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» (2) Installation & setup
» (2.3) Client options
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
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(2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server
(2.3a) Client options configuration files
(2.3) Client options                                                            
By pressing the '=' key in game, you can access the options menu where you can
tweak your client in some ways. Some of these options that aren't
self-explaining or that are especially important are listed in detail here:

 (1, 2, 3) User Interface Options
    Rogue-like commands (rogue_like_commands)
        Toggles between normal key set and traditional rogue-like key set.

    Double height of the map shown in the main window (big_map)
        Definitely enable this to see if you prefer it: It doubles the size of
        the game-play area displayed in the main window.

    Suppress server messages as far as possible (taciturn_messages)
        Will prevent some of the not-so-important server messages to be
        shown, for example 'You have <item>' when picking up an item.

    Don't display 'flavours' in item names (short_item_names)
        A 'Black Potion of Speed' will just be shown as a 'Potion of Speed'.

    Show experience bar instead of a number (exp_bar)
        In the main window at the 'XP' label your experience is displayed as a
        progress bar instead of showing the numerical value, much like in
        common MMORPGs where each bar segment is often referred to as 'bubble'.

        This bar has a resolution of 5% steps and displays..
          a dark blue '#' to indicate 5%,
          a light blue '#' to indicate 10%,
          a full bar of dark blue '#' to indicate 95%+.

        This is especially recommended for high-level characters who require
        several dungeon dives to gain a level-up. This way, you can keep track
        of your progress during the current dive, eg "I want to make at least
        30% experience progress (aka '3 bubbles') before I recall out of this

        Examples for the bar (dark blue '#' are written as '+' here just for
        illustration purpose):
        ---------   You have made less than 5% XP since your last level-up.
        ###------   You already made 30% (or a bit more) XP this level.
        ####+----   You made 45% (or a bit more) XP towards next level already.
        +++++++++   You have 95% (or up to 99%) XP and are therefore very close
                    to level-up! Might just as well keep diving till ding! :-p

    Hide unusable skills (hide_unusable_skills)
        Skills that your character cannot use will not be displayed in the
        skill menu invoked by 'G' key.

    Flash own character icon after far relocation (flash_player)
        Whenever your character teleports, recalls, takes a void jump gate or
        phases in such a way that your current view panel changes, your
        character icon will flash quickly and brightly for a moment, to help
        your eyes ascertain your position.
        Useful for example if there are many monsters around and you're a
        mimic in monster form, or just in general when you're in big_map mode.

    Alert on taking damage while you are AFK (alert_afk_dam) and
    alert on taking damage while looking around the map via 'locate' command
    (alert_offpanel_dam). (The locate command is invoked with SHIFT+L on normal
    key map and SHIFT+W on rogue-like key map.)

    A bunch of options for special visual effects and lighting.
        These options change how lighting is applied to lamp light and walls,
        lamp light colour and how walls are displayed depending on the font:

        font_map_solid_walls (depending on font displays walls as solid blocks)
        view_animated_lite (fire-based light sources flicker yellow-orange)

        wall_lighting (generally enables lighting/shading fx for walls:)
        view_lamp_walls (your light source lights up certain wall grids)
        view_shade_walls (darkens wall grids out of sight)

        floor_lighting (generally enables lighting/shading fx for floors:)
        view_lamp_floor (your light source lights up certain floor grids)
        view_shade_floor (darkens floor grids out of sight)

        view_lite_extra (lights up a few additional wall/floor types)

 (4) Audio Options
    (See (2.1a) for more information about sound and music.)

    A bunch of stuff here, mostly you might want to look at attack-sound effect
    frequency. Some people don't like to have those be played on each single
    attack, so you can tweak them here.

    no_shriek_sfx and no_house_sfx might be especially interesting too.

 (5, 6) Game-Play Options
    Use old target by default (use_old_target)
        If this is on, a ranged attack via *t5 or *t- will not pick a new
        (ie closer) target if the previously acquired target is still okay.

    Set 'AFK mode' automatically (auto_afk)

    Prevent floating for a short while after death (safe_float)
        For a few turns after your character dies you cannot float up or down
        with the '<' or '>' key. This prevents accidentally leaving the floor
        in case you were just trying to take a staircase right the moment you
        died, which would result in losing your items since the dungeon level
        would probably regenerate if you left it.

    Abort macro execution if an action fails (safe_macros)
        If any sub-action in a macro you execute fails then the whole macro/key
        queue will be discarded and cleared.
        This is useful if you for example have a spellcasting macro that would
        just do something weird in case you lost the according spell book and
        then tried to cast it anyway, accidentally.
        This only affects magic spells and monster traps.

    Automatically open doors (easy_open)
        Your character attempts to open a door just by you moving into it.

    Clear @-inscriptions on taking item ownership (clear_inscr)
        When you pick up items that belonged to another player, any '@...'
        inscriptions will be rendered effectless by replacing the @ by a space.
        This is a security feature that is intended to prevent the inscriptions
        from interfering with the inscriptions on your own items.
        For example, your potions of healing might be inscribed @q1. If you now
        pick up a potion of heroism that someone else also inscribed @q1, it
        will be used the next time you press your 'q1' macro, because heroism
        potions are sorted in in the inventory before healing potions, which
        might cost your life if unlucky.
        Alternatively if you have this option turned off, you can just use the
        '}' key to uninscribe the items you get from someone else.

    Use additional predefined auto-inscriptions (auto_inscribe)
        Will provide a predefined (on server-side) set of item-inscriptions
        that will be applied automatically to some selected items, which are
        Word of Recall items, various scrolls and a few potions.
        (These inscriptions are applied independantly of the custom auto
        inscription feature you can access with '&' key.)
        The server-side auto-inscriptions are currently:
            Scrolls of Phase Door:      @r1
            Scrolls of Teleportation:   @r2
            Scrolls of Word of Recall:  @r3@R
            Rods of Recall:             @z3@R
            Scrolls of Identify:        @r5!X
            Scrolls of Trap Detection:  @r8
            Scrolls of Magic Mapping:   @r9
            Scrolls of Satisfy Hunger:  @r0
            Potions of Healing:         @q1
            Potions of Speed:           @q2
            Potions of Resistance:      @q3
            Potions of Restore-L-Lev:   @q4
        Note: Already inscribed items are not touched.

    Thin down screen flush signals to avoid freezing (thin_down_flush)
        Enabled by default, this discards all 9 of every 10 flush signals, so
        it reduces the animation delays to 10%.
        See below for an explanation of flush signals.

    Disable delays from flush signals (disable_flush)
        Completely disables the delay flush signals cause. Flush signals are
        signals sent by the server to make the client wait for 1 ms, which is
        used mainly to draw animations when casting spells or shooting,
        like the arrow flying or the balls of explosions.
        If you have a slow network or are lagging a lot, you may try to disable
        this. Certain animations might visually suffer from doing so.

    Scroll the screen more frequently (wide_scroll_margin)
        Should always be enabled! Will reduce probability for off-screen kills,
        since the screen scrolls much earlier when you come close to a border!

    Get kicked out automatically by the game when starving and idle for 30
        seconds. (idle_starve_kick)

 (8) Check Server Options
    Displays a list of the server rules and configuration.

 (A) Account options
    Here you can see if your account is valid. Invalid accounts are also
    indicated by a yellow 'I' in the players list you get with '@' key.
    Also, you can change your password here!

 (W) Window flags
    Here you can configure each of the program windows in detail.
    It is recommended that you have one dedicated window for 'Display chat',
    so you don't miss important messages during combat.
(2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server
(2.3a) Client options configuration files