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(6.3) Abilities
(6.5) Classes/Professions, titles, melee blows/round
(6.4) Races                                                                     
Depending on your race, you might need different amounts of experience to gain
a new character level. You also might have certain intrinsic abilities.

For Beginners a powerful yet simple race/class combination like Half-Troll,
Half-Orc or Dwarven Warrior is strongly recommended. (Warrior being by far the
most straight-forward and most forgiving class in the beginning.)

The Maia race is not recommended for beginners due to its complexity.

The Yeek race is not recommended for beginners because it's extraordinarily
weak in all fields (its only upside being that it needs the least amount of
experience of all races to gain levels).

The Vampire race is not necessarily recommended for beginners due to its
various quirks that you'll need to pay attention to (feeding, light sources,
certain healing/curing effects that instead damage vampires).

List of all races (make sure to read the paragraph about your race, when you
create a character!):

- Human
    Humans are allrounders with no special weaknesses or strengths.
    Humans have no experience penalties and tend to go up levels faster than
    most other races. No racial adjustments or intrinsics occur to characters
    choosing human.
    Humans get a bonus on 'Climbing', a slight bonus on 'Climbing' and a large
    bonus on 'Interception'.

- Half-Elf
    Half-elves tend to be smarter and faster than humans, but not as strong.
    Half-elves are slightly better at searching, disarming, saving throws,
    stealth, bows, and magic, but they are not as good at hand weapons.
    Half-elves resist light intrinsically.
    They get bonus on 'Bow-mastery' and 'Interception', a small bonus on
    the 'Nature' and 'Spirit' and a small malus on the 'Shadow' school.

- Elf
    Elves resist light effects intrinsically and see invisible creatures.
    Elves are better magicians then humans, but not as good at fighting.
    They tend to be smarter and faster than either humans or half-elves and
    also have better wisdom.
    Elves are better at searching, disarming, perception, stealth, bows, and
    magic, but they are not as good at hand weapons.
    Elves get bonus on 'Bow-mastery', 'Magic', 'Stealth', 'Dodging',
    'Calmness', 'Sneakiness' and the magic 'Water' and occult 'Spirit' schools,
    a large bonus on the magic 'Nature' school and a malus on 'Shadow'.

- Hobbit
    Hobbits have their dexterity sustained. Further, they get a dexterity bonus
    from not wearing shoes! Hobbits, or Halflings, are very good at shooting,
    throwing, and have good saving throws. They also are very good at searching
    disarming, perception, and stealth; so they make excellent rogues, but
    prefer to be called burglars. They are much weaker than humans, and no good
    at melee fighting. Halflings have fair infra-vision, so they can detect
    warm-blooded creatures at a distance. Hobbits resist black breath somewhat.
    They get bonus on 'Sling-mastery', 'Sneakiness', 'Dodging' and a large
    bonus on 'Stealth'.

    Since hobbits have low hit points you might consider training the skill
    'Health' to make up for it, depending on which class you choose to play.

- Gnome
    Gnomes are intrinsically protected to paralysis effects. Gnomes are smaller
    than dwarves but larger than halflings. They, like the hobbits, live in the
    earth in burrow-like homes. Gnomes make excellent Warlocks & Sorcerers, and
    have very good saving throws. They are good at magic, searching, disarming,
    perception, and stealth. They have lower strength than humans so they are
    not very good at fighting with hand weapons. Gnomes have fair infra-vision,
    so they can detect warm-blooded creatures at a distance.
    Gnomes receive bonus on 'Crossbow-mastery' and 'Magic' and a large bonus on
    'Dodging' and 'Digging'.

- Dwarf
    Dwarves can never be blinded and at level 30 they learn to travel across
    even the highest mountain regions.
    Dwarves are the headstrong miners and fighters of legend. Since dungeons
    are the natural home of a dwarf, they are excellent choices for a warrior
    or priest. Dwarves tend to be stronger and tougher but slower and less
    intelligent than humans. Because they are so headstrong and are somewhat
    wise, they resist spells which are cast on them. Dwarves also have very
    good infra-vision because they live underground. They do have one big
    drawback, though. Dwarves are loudmouthed and proud, singing in loud
    voices, arguing with themselves for no good reason, and screaming out
    challenges at nearby foes. In other words, dwarves have a miserable
    stealth. They receive a bonus on 'Axe-mastery' and 'Climbing' and a huge
    bonus on 'Digging'.

