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» (0) Quickstart
» (0.2b) Slash commands
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
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» (6) Character details
» (7) Tactics & strategy
» (8) Miscellanous

(0.2a) Text editing keys
(0.2c) IRC bot commands
(0.2b) Slash commands                                                           
There are also some commands that can be entered with ':' like a chat line.
They all start with a slash '/' hence they're called slash commands:

/help       view a list of all command keys (same as pressing '?' key).
            Also lists a few most commonly used slash commands.

/afk        toggle AFK (away from keyboard) mode if you have to take a
            quick break from playing.
            Note that your character won't need to consume food while afk _IF_
            you are not already 'hungry' or even 'weak' from a lack of food!
            All other timed effects will continue to be processed (like
            magical effects such as haste/slowness/hallucination, pseudo-ID or
            wearing off of temporary stat drain from traps) and eventually
            wear off.
            Also, other players cannot switch places with you by moving into
            you, use teleportation or Word of Recall on you, infect you with
            black breath by bumping into you, steal from you, form a blood bond
            with you or attempt to polymorph you while you are afk.
            An exception are grids in front of stores: If you block those,
            other players can switch places with you even when you're afk.

/afk <msg>  You can specify a reason that will be displayed to the other
            players, so they know why you are currently AFK or when you will
            be back.

/autoret    Sets up auto-retaliation with a mimic power.
 (/ar)      Usage:   /ar [t]<power>   or to disable:   /ar -
            If 't' is prefixed to the power, it will only be used while in a
            town. Example:   /ar tg
            This will auto-retaliate with mimic power 'g)' while in town.

            (Note that you cannot auto-retaliate with 'polymorph into...'
            power aka 'c)', instead it will be treated like power 'b)' aka
            'polymorph into next form with fitting extremities'.)

/bed [*|<inscription>]
 (/naked)   Opposite of /dress.
            If no parameter is given, the character takes off everything from
            body slot to feet slot.
            If '*' is given as parameter, the character will take off all
            equipped items.
            If another parameter is given, the character will take off all
            items that have this parameter occur in their inscription.

/bbs <text>
            Add a line of text to the in-game bulletin board system. Players
            can look at the board by pressing the '!' key.
            (You can verify or compare the date with the /time command.)
            If <text> is omitted, the current BBS contents will be shown, same
            as using the '!' key.

/convertexclusive    Attempts to convert your current character into a
                     slot-exclusive character (either PvP-mode or IDDC aka
                     Ironman Deep Dive Challenge). Warning: This process is NOT
                     REVERSIBLE! To attempt to convert your character, type:
                     /convertexclusive <your-character-name>
                     for example:
                     /convertexclusive Gandalf
                     If you still have a free exclusive character slot
                     available then your character is moved to that slot,
                     freeing up a generic character slot again.

/coin       Flip a coin to get either heads or tails.
 or /flip   The result is random and can be seen by other players who stand

/shuffle [32|52 <jokers>]
            Prepares a new deck of cards.
            If you specify no arguments it will shuffle a deck of 52 cards
            without any jokers as default setting.
            Valid arguments are either 32 or 52 to pick a deck size. When you
            specifiy a deck size you may optionally specify an amount of jokers
            to be added to the deck, which may range from 0 (default) to 12.
/deal [<name>]
            Deals a random card from the player's current deck. (Use /shuffle
            to actually prepare a deck first.)
            The card dealt can be seen by other players who stand nearby.
            If you specify a player name the message will tell the others to
            whom you dealt that card.
            If it's the final card of the deck, everyone around will be
            notified of that fact.
/draw <name>
            Draws a random card from another player's deck. Basicall same as
            the /deal command, except for who actually picks the card (the
            dealer himself or one of the other participants).
            If it's the final card of the deck, everyone around will be
            notified of that fact.
/dealer <name>
            Hand over your current deck of cards to someone else. If that
            player already shuffled a deck of his own, that one will be erased
            aka overwritten by the one he receives from you.

/dice       Roll some dice, you must specify a number of dice from 1 to 100.
            The result is random and can be seen by other players who stand
/d          Rolls two dice, shortcut for "/dice 2".
/die        Rolls one dice, shortcut for "/dice 1".
/roll and /r are same as /dice and /d respectively.

