash, Mortal wound)
                        Cuts can be caused by melee based critical monster hits
                        that use HIT, CLAW or BITE attack type (also see (*)
                        below), or by shard attacks.
                        By transforming into a monster that has NO_CUT flag
                        (mostly undead forms), the player becomes immune to
                        cut effects.
                        Cuts from shards can be avoided with shard resistance.

Poison  -Poisoned       The player will continuously lose Hit Points.
                        Resisting poison will prevent the player from getting
                        poisoned (compare (5.6)).

Not really a status effect but..
Switch places           Monsters that have MOVE_BODY flag may switch place with
                        the player. This can be very dangerous if it happens in
                        a situation where the player is standing on a staircase
                        on purpose to retreat quickly if the situation gets out
                        of hands and the player is also within a no-teleport
                        The higher the player's level and the greater his body
                        weight is, the less likely he is going to get switched.

(*) Details about melee-induced cuts and stuns:
For a monster attack to cause cuts or stun it must deal at least 95% of its
potential damage maximum (rounded down). This is also called a 'critical hit'
of a monster (has nothing to do with the critical-hit mechanics for player

An attack type ('HIT') that can do both, cut and stun, will randomly do either
one, but never both at once. The 95% damage criterium is measured for the final
damage ie after the damage-reduction of AC has been applied. This is why high
armour class helps *alot* to prevent any type of cut or stun effect that comes
from critical hits by monsters, no matter how high the actual potential damage
of that attack might be.
However, unlike the most common damage types (like 'HURT') certain damage types
cannot be mitigated by AC and hence their cut/stun potential is always to be
reckoned with (see damage types in the second table in (5.12a), which say so if
they can be mitigated by AC.)

A Star-Spawn of Cthulhu hits you with its 2d33 CRUSH attack. The attack could
deal 2..66 damage. This means its potential maximum damage is 66 (if both dice
rolls turn out a 33 each). 95% of 66 is 62 (rounded down from 62.7), so if that
hit deals a final damage of 62 or higher, you will get stunned. Note that this
attack of the Star-Spawn doesn't have a HURT effect but instead an UN_BONUS
effect. UN_BONUS attacks do not get their damage reduced by AC, so a Star-Spawn
always has a chance to stun you, even if your AC is very high.
(4.10a) Player stores
(4.11a) Drain effects