- Half-Orc
    Because of their preference to living underground to on the surface,
    Half-orcs resist darkness intrinsically. They make excellent warriors and
    decent priests, but aren't good at magic. They are as bad as dwarves at
    stealth, and horrible at searching, disarming, and perception. Half-Orcs
    are quite ugly, and tend to pay more for goods in town. Half-Orcs do make
    good warriors and rogues, for the simple reason that Half-Orcs tend to
    have great constitutions and lots of hit points.
    They get a slight bonus on 'Backstabbing', a large bonus on 'Weaponmastery'
    and a bonus on 'Necromancy' and occult 'Shadow' magic and receive penalties
    on 'Magic', 'Sorcery' and 'Spirit' and a slight penalty on 'Swimming'.

- Half-Troll
    Half-trolls have their strength sustained. They are very strong, but also
    very stupid and slow. They make great warriors and iffy priests. They are
    bad at searching, disarming, perception, and stealth. They are so ugly
    that a Half-Orc grimaces in their presence. They need to eat often but
    they also regenerate hit point especially quickly (same as if wearing an
    item providing regeneration, doesn't stack with item ability). Thanks to
    their thick skin, they also get an (albeit very small) bonus to armour
    class. Half-Trolls get bonus on 'Blunt-mastery', 'Health'. They receive a
    penalty on 'Critical-strike' and 'Swimming' and large penalties on
    'Climbing', 'Swimming', 'Archery', 'Magic' and 'Sorcery'.

- Dunadan
    Dunadain have their constitution sustained. Dunadain are a race of hardy
    men from the West. This elder race surpasses human abilities in every
    field, especially constitution. However, being men of the world, very
    little is new to them, and levels are very hard for them to gain.
    A Dunadan gets bonus on 'Combat', 'Archery' and 'Interception' and a small
    bonus to 'Magic' and 'Swimming'.

- High-Elf
    High-Elves can see the invisible and resist light and the flow of time
    intrinsically. They are a race of immortal beings dating from the
    beginning of time, masters of all skills, strong and intelligent, although
    their wisdom is sometimes suspect. They do very well in all professions.
    There are few things that they have not seen already, and experience is
    hard for them to gain.
    High-Elves receive boni on 'Bow-mastery', 'Magic', 'Stealth', 'Dodging'
    and the magic 'Nature' school, a large bonus on 'Calmness', a slight
    bonus on 'Swimming' and on occult 'Spirit' magic and a malus on 'Shadow'.

- Yeek
    Being weak and losing many childhood fights, they have learned the
    ability to float gently to the ground. They have intrinsic feather
    Often having to escape from precarious situations, yeeks are able to pass
    through dense forest quickly.
    Yeeks are the least powerful of all the races. They suffer disadvantages
    in all stats and have attributes similar to humans. However, to
    compensate Yeeks learn, and thus gain levels, extremely quickly.
    Yeeks don't receive boni or mali on any skills except that they are good at

    Since yeeks have low hit points you might consider training the skill
    'Health' to make up for it, depending on which class you choose to play.

- Goblin
    Goblins have a decidedly mixed reputation. They are almost always grinning,
    and more often than not you cannot tell whether or not they are eyeing you
    like a side of meat. They are as sturdy as Dwarves and are quite agile
    making them good fighters, rogues, and mimics. Being creatures of the
    night, Goblins have natural resistance to darkness.
    They receive bonus on 'Boomerang-mastery', 'Stealing' and occult 'Shadow'
    magic and a malus to 'Spirit' and all four holy schools.

