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» (5.11a) Monster flags
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(5.11) Monsters
(5.12) Monster attack mechanism, Armour Class, damage caps
(5.11a) Monster flags                                                           
Most monster flags you find in the spoiler files (press ~7 in-game or open the
actual file r_info.txt with a text editor or use Mikael's monster search) are
self-explanatory. Here is an explanation of some flags that are important but
might not be obvious:

FORCE_MAXHP     The monster always gets rolled at maximum hit points.
                For example if the monster has 3d6 hit points aka 3 dice with
                6 sides each, it could have anything between 3 and 18 hp.
                But if it has this flag, when you encounter this type of
                monster it will always have 18 hp.
FORCE_DEPTH     You cannot meet this monster out of depth. It will never appear
                on a floor of lesser level that itself.
FORCE_SLEEP     Deprecated, has no actual effect in-game.
                A note about monster sleep in general: Check monster lore (~7)
                to see which monsters start out asleep and which are awake.
                Note that monsters inside a pit (see (4.6)) are never asleep.
OOD_xx          The monster cannot occur more than xx levels out of depth.
                All unique monsters actually have an intrinsic OOD_20 flag even
                if it's not shown in the monster lore spoilers.
FRIENDS         This monster comes in a pack. Makes life easier for mimics.

RAND_xxx        This monster has random movement. The xxx number is the chance
                in percent. Several of these flags will stack.
NO_SLEEP        This does not mean that the monster cannot be asleep when you
                meet it, but that you cannot use sleep spells (et al) on it.
                (Compare (4.12).)
NEVER_BLOW      This monster will never attack in melee.
NEVER_ACT       This monster will never move or perform any action at all.
                So this means it is completely harmless.

NO_TARGET       This monster cannot be targetted with target command.
NO_DEATH        This entity can never die.
NO_AUTORET      You won't use auto-retaliation against this entity.

REFLECTING      The monster can deflect bolts and arrows, physical and magical
                projectiles, prolonging the fight.
HURT_LITE       This monster is susceptible to light attacks.
HURT_ROCK       This monster is susceptible to stone-to-mud attacks.

COLD_BLOOD      You cannot spot this monster with infra-vision.
WEIRD_MIND      The monster flickers on ESP.
EMPTY_MIND      The monster does not show up on ESP.

SHAPECHANGER    The monster changes its appearance randomly and quickly.
CHAR_CLEAR      The monster has no visible appearance, not even if you can see

UNMAGIC         Will cancel all temporary magical effects on the player,
                except for mimic form (from polymorph ring) and martyr.
HOLD            Paralyses you from afar.
FORGET          Blanks your mind, makes you forget the dungeon map and details
                of your items (unidentifies items).
TRAPS           Can place traps around you (from afar).
DISBELIEVE      Monster has an anti-magic field, the strength depending on its

                Like training the 'Anti-magic' skill, having intrinsic anti-
                magic from the DISBELIEVE flag will also shorten the duration
                of certain magical temporary buffs and debuffs on your
                To see which those are and to see more information about
                anti-magic, see 'Anti-magic' skill in (6.2) and 'Dark Sword' in

DROP_GOOD       The monster usually drops enchanted items.
DROP_GREAT      The monster usually drops items with ego powers or artifacts.
                Hint: Usually monsters that have this flag are pretty powerful,
                but there are actually some low-to-mid-level monsters that have
                it too, so make sure to kill these when you see them:
                Smeagol (level 3), Wormtongue (level 9), Robin Hood (level 10),
                Boldor (level 15), Azog (level 23), It (level 24, but actually
                impossible to seek out, you'll rather just meet It by chance),
                Sandworm Queen (level 30), The Wight-King of the Barrow-Downs
                (level 35). Azog, the Sandworm Queen and the Wight-King are
                dungeon bosses, so you will only find them on the final floor
                of their respective dungeon.
                (For details on monster stats and flags, press ~ 7 in the game
                to invoke the monster lore browser.)
(5.11) Monsters
(5.12) Monster attack mechanism, Armour Class, damage caps