/dis        DESTROYS every item in your inventory that has one of these
 (/dispose) inscriptions: terrible, cursed, uncursed, broken, worthless,
            average, good. Works only on items that actually can be destroyed.
            Skips 'flavoured' items that are not known to you yet (example:
            'a blue potion {+,?}' or 'a malachite ring {+,?}').
            Skips items which inscription contains more than a pseudo-ID tag.
            Also see /tag and /untag. Note that artifacts cannot be destroyed
            this way.
            As a specialty, /dis (without parameters) will also destroy cheap
            (leather/metal) shield types that do not posses any special powers.
            As another specialty, /dis (without parameters) will skip dragon
            scale mails, leaving them intact.

/dis a      DESTROYS items like '/dis', and additionally destroys all items
            that have no inscription at all or just a price discount tag
            (discount tags don't count as real inscriptions).
            Also see /tag and /untag.

/dis b      DESTROYS items like '/dis a' does, but skips identified ego items,
            provided they aren't cursed.
            It also skips (non-cursed) exploding ammo, although it isn't really
            an ego item.

/dis f      DESTROYS the item on the floor you're standing on provided it is
            not inscribed in any way, and tells you about the next item below

/dis fa     DESTROYS an item like '/dis f', even if it has an inscription.

/dis fb     DESTROYS an item like '/dis fa', but skips identified ego items,
            provided they aren't cursed.
            It also skips (non-cursed) exploding ammo, although it isn't really
            an ego item.

/dis F[a|b] Same as '/dis f', also accepts optional parameters a or b, but this
            command destroys the whole ITEM PILE you're standing on.

/dr [tag]   Without tag it equips all items in your inventory that are: not
(/dress)    cursed, not {worthless}, not {broken}, not {terrible}, and that are
            known to you.
            With tag it just equips all items that contain that tag in their
            name or inscription somewhere (even if they are cursed).
            Opposite of /bed.

/dun        Displays the name of the dungeon you're currently in.

/empty <inventory slot>
            Empty a potion from your inventory, leaving an empty bottle.
            Example: /empty c   (if you have 'c) 3 potions of boldness', one
            will be emptied and 2 remain at 'c) 2 potions of boldness'.))

/evinfo     Displays information about all ongoing events.

/evinfo <#>
            Displays information about the specific event number #.
            Note: If you log out, your sign-up is cancelled automatically.

/evsign <#>
            Signs you up for the event number #.
            Depending on the event, you might need to specify additional
            parameters after the number. If that is the case, you'll see
            a message telling you so and about which details what's missing.
            NOTE: If you log out, your sign-up is cancelled automatically,
                  so after logging back in you will have to sign up again.
/evunsign <#>
            Signs you off from that event number #.

/ex or /examine or /extra
            Gives you detailed information about your character's status, such
            as how many actions you may perform per turn.

            A turn is a basic server timing unit, which for example is used to
            display the amount of fuel in your light source, or which will make
            you suffer poison damage each on each turn that passes if you're
            Turns pass slower on deeper dungeon levels to make up for increased
            monster and player speed, keeping the game playable in real-time,
            see (4.14) for details.
            (Note that the server also has a type of internal turn counter,
            which counts a different sort of turns, one each frame. Usually,
            the server will run at 100 fps, so these turns pass much faster.
            It might be a bit confusing that both these units are just called
            'turns' although they don't correlate, but you won't really have to
            worry about internal turns at any point, only the 'character turns'
            are of any importance and noticable by your character, for example,
            as mentioned above, when you're poisoned, suffering from a cut,
            waiting for your blacklist to run out, or any other matters.)

            Additionally, /ex will also display the following information:
            - how many resurrections you have left, if you are a normal-mode
            - which of your auras are currently active (if you have points in
              the corresponding aura skills);
            - extremities your current monster form possesses (if you're
              transformed into a monster form at the moment). This can be
              helpful to figure out what types of items you may equip while in
              this form.
            - forms you have learned if you're a druid, and their according
              polymorph codes so you don't have to look them up in (6.7b) if
              you forgot them;
            - pvp kills;
            - the in-game time and date, and whether it is day or night.
              (Note: If you want to know the server real-life time, use /time.)
            - how much more gold you may pick up before your character will
              automatically receive 1 experience point (to limit the amount
              of cash you can pick up before participating in certain events,
              such as Highlander Tournament or Ironman Deep Dive Challenge).