- Ent
    The Ents are a powerful race dating from the beginning of the world,
    eldest of all animals or plants who inhabit Arda. Spirits of the
    land, they were summoned to guard the forests of Middle-earth.
    Being much like trees they are very slow but strong and do not have
    to eat as often. Because they consist of wood, they are quite
    susceptible to fire and they don't drown in water. As the Shepherds
    of the Trees, they can learn to sense the presence of others, such
    as animals  at level 10, orcs at 15, trolls at 20, giants at 25,
    dragons at 30, demons at 40 and all evil-minded creatures at level 50.
    At level 4 Ents learn to see invisible things. In general, they accumulate
    experience very slowly and they do not eat normal food but they are able to
    consume liquids. Trees will slightly bend aside to let ents pass through.
    Ents are able to slowly replenish their nourishment by rooting themselves
    into the ground by entering 'R'esting mode, provided it's natural ground
    such as grass, earth, mud or water. Their food state will go up to 'Full'
    that way. They cannot eat normal food but will feed greatly from drinking
    potions that provide nourishment. They can never be gorged though.
    Ents intrinsically resist the force of unleashed water and their bark skin
    provides a small bonus to armour class.
    They get bonus to 'Health', a slight bonus to 'Spirit' and a large bonus on
    'Calmness' and on the magic schools 'Earth', 'Water' and 'Nature'. They
    receive a large penalty on 'Fire' school, a penalty on 'Axe-mastery' and a
    small penalty on 'Sword-mastery'. They cannot train 'Climbing' at all.

- Draconian
    These humanoid half-breeds of dragon and man surpass common humans in all
    ways, except that they are really bad at moving stealthily. Similar to
    dragons, they can eat firestones to temporarily boost their powers.
    (See (5.9) for firestone details.)
    Draconians need a very long time to gain further experience and need to eat
    often. They have feather falling instrinsically from birth.
    At level 5 they can spot dragons anywhere on the level. At level 6 they
    acquire an intrinsic telepathic vision of all nearby creatures, the radius
    expands as they gain levels. At level 30 they learn how to levitate.
    Unlike other races, draconians are susceptible to the void connecting
    void jump gates and may get hurt by it when they travel through it,
    perceiving it as "cold" even if they resist or are immune to normal frost.
    Armour can help to mitigate this effect somewhat.
    Draconians possess a certain lineage trait from birth, providing them with
    intrinsic resistances and an elemental breath (learned at level 8) which
    they can use if they have sufficient stamina (costs 3, accessible with 'm')
    and which is a physical ability of theirs, not a magic spell.
    'Breathe element' inflicts damage equal your current hit points divided by
    3 and capped between 350 and 500 depending on your element, with the basic
    element types doing the most damage and shards and sound doing the least.
    This breath weapon cannot be used while polymorphed, except if the form is
    a reptile (including Hydras) or an actual dragon (including dragonriders).
    The resistances and other abilities obtained from a trait remain active
    even while polymorphed.
    Thanks to their scaly hide they receive a small bonus to armour class,
    especially the metallic lineages - bronze, silver and gold.
    Draconians receive a bonus on 'Attunement', 'Polearm-mastery' and
    'Magic devices' and a slight bonus on 'Swimming'.

    Table of their traits:
    Lineage     Breath          Resistances/abilities
    Blue        Lightning       lightning, brand (5), aura (15), immune (25)
    White       Frost           frost, aura (15), immune (25),
                                susceptible to fire
    Red         Fire            fire, immune (25),
                                susceptible to cold
    Black       Acid            acid, immune (25)
    Green       Poison          poison, immune (25)
    Multi-hued  Random of       lightning (5), frost (10), fire (15),
                those above     acid (20), poison (25)
    Bronze      Confusion       confusion (5), paralysis and electricity (10),
                                reflection (20); a small extra AC bonus
    Silver      Inertia         cold (5), acid (10), poison (15),
                                reflection (20); a small extra AC bonus
    Golden      Sound           fire (5), acid (10), sound (15),
                                reflection (20); a small extra AC bonus
    Law         Shards          shards (5), paralysis (10), sound (15)
    Chaos       Chaos           confusion (5), chaos (15), disenchantment (20)
    Balance     Disenchantment  disenchantment (10), sound (20)

    Hint: Make sure to set your breath attack to a hotkey when you learn it.

- Kobold
    These somewhat smallish dog-faced humanoids resist poison intrinsically.
    They are able to take most roles, being somewhat better at archery than
    close combat. Their intelligence is somewhat suspect, and although they do
    not pick up careers as mages or other very elaborate professions, they can
    become shamans or druids.
    They can see in the dark thanks to infra-vision, have extraordinarily sharp
    senses, and can move very silently, making them hard to spot. They are also
    good at disarming traps.
    Kobolds receive a bonus on 'Trapping', a large bonus on 'Swimming' and a
    slight bonus on 'Sneakiness'.

