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» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and monster details
» (6) Character details
» (7) Tactics & strategy
» (8) Miscellanous

(0.1) Start & play
(3) Creating a character & starting to play                                     

(3.1) Creating a new character; character modes                                 
During the character creation process you will be asked about details on the
character and after you have completed it you will start out in the first town,
called Bree.

To create a new character, you press either 'N' or 'E' key in your account
overview screen. 'N' is the normal way for creating a new character.

'E' is for creating a so-called 'exclusive' (or 'dedicated') character:
There are two character slots in your account that can be used for creating a
character dedicated to each of these special ways of playing:
 a) Ironman Deep Dive Challenge (IDDC, see (4.13) for details)
 b) Player versus Player (see 'PvP' further below in this section)
If you create such an exclusive character, you will be unable to use it for
anything else. The point of having exclusive character slots is to ensure that
even if your account is full of characters, you still have one slot available
to participate in IDDC and in PvP gameplay.
Note: A dedicated IDDC character will be killed and erased if it fails to enter
the IDDC dungeon (that is if it acquires any experience outside of it) or if it
recalls out of it at one of the static towns. The kill message will be:
"XXXX was killed by indetermination".

If you have already created a character of the same name before, you will be
given the 'reincarnate' option in every stage of character creation, which
allows you to just press the '#' key to make the same choices that you did on
your previous character of that name.

However, since this is your first character, just press 'N' to start the
creation progress, enter a character name, and continue reading.

First you may choose your gender. This will not have actual influence on your
strengths or weaknesses.

Next you have to choose your class. Spellcasters like Istari or Shamans are
physically weaker and especially hard to play for beginners.
If you choose a spellcaster, be aware that his casting ability depends on
either his intelligence or his wisdom, depending on the actual class. For more
information about classes and their pros and cons see (6.5).
Spellcasting involves using 'macros' (see (3.6)) and might be a bit difficult
for beginners.

 ---- PLEASE NOTE: ----
 If you are new to the game, it is NOT recommended to choose one of these:
 Istar, Priest, Shaman, Adventurer.
 The reason is that these classes are hard to play in the beginning -
 compare introductory explanation in (6.5)!

Then you have to choose your race. Humans are good allrounders, while the other
races are more or less specialized. For example half-trolls are usually quite
dumb but very strong, and hobbits are quite nimble and intelligent but not
very strong. For more information about races see (6.4).
A half-troll warrior might be the best choice for a beginner to try since he
is tough and has less chance of dying instantly in case you make a more
serious mistake. Also you don't have to worry about the spell-casting system
for now.
Note that the availability of various races will depend on the class you chose,
some class-race combinations are not possible.

Now you will see your six basic attributes STRength, INTelligence, WISdom,
DEXterity, CONstitution, CHaRisma.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For fighters (rogues also belong to these, ie all characters
that rely on close combat) that use weapons, it is important that you have
enough STRength and DEXterity to execute at least two attacks per round, called
BpR (blows per round, see (6.5a)).
Sometimes this requires you to get rid of your initial weapon and buy a very
light weapon, for example one of these:
 -dagger or main gauche (sword class),
 -whip (blunt class),
 -cleaver (axe class) or
 -spear (polearm class).
(For more information about the different weapon classes see (5.1a).)
Sometimes it is even possible to start out with 3 BpR (warriors mostly).

Depending on the server configuration, starting at TomeNET version 4.2.0,
there are 2 alternative stages of character creation that may follow now.

1) The old way - random stats:  (deprecated)
You see the short names for the 6 stats written from the left to the right
on the very bottom of the screen, and you're asked to choose a stat order.
You have to determine how important each of the 6 stats is to you by defining
an order. The first attribute you choose will be raised most.
However, know that all your stats are randomly modified slightly, each
character that you create even with same race and class will be a bit
different. Sometimes you are lucky and get really high attributes at the
beginning. And sometimes you get more gold to start with. If you don't like
the resulting stats after you finished character creation, suicide and start

2) The new way since 4.2.0 - chosen stats:
You see your 6 stats written below each other, followed by a base number (10).
Right above them you see your free points (30) that you may distribute on the
stats. Use the numpad (numlock turned on) to navigate and increase or decrease
your stats until you used up all free points. Hit ESC when you're happy with
your choice.
In general, if you play a character that relies on close combat, try to at
least match the STR and DEX values shown in the table in the column titled
'Min. recommended, if possible'.
If you can do that then you should start with at least 2 BpR with a light
weapon, or even with your starting weapon. If your starting weapon already
gives 2 BpR you could still examine even lighter weapons in stores to find one
that gives you one more BpR i.e. 3 BpR and just discard your starting weapon.

