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(4.5b) Towns & town dungeons
(4.5c2) Example dungeon depth relations
(4.5c) Dungeons                                                                 
This paragraph is about dungeons that don't belong to any town.
For dungeons that belong to specific towns, see the paragraph 'Towns' above.

The staircase colour of a dungeon indicates the dungeon type, compare (4.3).

'Depth/Level' describe a dungeon's starting level and final level. Depth is
actually just a different way for expressing a dungeon floor level, so they're
redundant: Each dungeon level corresponds to 50 ft.

So for example Orc Cave starts at dungeon level 10 and ends at dungeon level 23
which means:
The first floor (ie -50 ft) in The Orc Cave is the same difficulty level as the
tenth floor (ie -500 ft) in the Barrow-Downs dungeon (which starts at level 1).
Since The Orc Cave goes from level 10 to level 23 that means it has 14 floors,
so its final floor will be -700 ft which is of the same difficulty level as
-1150 ft Barrow-Downs (ie level 23).

NOTE: Minimum level requirements for entering are usually disabled in normal
      server settings, so you can enter any dungeon anytime, if you dare.

Dungeon                        |     Depth* / Level    | Min. required player
                               |  (*relative to Lv.1)  |   level to enter(**)
Death Fate (***)               |    50..  50/  1..1    |        1
The Halls of Mandos (******)   |    50..5000/  1..100  |        1
The Orc Cave                   |   500..1150/ 10..23   |        3
Mirkwood                       |   550..1700/ 11..34   |        5
The Old Forest                 |   650..1300/ 13..26   |        5
The Helcaraxe                  |  1000..2050/ 20..41   |       10
The Sandworm Lair              |  1100..1500/ 22..30   |       12
The Heart of the Earth         |  1250..1850/ 25..37   |       10
The Maze                       |  1250..1900/ 25..38   |       15
Cirith Ungol                   |  1250..2550/ 25..51   |       10
The Land of Rhun               |  1300..2050/ 26..41   |       13
The Mines of Moria             |  1500..2500/ 30..50   |       15
The Small Water Cave           |  1600..1750/ 32..35   |       15
Submerged Ruins                |  1750..2550/ 35..51   |       15
The Illusory Castle            |  1750..2600/ 35..52   |       10
The Sacred Land of Mountains   |  2000..2250/ 40..45   |       20
Erebor                         |  2500..3050/ 50..61   |       35
Dol Guldur                     |  2850..3550/ 57..71   |       28
Mount Doom                     |  4250..4950/ 85..99   |       38
The Cloud Planes               |  6500..7450/130..149  |       40 (****)
Nether Realm                   |  8300..9800/166..196  |       40 (*****)

(**) Minimum level requirements are usually disabled, so you can actually
enter any dungeon you like at any character level.

The official main server usually has one or several 'ironman' dungeons
(see (4.8)), their entrances (stairs) waiting to be discovered by some bold
Such custom dungeons appear as 'Wilderness' in the "Recall depths and Towns"
list, and usually have no minimum required character level to enter.
There may also be certain special dungeons, related to events or jails, that
show up under according names in the list.

(***) Death Fate:
You cannot escape this dungeon, ever. Any character that enters it is fated to
die to monsters (unlikely) or starvation (very likely).

(****) Cloud Planes details:
-To enter the Cloud Planes a player must carry the 'King'/'Queen' title,
 acquired by beating Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.

(*****) Nether Realm details:
-To enter the Nether Realm a player must carry the 'King'/'Queen' title,
 acquired by beating Morgoth, Lord of Darkness.
-Each floor in the Nether Realm gives a +2% bonus to experience from monster
 kills. So hunting at -350ft in there will give a +14% exp bonus. (This bonus
 is actually multiplied by the usual floor boni, instead of added. So you will
 get even much more exp when hunting on a floor with a lot of 'bad' special
 To any floor experience boni that might occur, an additional 5% bonus is added
 because the whole dungeon is flagged NO_RECALL_INTO, meaning it cannot be
 entered via Word of Recall (you may recall out of it though).
-Note that the amount of experience is already very high even without this
 depth-bonus, since creatures in the Nether Realm are of a very high level.
-Instant resurrection does not work in the Nether Realm.

(******) Halls of Mandos details:
-Getting out of the Halls of Mandos will be complemented with an entry
 into 'Noteworthy Occurances' list.
-Extermination orders in the Halls of Mandos will (same as for the IDDC) have
 its monster level depend on the floor level rather than on the player's level.
-Also same as in IDDC, minimum floor depth vs character level regarding
 experience gain is not enforced: Normal experience is gained on any depth
 regardless of your character's level.
-The Halls of Mandos are barred to any unique monsters!
(4.5b) Towns & town dungeons
(4.5c2) Example dungeon depth relations