- Dark-Elf
    Dark-Elves dwell below the surface in huge caverns of their underground
    city. The children are already drilled to become sworn enemies of most
    other races of the underground, and also of the hated Elves and High-Elves
    who live on the surface under the burning light of the sun. Overthrowing
    rivals by treachery and murder are acknowledged ways in their society,
    as long as noone is left alive who might bring charge against the victors.
    Dark-Elves are good fighters and sorcerors, but also decent priests.
    Dark-Elves intrinsically resist darkness, but are susceptible to light.
    At level 20 they learn to see the invisible.
    They get bonus on 'Stealth', 'Dodging', 'Sneakiness', 'Backstabbing', a
    large bonnus on occult 'Shadow' magic and a malus on all four holy schools
    and the occult 'Spirit' school.

- Vampire
    These powerful undead creatues move out in the night to hunt living prey
    and suck its blood to sustain themselves. Vampires resist darkness, but
    are susceptible to light and certain purifying and anti-evil effects, be it
    on items such as scrolls, on magic devices, or on equipment such as weapons
    and light sources (which may drain their hit points if equipped, even if
    the vampire acquired resistance to light).
    Vampires fear the sun light and any kind of items giving off powerful light
    (radius of 3 or more, artifact lights, or light sources that are blessed,
    evil-slaying or undead-slaying). Asides from light sources aside they fear
    all items that are blessed or *slay undead*. Any such item will burn them,
    draining their hit points. Exceptions are cursed lights and items and the
    "Stone of Lore" - these will not harm them.
    They start with a mummy wrapping, because it can protect them from the
    sunlight. If they are moving on the world surface (meaning not in a dungeon
    or tower) while it's day, the sun will burn them if they don't resist light
    or wear a mummy wrapping.
    They don't actually need a light source, since they are able to determine
    their close surroundings even in complete darkness. This ability grows
    when the vampire rises in character-levels, starting at torch-wide radius
    and growing to lantern-wide radius already when reaching level 10.
    Regarding items, Vampires do not suffer a hit point drain from wielding a
    spectral weapon. They are even able to wear or wield heavily cursed items
    such as Morgul weapons and benefit from them, turning their negative boni
    into positive ones! The only exception are weapons of Nothingness, which
    won't do them any good either. Since Vampires are immune to Black Breath,
    using a Morgul weapon will not pose a problem to them.
    Vampires are good fighters and decent mages. However, they are unable to
    conjure holy fire or utilize magic of water or nature school. Neither can
    they make use of mimicry techniques (with the exception of vampire bat,
    see below) or holy or spirit spells. They are unable to try and suppress
    magic, but can make use of items that provide anti-magic effects.
    Aside from darkness they also resist sanity-draining effects somewhat,
    cold, time, nether, they're immune to poison and it's hard to drain their
    life force - this is also true for life force drained by items a vampire
    has equipped: Those will drain exp at only half the normal rate.
    Vampires have a high chance to resist the adverse effects of encountering
    an eldritch horror (see (6.3) under 'Saving Throw' for details on those).
    They also intrinsically have partially life leeching (vampiric) attacks
    (see '(5.15) Vampirism' for more information) which they can further
    improve by training in both Necromancy and Traumaturgy (see skill details).
    Being undead, vampires don't drown as easily as other races, but the water
    still has a somewhat damaging effect if they cannot swim at all.
    At level 20 they become able to turn into a vampire bat (mimicry code 391).
    Vampire bats are fast, can fly (basically as effective as 'levitation')
    and are more resistant to sun burn than the humanoid vampire form,
    making them useful for travelling, although they move slightly erratically.
    At level 35 they can become able to turn into vampiric mist (mimicry 365).
    In mist form, they can pass closed doors, traps without triggering them,
    have maximum stealth and be granted a shivering aura (or have their
    existing shivering aura boosted). They will also gain the 'invisibility'
    effect (as from items) against monsters, but not against other players.
    (Note: This invisibility effect will not result in the usual purple colour
    of the player's symbol, it's still there though.)
    However, Vampires cannot perform a lot of physical actions in mist form,
    such as fighting, and the creeping mist moves slower than they would in
    their normal form.
    Vampires cannot eat normal food, instead they need to feed off living
    creatures. This means that you need to kill monsters in melee range (though
    not necessarily by using melee attacks - spells or arrows work fine too) in
    order to satisfy your hunger, which might be quite easy for melee classes
    but sometimes a hassle for ranged/caster classes. On the plus side, a
    vampire won't get gorged by drinking too many potions.
    At level 40 they will also start to need less and less food to sustain
    themselves. Vampire royalties will require the least amount of food,
    independant of their level, enabling them to survive a very long time
    without feeding - even an item granting 'Slow Digestion' will not improve
    this any further.
    Vampires hate 'Blunt' weapons, are bad at 'Swimming', get a penalty on
    'Divination' magic school, but receive a bonus on 'Mental Intrusion' and
    a large bonus on 'Shadow', 'Necromancy' and all aura skills and a small
    bonus on 'Traumaturgy'. They cannot use certain magic schools at all as
    described above. As undead, Vampires gain a moderate skill bonus for
    'Nether' runes but in turn find it hard to improve in 'Light' runes.

