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» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and monster details
» (6) Character details
» (7) Tactics & strategy
» (8) Miscellanous

(2.1d) "Promoting" TomeNET on Steam ;)
(2.3) Client options
(2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server                
To start the TomeNET client, run 'TomeNET.exe' or 'TomeNET-direct.bat'.
(If you run the '.bat' file, the meta-server steps will be skipped and you
will be directly connected to the official main server instead.)
Now TomeNET tries to connect to a meta-server which contains a list of all
available TomeNET internet servers.
After the meta-server has been queried, the list of available servers will
appear in the main window. Choose a server that is near to your location to
avoid high latency.
(This step is reported to sometimes cause problems on Windows OS. If you don't
see that list, or if other problems occur, see (8.8) for possible solutions.)

Now you will be prompted to enter your account name and password. You can
choose these freely, the server will save that information and use it to
remember which characters belonged to you the next time you log on.
IMPORTANT: If you get kicked out with an error message after entering account
and password, it's likely because that account name is already in use by
someone else so your password was recognized as 'incorrect' since it was most
likely different from that user's password. Just try a different account name.
A player usually has exactly one account that can hold up to 8 characters.
In most cases newly created accounts have to be "validated" by a server
administrator to enable you to use the whole functionality of TomeNET. For
example it is common not to allow unvalidated players to drop items or money
to the ground. This is done to prevent certain cases of abuse.
If you accidentally chose an account name or character name which was already
taken by another player, you will be disconnected with an error message. In
that case, try again with different names.

Now that you have logged in you can create a new player character which will
represent you in the virtual world of Middle Earth!
To do so, press 'N' key in your character overview screen (showing you empty
character slots, since you haven't created any characters yet) and then enter
a name for your character. You may use the same name as your account name, if
you like.
Players logged on to the game are identified by 3 names:
-Nickname (character's name)
-Realname (account name)
-Hostname (The hostname of the connecting computer)
The hostname is not really important. However, make sure that all of these 3
names may only consist of letters, numbers, spaces, and all other characters
with an ASCII code between 32 (SPACE) and 122 ('z').
The realname and hostname must not be empty. The nickname (character name)
needs to start with a letter ('A'..'Z' or 'a'..'z').

Newly created accounts are marked as 'not yet validated' and have certain
limitations, which are:
Cannot drop items or chat privately with other players, or advance beyond a
certain level.
You will need an admin to 'validate' your account.
Usually, all you have to do is to keep playing/stay online for a bit until an
admin logs in, notices that you are new, and validates your account.
If that doesn't seem to happen, ask an admin directly, when you see one
chatting (Admin's names are displayed in dark blue in the chat).
If the server's intro screen mentions to send an email to an admin, try that
and specify your account name in it.

You may continue reading at (3.1), which explains details of the character
creation progress.
(2.1d) "Promoting" TomeNET on Steam ;)
(2.3) Client options