/exit       Leaves the game, same as pressing CTRL+Q.

/fe         Repeat the level feeling. See (4.8) for more information.
 (/feeling) If you aren't eligible for receiving a floor feeling, you will
            instead get the message "You feel nothing special.".

/fill       fill an 'Empty Bottle' in your inventory with the water from a
            fountain. You must stand on the fountain to do this.

/ftkon or /ftkoff
            Enables or disables fire-till-kill mode (see (5.2a)).
            Alternatively, you can toggle it in 'm' menu.

/gbbs <text>    Same usage as /bbs, but only readable/writable for guild
                members. So it's a guild-internal BBS.
                To read its contents, type /gbbs without any <text>.

/gleave     Leaves your guild. Same as pressing 'SHIFT+P' and 'd'.
 or /gquit

/gnote <text>
            Leave a note to the guild you own.
            If <text> is omitted, it will display the current note.
            If <text> is just an '*' char, it will erase the current note.

/guild_adder <name of another player>
            Allows that player permanently to add other players to the guild
            too. Use the command a second time to revoke his rights again.

/guild_cfg [<flag> [<value]]
            Shows you your current guild configuration and allows you to change

/guildmembers   Displays a list of all members of your guild.

/hou        Displays your houses, same as ~9, but offers two optional
 (/house)   parameters to refine the search results:
            /hou o    will only show your own houses.
            /hou l    will only show houses in your current worldmap sector.
            /hou ol   both of the above.

/ig <player name>
 (/ignore)  ignores all chat messages from the specified player. (Toggle)
            Also silences all paging attempts from that player.
            To un-mute the target again, retype the command with its name.
            The blocked player will see a message about you ignoring him when
            he tries to send you any private message or page you.

/ic         ignore all normal chat messages which are neither private messages
 (/ignchat) nor party messages. ('Private mode' will be displayed after
            the player's name in the player overview screen which can be
            invoked by pressing '@', indicating that this player currently
            cannot read normal chat messages.)
            (This is similar to 'limit_chat' option, which however still allows
            all floor-chat occurring on the same dungeon floor and guild chat.)
/ic *       Same as above, but also disables all private messages except from
 (/dnd)     party members! (Will display '*Private* mode' after the player's
            name in the @ screen.)

/info <msg>
            Sets an informative message that is displayed to other players in
            '@' screen, similar to an afk-message, except this message is
            displayed when you're not afk.
            For example do:  /info Want to team up for Mordor!
            If you type /info without a message, it clears your info message.

/kifu <email>
            Use this command after you played Go in the casino in Minas Anor.
            It will send all your new Go game records as SGF files to the email
            specified. If you're using a Microsoft-related email address, eg
            outlook.com, note that Microsoft is notorious for blocking email
            from the email-provider used by TomeNET, so you might not get it.
            The /kifu command works per character name, not per account name,
            so you only get those kifus emailed that the character played on
            which you used the command. (SGF is the 'Smart Game Format'.)

/leave      Leaves the game, same as pressing CTRL+Q.
 (/exit, /quit)

/lite a..w  Refills your light source with an item from your inventory.
            Usually it's easier to just press 'F' instead.

/mar        Tells a holy-defense-user if he may use the prayer 'Martyrdom'.

/me         Write an emote. Example: /me hides.

/mon <monster character>
            Same as going to ~ menu and selecting 'Monsters':
            Will show your kill count of all matching monsters.
            Example: /mon D  ->  shows your greater dragons kill count.

/motd       Shows the current server notes that are displayed at login.

/news       Shows the login screen, same as ~f, but in monochrome.

/note <character/account name>:<text>
            Leave a note to another player. The message will actually go to the
            player's account even if you specified a character name, so no
            matter which of his characters he chooses to logon, he always gets
            the note.
/note <character/account name>
            Delete all pending notes that were addressed to that player.
/notes      Display all pending notes that you wrote to other players.

/obj        Displays all objects known to you, same as ~4.

/page <player-name>     Sends beeps to that player to help you getting his
                        attention. (Using /ignore on a player will also
                        prevent getting paged by him.)
                        If you're on Linux and not hearing the page sounds,
                        see problem 19 in the troubleshooting section (8.8).