    Hint: In case you lose your mummy wrapping and the general store doesn't
    have one in stock, you can order one there (press 'o' key in the store).

- Maia
    The Maiar are lesser spirits who are associated with one or more Valar, the
    greater gods. Being of divine origin they can shape themselves in fashion
    of elves or humans as they see fit, often acting as powerful wizards to
    guide elves and man by gaining their trust. Appearing in such shape, their
    abilities will seem somewhat superior in all aspects and they also possess

    Maiar have a choice of ascending to enlightenment, or submit to corruption
    of the promise of demonic powers. To determine their fate, they must kill
    either a candlebearer, a servant of good (to become corrupted), or a
    darkling, a harbinger of demonkind (to become enlightened) before reaching
    level 20 or they will lose the ability to stay in the realm and their
    physical form will be destroyed.
    They will also meet such a fate of being destroyed by indecisiveness if
    they kill both of these kind indiscriminately before having reached
    initiation, so take care. After they underwent initiation at level 20, they
    may just kill all of them indiscriminately, same as any other monster.
    Using but their mind they can easily perceive both good and demonkind
    telepathically. The servants and harbingers of those factions that Maiar
    need to slay occur from dungeon level 12 to 20 (which correspond to
    -600..-1000 ft in dungeon 'Barrow-Downs' for example, since that dungeon
    starts at level 1). In the IDDC, they appear from level 10 to 20.
    If a Maia generates the dungeon level, there will be a guaranteed spawn, so
    if you are in a party with non-Maiar, make sure you are the first one
    taking the staircase so you generate the level.

    Maiar are able to train in the 'Astral' school, an exclusive divine magic
    which has spells of different effect depending on the caster's alignment.
    Some astral spells use intelligence for determining their spell failure
    rates, some use wisdom.
    Initiation to either enlightened or corrupted beings, or during their first
    few character levels the lack thereof, will decide the effect of astral
    Maiar can be any class that can utilize mana. They get the best shop prices
    of all races since they are either greatly respected or feared by all other
    They gain experience extremely slowly, and rarely need to feed before
    initiation. Afterwards they have no more need for any worldly food at all
    (and they cannot become gorged either).
    Alignment-dependant boni are..

        Gain time resistance (all initiated Maiar, enlightened and corrupted).
        Able to see invisible and resisting light, while being susceptible to
        evil-based attacks.
        Intrinsic light aura that adds to any light source's radius.
        +1 bonus AC for every 2 levels above 20 (caps at 50).
        At level 50 they will be able to levitate, become resistant to poison,
        electricity, cold and be enveloped in an aura of frost and lightning;
        also, their melee attacks will slay evil opponents intrinsically.
        Able to almost instantly sense curses on items.

        Necromancy, Traumaturgy, Aura of Death and Shadow become disabled.
        Sword-, Blunt- and Polearm-mastery skill ratios x 1.3.
        The four holy school ratios x 2.1, Spirit x 2.1, Divination x 1.7.
        Light and Mana rune ratios x 1.7, Fear and Shivering Aura ratio x 3.0.

