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» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and monster details
» (5.13) Earthquakes
» (6) Character details
» (7) Tactics & strategy
» (8) Miscellanous

(5.12a) Monster attack types and brands
(5.14) Curses
(5.13) Earthquakes                                                              
Earthquakes will cause ceilings to collapse and the ground to shift and crack,
burying items, players and monsters and inflicting a lot of damage.
All fields in a certain radius around the epicentre have a certain chance to
be filled with rocks, to be cleared from previous obstacles (walls) and turn
into empty floor fields, or to remain untouched and unchanged.

Players don't take damage from their 'own' earthquakes, caused by their
equipment or items (for example weapons of earthquakes or scrolls of

Earthquakes can deal up to 300 damage if you cannot evade the falling rocks
and shifting ground: Depending on the number of unchanged (by the earthquake)
empty fields that are adjacent to your character, there is a chance to 'evade'
and take much less damage or even none at all. Earthquakes can also stun you.

Items will usually be destroyed/lost. Stairs and void jump gates are immune.

Monsters killed by earthquakes do not yield experience, loot or other credit,
same as goes for monsters erased by *destruction* or genocide.
(5.12a) Monster attack types and brands
(5.14) Curses