/paint      (Also available by pressing 'h' for house menu.)
            Use a potion in your inventory to paint your house entrance in a
            similar colour. The potion is used up in the process. A potion of
            water removes the paint again.
            Painting your house can be useful for example to mark it for others
            to see that you run a player store. Further, you could choose the
            colour to indicate the type of items you offer, for example red
            for magic items similar to the red '6' town store.
            Note that players of incompatible character mode (everlasting vs
            non-everlasting) won't see each other's house paint.
            (See (4.10a) for more information about player stores.)

/partymembers   Displays a list of all members of your party.

/pbbs <text>    Same usage as /bbs, but only readable/writable for party
                members. So it's a party-internal BBS.
                To read its contents, type /pbbs without any <text>.

/pkill      Toggles the player's status regarding participation in 'PK' actions
 or /pk     aka player-killing. PK rules must be enabled on the server in order
            to use this command. The PK status of each player will be displayed
            in the players-online-screen that you invoke by pressing @ key.
            Note: PK-rules are disabled by default on our official server.

/play       Join/leave a mini-game (such as rugby on the field in Bree).
            Will at some point in the future be absorbed by /evsign and
            thereby become obsolete.

/pleave     Leaves your party. Same as pressing 'SHIFT+P' and '5'.
 or /pquit

/pnote <text>
            Leave a note to the party you own.
            If <text> is omitted, it will display the current note.
            If <text> is just an '*' char, it will erase the current note.

/pstore     (Also available by pressing 'h' for house menu.)
            Attempts to enter a player store next to you, even if it's your own
            house. So this command is good for 'testing' your own store.
            Usually you simply enter another player's store by trying to enter
            his house, which will preset you with the store screen.
            (See (4.10a) for more information about player stores.)

/pvp        Carries you into/out of the PvP arena. Only usable by pvp-mode
            chars. See (6.13) for details about PvP mode.

/roll and /r are same as /dice and /d respectively (roll some dice).

/sac        Tells a hereticism-user if he may use the spell 'Blood Sacrifice'.

/xo         gives you an extermination order! It needs to be carried out before
            a certain period of time passes (continues to expire even while not
 (/xorder)  logged on). Completing it yields a random item for reward. It will
            appear in your inventory and carry an inscription indicating
            it's the reward. (See (4.13) for more info.)
            This command is only available in the Ironman Deep Dive Challenge
            dungeon and in the Halls of Mandos. Otherwise you have to visit the
            mayor's office in Bree to receive an extermination order.

/que        Lists your currently pursued quests.
 (/quest)   Specify a quest number to drop a quest -- warning! You might not
            be able to acquire it again, depending on the quest and your quest
            If you specify '*' instead of a number, you will drop ALL quests.

/quit       Leaves the game, same as pressing CTRL+Q.
 (/exit, /leave)

/rec        Uses an item inscribed "@R" that provides 'Word of Recall' to
 (/recall)  teleport you over a long distance, either into a dungeon, out of a
            dungeon or across the worldmap.
            See "(0.3) Important Inscriptions, Word of Recall" for more info
            about Word of Recall. Examples:
 /rec -550  recalls you to -550ft, provided there is such a dungeon at your
            current worldmap location and you are not already inside.
 /rec 32 32 recalls you to Bree (the town at (32,32) world map coordinates),
            provided you are on the world surface and not already in Bree.

/ref        redraw the screen (do this if it's messed up for some reason).
 (/refresh, or simply hit CTRL+R)

/bug        report a bug to the admin(s).

/rfe        Store a message/suggestion for the admin(s).

/say <text>
 (/s)       Speaks <text> to players who are currently nearby your position,
            instead of sending your message to everyone on the server.

/whisper <text>
 (/wh)      Whispers <text> to players currently standing right next to you.
            Others won't be able to hear it.

/cough      You cough noisily. Will disturb the sleep of monsters or at least
            make it less deep..

/shout <text>
/yell <text>
            Shout <text> loudly, will wake up monsters.

/scream <text>
            Same as /shout, but also aggravates monsters in your current
            line of sight. (Same effect as scroll of aggravate monsters,
            see (5.9)).

