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» (0.3a) The auto-inscription feature
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(0.3) Important inscriptions, Word of Recall
(0.4) Typical slang/abbreviations
(0.3a) The auto-inscription feature                                             
Since it can be annoying to keep inscribing newly bought items again and again,
there is an auto-inscription feature which you can access with '&' key.
Remotely similar to the macro menu, a list of auto-inscriptions appears (which
by default is empty).

Press 'e' to edit the first auto-inscription. A cursor will appear, allowing
you to input a partial item name. For example type in 'of Healing' (without the
quotes). Hit ENTER key to confirm. Now the cursor will allow you to enter an
inscription, a little bit further to the right on the screen. For example type
in '@q1' (again without the quotes) and confirm with ENTER key again.

Now you have just set up an auto-inscription that will automatically inscribe
'@q1' whenever any item is added to your inventory which has a name containing
'of Healing', ie 'Potions of Healing'.

Note that auto-inscriptions are case-sensitive, and only the first one in the
list that actually matches an item is applied to it.

You can use '#' as wildcard in the search string (was '?' before v4.7.1a).
For example if you want to distinguish between Rod(s) of Healing and Potion(s)
of Healing, you can use 'Rod#Healing' and 'Potion#Healing' respectively.
So '#' stands for any number (including zero) or sequence of characters.

If you put a '!' as first character of a search string, it will force the
inscription to overwrite existing inscriptions in any case (usually it only
overwrites trivial inscriptions such as price discount tags).

Auto-inscription files can be saved and will be loaded automatically in the
same manner as macro files, if the filename matches your race, trait, class or
character name (compare (3.6), 'Loading macros automatically').
If multiple matching files are found, the game will attempt to merge them

To immediately apply an auto-inscription that you just added or modified,
use the  /at  command.

NOTE: In addition to this user-defined client-side auto-inscription list, there
      is also a server-side auto-inscription feature that can be enabled via
      client option 'auto_inscribe'.
      This option will add a predefined set of auto-inscriptions that might be
      generally useful for all types of characters, see (2.3) for details.
(0.3) Important inscriptions, Word of Recall
(0.4) Typical slang/abbreviations