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(5.14) Curses
(5.16) Invisibility
(5.15) Vampirism                                                                
Weapons and other items that you can equip may be 'vampiric' (see (5.8)),
meaning that they drain life from your target.
Mimics who use a vampire form and players of 'Vampire' race will also get a
vampiric 'brand' on their melee attacks (see (6.7)).
Vampirism does not work with magic, only with physical attacks.

Vampiric life draining heals you with a part of the damage you afflicted on
your target, almost each hit! The more damage you deal and the more attacks per
round you have, the more life you will leech back. There's a maximum amount of
HP which you can leech from a victim per round, but this cap isn't really
reached until your character deals quite a lot of damage, remember:
Leeching is based on a fraction of your damage dealt.

Vampirism does not work on all types of monsters. From some it is not possible
to drain life force. Those immune to vampirism are:
- undead monsters
- nonliving monsters
- in general, all elementals ('E'), golems ('g') and vortices ('v').
Although demons and angels don't really 'live', vampirism is able to drain
the powers that allow them to exist, and so vampirism works against those too.

The best case is to have vampiric flag on a weapon, that will drain at maximum
efficiency. However, it will only drain if you hit the monster with that
particular weapon.
If you use other vampiric equipment, like gloves, they will be a bit less
efficient than an actual vampiric weapon, meaning that you will leech less
frequently (the amount of leeched life per hit is not penalized though) but in
turn it will work with any weapon you use (ranged too).
For ranged weapons it doesn't matter whether the bow or the ammunition is
vampiric. It won't increase your over all life leeching if both are vampiric

Note that vampirism gained from mimicked forms only works on melee combat.
Vampires (real ones as well as mimicked ones) usually only are half efficient
at vampiric leeching, compared to vampiric weapons, due to half of vampires'
attacks being normal hits and the other half being biting (which does the
actual leeching).

In general, vampiric flags don't stack from multiple sources! Just the source
that fits the situation best (usually weapon/ammo) overrides the weaker ones
(usually non-weapons). Here is a table of priority - as was just explained,
only the most powerful source is applied, the rest is ignored:

Vampirism source priority table (from best at the top to worst at the bottom)
The best source overrides all weaker ones, which simply get ignored:
| Melee                               | Ranged                              |
| Weapon                     100%     | Shooter                     50%     |
| Vampire bat/mist form      100%     | Ammunition                  50%     |
| Vampire character race      50% (*) |                                     |
| Other vampiric forms        50%     |                                     |
| Non-weapons (gloves)   50%/100% (**)| Non-weapons (gloves)        33%     |
| Fruit bat (native only)     50%     |                                     |
| Fruit bat (potion only)     33%     |                                     |

(Mimicked fruit bats don't get vampirism.)

(*) Training Necromancy and Traumaturgy schools can increase this further,
    see the skills' descriptions for details.

(**) 100% if on gloves and fighting without weapon and shield (Martial Arts),
    50% otherwise.
(5.14) Curses
(5.16) Invisibility