/seen <name>
            Tells you when the character or account of the <name> you
            specified logged in the last time.
            If the name matches both, account and character, it will report the
            account if it's been used more frequently than the character of the
            same name on that account.
            (Same as IRC command ?seen.)

/shot  or  /shot <filename>
            Takes a screen shot to a html file. If <filename> is omitted, it
            writes to 'screenshot?????.xhtml' by default, where ????? are
            increasing numbers. You may also use CTRL+T.
            You can view those xhtml files in most webbrowsers.

/sip        drink from a fountain. You must stand on the fountain to do this.
            Fountains can have good/bad/no effects. There is no fountain of
            death, neither one of detonations, so you won't get instakilled.
            (It's easier to press '_' instead of using the /sip command.
            Also see '_' key above, for additional information.)

/snbar      Cycles through available types of sanity bars to display.
            Which types are available depends on the 'Health' skill.

/stime      Tells you the current date and time (of the server, not of your
            local timezone).

/tag [a..w|* [inscription]]
 or /t      Tags one specific or all uninscribed items in your backpack by
            adding a '!k' or a custom inscription. Helpful for looting in
            conjunction with /dis command.
            If a slot (a..w) is specified, it only tags the item in that
            particular inventory slot (if not yet inscribed already).
            If you want to specify a custom inscription instead of using '!k'
            you have to either specify an inventory slot (a-w) or write a '*'
            for all inventory slots.
            /t        inscribes all uninscribed inventory items '!k'
            /t c      inscribes uninscribed inventory item in slot c) '!k'
            /t * !*   inscribes all uninscribed inventory items '!*'
            /t c !*   inscribes uninscribed inventory item in slot c) '!*'
            Will not affect equipped items.
            Inscriptions can also be undone again with the /ut command.

/tar <x> <y>
            Allows you to target a specific grid specified by X,Y as offset
            to your current character position.

/testyourmight [rs]
or shorter: /tym [rs]
            Displays damage and healing stats for your character, totals and
            averages over number of attacks and over time (# of seconds
            Note: 'Numer of attacks' only counts successful attacks, ie not
                  attacks that missed, were blocked/parried/dodged or
                  nullified by invulnerability, etc.
                  It however counts ALL attacks, for example aura hits too.
            Note that for characters moving at high speed and having a high
            number of blows per round, you might need to remove items giving
            +SPEED or +Extra Attacks for the test to be accurate, this is due
            to frame rate limits of the real-time engine, compare (8.7).

/time       Tells you the current in-game time, same as /ex does.

/tip <player>
            Tips a player who must be standing next to you:
            You give him (yourlevel * yourlevel) gold pieces. Eg if you are
            level 10, you'll give him 10*10 = 100 Au. If you are level 50, you
            would give him 2500 Au.
            If you carry less gold than that in your purse, then you only tip
            as much gold as you actually carry.

/trait      Allows outdated Draconian characters to acquire a lineage trait.
            This cannot be reversed, so the player should pick carefully.
            See (6.4) for a list of traits and what they do.

/untag [<inscription>]
 or /ut     If <inscription is omitted, it removes all inscriptions from items
            in your backpack which are exactly '!k' (as done by /tag command).
            Ohterwise it removes inscriptions of all items which are exactly
            inscribed as specified by <inscription>.
            Will not affect equipped items (except for '/untag *').
            Note that some <inscription> parameters are special and therefore
            reserved, those are:

/untag *    will remove all inscriptions from all items in your inventory.

/untag p    will remove all pseudo-id tags from your inventory items.
            Note: This will work on equipped items too!

/untag u    will remove all unique-loot tags from your inventory items.

/at         Apply auto-inscription settings to current inventory.

 (/undos)   A skill reset function ("respec"), allowing you to undo the last
            couple of skill points you assigned in 'G' menu. Use this to
            correct points you accidentally put into a wrong skill.
            NOTE: Logging off or gaining another level will reset undoskills,
            making it impossible to undo points spent previously.
            Also, it can only be used ONCE per level, so make sure you get your
            skill point distribution right on the second attempt.

/version    Displays the server version.

/who <character name>
            Returns the account name that character belongs to, and basic info
            on race, class and level.
(0.2a) Text editing keys
(0.2c) IRC bot commands