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» (2) Installation & setup
» (2.1a) Installing sound and music packs
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
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(2.1) Installing/updating TomeNET
(2.1b) Audio controls and config options
(2.1a) Installing sound and music packs                                         
Starting with version 4.4.5, TomeNET features a new SDL-based audio system,
which provides sound effects and background music.

If you don't aim at installing specific 3rd-party packs but just want to add
sound or music capabilities to your installation, because your current version
does not have these, the easiest way is to go to the TomeNET website and just
download the full installer that comes with music and sound and install it over
your existing TomeNET installation. This will preserve your configuration while
updating everything to the latest version and also adding sound and music.
For details on this see (2.1) and then 'Updating via reinstallation'.

For a more chirurgical way to specifically just install an audio pack (music
pack or sound pack), read on:

All you have to do is download a sound and/or music pack and then install it.
For downloading the official packs, go to www.tomenet.eu and then click on
'Downloads'. Other players might offer their own audio packs on the forums.
Read on for instructions how to install those packs once you downloaded them.
There are two ways, automatically (client does it for you) and manually (you
unzip them to the correct location yourself):

a) Automatic audio pack installation
(See paragraph above for where to download audio packs.)
Starting with client version 4.4.9, there is an automatic installer for sound
and music pack:

Step 1:
  Make sure you have 7zip installed. It's a free, powerful multi-platform
  archiving tool (fit to replace WinRAR, WinZip etc).
  Get it from www.7-zip.org.

  Make sure you have 7zip installed. The package name is p7zip.
  Note that some Linux distributions (Ubuntu) have another package called
  p7zip-full and the package p7zip is lacking certain parts. In that case
  install p7zip-full.

  UPDATE that supersedes below update: Starting at v4.7.3 TomeNET no longer
  requires 7zG, so you don't need to compile it. The normal 7z will be fine.

  UPDATE (for TomeNET versions older than 4.7.3):
  Ubuntu seems to no longer provide the graphical user interface of 7zip,
  called 7zG, in either of these packages, so you'll have to download the
  source instead directly from the project page (on sourceforge) and compile
  it yourself:
   pick the folder with the latest version and download the 'src_all' source
   archive, not the 'linux_bin' binary archive (it doesn't contain 7zG!).
  Short compilation/installation instructions:
   Extract the source archive and enter its directory.
   For 32-bit Linux, do:
    cp makefile.linux_x86_asm_gcc_4.X makefile.machine
   For 64-bit Linux, instead do:
    cp makefile.linux_amd64_asm makefile.machine
   Then do:
    make all4
   And last but not least:
    sudo make install
   That's it. Try entering '7zG' into the terminal to verify that it worked.

Step 2:
 Download the files 'TomeNET-soundpack.7z' and/or 'TomeNET-musicpack.7z' and
 put them into your TomeNET folder. The automatic installation only recognizes
 these two file names. If you download audio packs that are named differently,
 simply rename them before attempting to auto-install them.

Step 3:
 Launch the game, press '=' to enter the configuration menu, and press 'I' to
 invoke the auto-installer.

Step 4:
 After it's done it should tell you to restart your client. (You might also
 get disconnected automatically, if the auto-installation takes a while. That
 is fine.) Just restart the game and press CTRL+U to look at the audio mixer
 (or CTRL+F if you're using rogue-like key map).
 It should tell you that sound and/or music pack have been installed.

In case you want to install the packs manually instead of using auto-install,
read on.

b) Manual audio pack installation
(See first paragraph of (2.1a) above for where to download audio packs.)
Instead of automatic installation explained above you can also just manually
unpack audio packs to your TomeNET/lib/xtra/ folder. Make sure the game isn't
running while you do.

Note: Some people have reported that the program 'WinRAR' seems to cause
      problems in some cases, giving them "file corrupted" errors.
      This might also happen with WinZIP, but we don't know really.
      A powerful free and open source program that is guaranteed to work is
      '7zip' (a sourceforge project at the time of writing) downloadable at:

You can get the official sound pack on https://www.tomenet.eu/ in the download
section, and also look for player-made sound or music packs in the forum!

On Microsoft Windows, the easiest way to do this after you downloaded a sound
or music zip file is to:
1. install 7zip, a free zip/unzip tool, if you haven't installed one already.
2. open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to your TomeNET folder. Then
   double-click the 'lib' folder to enter it. You should now now see a folder
   named 'xtra' being shown.
3. quit TomeNET if it's still running, just to be on the safe side (sometimes
   MS Windows may prevent files from getting overwritten if they are still in
   use by a running program).
4. double-click your downloaded sound or music pack zip file to open it in 7zip
   or whatever you use, and its contents should be displayed:
   Either a folder named 'sound' or a folder named 'music', depending on what
   kind of pack you just downloaded.
   Use the mouse to drag that 'sound' or 'music' folder over to the Windows
   Explorer window you prepared, right onto the 'xtra' folder, and let go.
   7zip will now extract the sound or music folder into the xtra folder (while
   preserving the path structure).
   If you were extracting a sound pack or if you already installed a music pack
   previously then you will be prompted to overwrite files - choose "yes".
   Wait for the extraction process to finish.
5. Start or restart TomeNET and press CTRL+U (or CTRL+F on rogue-like key map)
   in the game to view the audio mixer screen. If everything went smoothly it
   should say that a sound or a music pack or both have been found.
   If you don't have sound, make sure that your TomeNET.ini file (it's in your
   TomeNET folder, double-click it to view, can be opened with any normal text
   editor) says 'Sound=1' which it should by default if you haven't modified it

Alternative instructions (Linux/Mac OS X/in general):
After you downloaded a sound pack or a music pack, extract it to your lib/xtra/
folder, preserving the archive pathname structure. You should end up with a
folder lib/xtra/sound/ and lib/xtra/music/ respectively, which contain config
files and further subfolders for either sound effects or background music.

Important: If you extract it via command-line via '7z' command, make sure to
use '7z x ...' and not '7z e ...'! x will extract with correct path names.

Now start or restart the game, and you should have sound.
If you don't have sound, press CTRL+U for audio mixer (or CTRL+F if you're
using rogue-like key map):
It should say that sound and music pack have been detected if everything went
alright, otherwise you see a red error message.
Also verify  that your config file ("TomeNET.ini" on MS Windows, ".tomenetrc"
in your home folder on Linux or Mac OS X) has 'Sound' set to '1'.
(2.1) Installing/updating TomeNET
(2.1b) Audio controls and config options