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(5.21) Recharging
(5.23) Item sharing rules and exceptions
(5.22) Wraithform                                                               
Wraithform, or "pass wall" form is a character state obtained from the spell
"Wraithform" (Udun school) or from certain items (either spectral weapons or
items that give permanent wraithform: "It renders you incorporeal").
It allows a character to pass through solid walls easily, but at the same time
prevents them from attacking anything else in close combat, except if the
target is also able to pass walls (ie possesses wraithform too, or is actually
a ghost or other monster that can pass through walls).
Also, spells cast while in wraithform will only deal half as much damage as

Items that provide wraithform are:
-Spectral weapons ('A' to activate them for temporary wraithform).
-Ethereal Dragon Scale Mail and Death Dragon Scale Mail (just wear it and you
 obtain wraithform until you take it off again).

There is a confirmation message when using the Wraithform spell:
"You turn into a wraith!" when you attain wraithform.
"You lose your wraith powers." when your wraithform runs out.

Wraithform is very powerful since it allows you to move around the dungeon
without having to follow its room/passages structure, making it easy to pick
encounters or loot items you detected on the ground via detection magic,
and to escape dangerous situations easily (just retreat into walls).
(5.21) Recharging
(5.23) Item sharing rules and exceptions