        Gain time resistance (all initiated Maiar, enlightened and corrupted).
        Resist fire and darkness while being susceptible to good-based attacks.
        +2 bonus HP for each level above 20.
        At level 50 they will become resistant to poison, immune to fire, and
        be enveloped in a fiery aura.
        Able to take off lightly cursed items.

        The four holy schools and Spirit become disabled,
        priests and paladins also get the four holy schools reset.
        Priests:  Sword-mastery is enabled at receives the same skill ratio as
                  Blunt-Mastery, then it gets boosted by x 1.3 (as replacement
                  of non-existant Axe-mastery for this class).
        Paladins: Sword-mastery ratio x 1.1.
                  Axe-mastery and Blunt-mastery ratios are swapped!
                  Blunt-mastery ratio receives a x 1.1 bonus; because its ratio
                  ends up lower than before, its points will be all refunded.
        Axe-mastery and Martial Arts skill ratios x 1.3.
        Fire, Air, Conveyance school ratios x 1.7, Udun x 2.0,
        Shadow and Unlife x 1.7, Hereticism x 2.1,
        Darkness and Nether rune ratios x 1.7,
        all Blood Magic ratios x 3.0.

    Maiar start with a low profile skill chart which gets boosted on initiation
    depending on their alignment, never exceeding 2.000 though.
    Their skills will be adjusted on initiation so that they remain as close to
    their previous values as possible while the character gets back any skill
    points that are freed up due to higher skill ratios after the initiation
    took place, see (6.2a) for details.

    Maia get a bonus on 'Sneakiness' and 'Stealth' no matter the alignment.

Here is a table showing boni/mali of the different races:
(Di:Disarming,      MD:Magic Device,        ST:Saving Throw,    St:Stealth,
Pe:Perception (sight range), Sr:Searching,  Fi:Fighting,        BT:Bows/Throw)

            STR INT WIS DEX CON CHR     HP die  Exp%  Infra-Vision
            Di  MD  ST  St  Pe  Sr  Fi  BT
Human        0   0   0   0   0   0      10      100%     0ft
             0   0   0   0  10   0   0   0
Half-Elf    -1  +1   0  +1  -1  +1      10      110%    20ft
             2   5   3   1  11   6  -1   5
Elf         -1  +2  +1  +1  -2  +2       9      120%    30ft
             5   9   6   2  12   8  -5  15
Hobbit      -2  +2  +1  +3   0  +1       8      115%    30ft
            15  12  18   4  15  12 -10  20
Gnome       -1  +2   0  +2  +1  -2       9      125%    40ft
            10  18  12   3  13   6  -8  12
Dwarf       +2  -2  +2  -2  +2  -3      11      130%    50ft
             2   9   9  -1  10   7  15   0
Half-Orc    +2  -1   0   0  +1  -4      11      115%    30ft
            -3  -3  -3  -1   7   0  12  -5
Half-Troll  +4  -4  -2  -4  +3  -6      12      135%    30ft
            -5  -8  -8  -2   5  -1  20 -10
Dunadan     +1  +2  +2  +2  +3  +2      10      170%     0ft
             4   3   5   0  13   3  15  10
High-Elf    +1  +3  -1  +3  +1  +3      10      230%    40ft
             4  20  20   3  14   3  10  25
Yeek        -5  -5  -5  -5  -5  -3       8       80%     0ft
             0   0   0   0  10   0   0   0
Goblin       0  -1  -4  +4  +2  -5      10      120%    30ft
             2  -3  -3   0   8   2  12  -5
Ent         +8  -4  +2  -4  +8  -4      14      320%     0ft
            -4   0  20  -6   4   5   5 -20
Draconian   +4  +2  +2  +1  +3  +2      12      350%    50ft
             0   7  10  -5  10  10  15   5
Kobold      -1  -1   0  +2  +2  -2       8      115%    50ft
            10   5   0   4  15  15  -5  10
Dark-Elf     0  +2  +1  +3  +1  -6      10      150%    80ft
             7   3   6   4   6  10  15  15
Vampire     +2  +2  -1  +2   0  +3      11      270%   150ft
            -2   3  20   2  13  -4  10 -10
Maia        +2  +3  +3  +1  +1  +2      11      400%   100ft
             3  20   3   0   5   1  15   5
(6.3) Abilities
(6.5) Classes/Professions, titles, melee blows/round