Note: The stat points you distribute have no effect on the maximum value your
character can get by quaffing stat potions. These points to distribute are
basically just "free stat potions".

Now you can choose a difficulty level you wish to play on. Options are
n) Normal  g) no Ghost  H) Hellish  e) Everlasting
It is recommended that you choose either n) to play a normal character or g)
to play a normal character without a ghost.
You can also choose e), that will give your character an infinite amount of
resurrections, while 'normal' characters often have a limited amount of lives
(depending on the server configuration).

Mode: 'Normal'
A normal character will turn into a ghost if he dies. The ghost can be revived
by either visiting a temple or another living player using a magic scroll of
life when standing adjacent to the ghost. The ghost will return to the world
of living under the cost of a lot of experience but at least the player can
resume playing. If the ghost dies, the character will finally be erased
permanently, watch out!
Depending on the server configuration the number of times a ghost is limited,
standard is 3 lifes.

Mode: 'Everlasting'
Create an everlasting character for an infinite amount of resurrections (with
the exception that they too are completely destroyed if they die to insanity.)
Everlasting characters can become king/queen, but cannot enter the high-score.
Other character types cannot use items that belong to everlasting
characters. Exception: Word of Recall scrolls can be exchanged between an
everlasting and a non-everlasting player!
Non-everlasting and everlasting characters can't be in the same party.
If an everlasting King/Queen dies, he won't be destroyed but lose the
King/Queen status. To regain it, he needs to find another player who hasn't
defeated Sauron and Morgoth yet and team up with him, because those two won't
(re)spawn for the everlasting player.
Since it was often asked: Non-everlasting and everlasting players can revive
each other without problems.
Everlasting characters can additionally use the 'Instant Resurrection' feature
offered by town temples, see (4.5a).

Mode: 'Unworldly' (no-ghost)
Unworldly characters are like normal characters, but they have only one life.
So if they die they cannot revive but are completely erased (no ghost will be
Note: This is the traditional rogue-like gaming mode.

Mode: 'Soloist' (no-ghost and no PC-trading)
This is exactly like above 'Unworldly' mode, except you cannot do any trading
ie exchange of items or gold with other player characters. You can use all NPC
stores as usual though.
Furthermore, Soloists will not be affected by buff-spells other players cast on
them, and they cannot pick up any items dropped by monsters that they didn't
kill themselves.
This mode allows you to have a 'single-player' experience of traditional
rogue-like gaming. But of course you could still ask other players in chat to
help you out of a dire situation..

Mode: 'Hellish' (extra hard no-ghost)
These are unworldly characters with extra penalties:
-1 point malus on each of the 6 character attributes
-healing is reduced by 25%
-AC is reduced by 50%
-ESP only works within radius of 20 squares
-any speed changes above or below +0 are reduced by 50%
-max number of melee attacks per round is reduced by 1.

Mode: 'PvP'
This is a special restricted mode that has nothing to do with normal gameplay.
If you're new to the game, it's absolutely not recommended to choose this.
More information about 'PvP' mode is given in (6.13).

Unworldly characters will receive 25% bonus on their high score.
Hellish characters receive 50% bonus on their high score.

Last you can choose a body modification. It's strongly recommended for
beginners to choose 'normal body' and NOT 'fruit bat'. ;)

Body: 'Fruit bat' (Batty)
A fruit bat is like a normal character, just not in humanoid shape but in bat
form! Fruit bats cannot equip weapons, boots or gloves.
These restrictions won't change even if they choose a class which can make use
if mimicry and thereby mimic a humanoid form (druid fruit bats would in fact be
the most ineffective choice).
However, fruit bats are twice as fast as normal characters at the beginning
(they get a flat +10 speed bonus added) and their melee attacks are somewhat
vampiric, making them leech life on each hit, replenishing their hit points.
Fruit bats are said to make good explorers. If you're new to the game, it's
absolutely not recommended to try and play fruit bat.

Note that race and class will have influence on how much experience you will
need to gain a new character level. For example, High-Elves already know a
lot, so experience is hard to gain for them. In fact they will need 130% more
experience than a human.

Creation of your character is now finished and you are asked to press a key to
start the actual game. Do so and take a minute to read the text that will
appear. It is called news or motd (message of the day) and often contains
important server-specific information or announcements to the players.
(0.1) Start & play