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(6.6) Sanity (or insanity)
(6.7a) Polymorph rings ('Ring of Polymorphing of <form>'):
(6.7) Mimicry details                                                           
If a mimic polymorphs into a certain monster form, abilities and stats will be
averaged between the normal ('@') body and the form. In most cases if the form
is performing worse than @-form in a certain field, the @-form will dominate
and the ability will be only slightly worse than normal, if even at all.
The averaging is done because the mimic with all his equipment polymorphs into
the target form. It's not like the polymorphing is done first and afterwards
armour, weapon or jewelry is equipped.
So wearing a ring of protection for example won't plainly add to the mimic's
AC but just contribute to the @-form AC which is then averaged in the process
of determining the final form's AC.
How exactly stats are calculated is written below for each case.

If a mimic wields a weapon while using a form which usually cannot use weapons
the number of blows per round will be set to 1 (regardless of extra attacks).
(This only really applies to druids, shamans or perma-cursed weapons (5.14)).

Apart from blows-per-round, all the other resistances and abilities of a
perma-cursed item will be applied normally though, so you could wear the
Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth to get all the resistances and ESP with a form
that usually cannot wear any head gear.

To find out the special abilities of a monster form, press  ~ 7  in game or
consult a spoiler file. (See (7.4) for more info about spoiler files.)
It's abilities will transform to the mimic's body as follows.

Form aspects as specified in  ~ 7  monster lore:
(Make sure to keep your r_info.txt spoiler file up to date, as the lore
displayed via ~7 is derived from it.)
W: depth : rarity : corpse weight : experience for kill
    The depth is also the basic level of these monsters. It tells you how
    many of them you need to kill to learn mimicking their form.
    The level has additional use for calculating the mimic's final hit points
    regarding very high character levels (see 'hit points' below).
  corpse weight:
    The weight of the form has impact on its stealth. A huge form that weighs
    a lot will give a stealth penalty, while small and light forms may give a

I: speed : hit points : vision : armor class : alertness
    110 means normal speed. If the monster is faster, the mimic will
    receive a speed bonus of 30% of the monster's speed above 110.
    If the monster is slower, the mimic will receive a speed malus of
    20% of the monster's speed malus below 110.
    So a monster moving at 130 speed will give the mimic +6 speed.
  hit points:
    The monster's hit dice xdy are multiplied and then somewhat capped against
    ~2500, so HP gain might decrease in higher regions. (Cap details: The
    monster HP is calculated by the following formula before further
    calculations are made: monster HP = 50000 / ((50000 / hdice*hsides) + 20).)
    Now, if the mimic's HP are less then the result, the mimic's HP will
    become approx. 2/5 of that capped monster HP + 3/5 of the player's original
    HP. If the mimic's HP in player form (code 0) are higher than the monster
    HP then the monster HP will not have any adverse effect, instead the normal
    HP will stay.
    A specialty: Players in very high character levels can see their hit points
    'overtake' the monster form hit points, if the monster form level isn't
    very high in comparison. Example: While a green dragonrider will provide a
    great HP boost, if the player himself has reached say level 70 and has lots
    of HP even in normal form, the green DR hit points won't add much anymore.
    If however the monster has high hit points and also a very high level, the
    monster HP will 'stay ahead' of the player hit points ie keep adding a
    steady bonus that will put him well ahead of his player-form hit points.
    So players of very high character level who want to retain a large bonus of
    hit points will want to look for forms of monsters which are also of
    relatively high level.
  armour class:
    Mimicking a monster is already a very difficult task. By changing
    shape, the usual armour class of the monster will magically influence
    the armour class of the player.
    Depending on the body parts of the monster, its AC has different
    influence on the player. The following formula helps:
    body_influence = 0.
    if the monster has a head, body_influence is increased by 1.
    if the monster has a torso, body_influence is increased by 3.
    if the monster has arms, body_influence is increased by 2.
    if the monster has legs, body_influence is increased by 1.
    calc_ac = monster_AC * 14 / (7 + body_influence)
    Now if calc_ac is smaller than the player's AC, the final AC will be
    (3/4 player_base_AC) + (3/4 player_magical_to_AC) + (1/4 calc_ac).
    Otherwise, the final AC will be
    (1/2 player_base_AC) + (1/2 player_magical_to_AC) + (1/2 calc_ac).
    Searching ability of the player =
    (player_searching / 2) + (monster_vision / 10)
    Perception of the player =
    (player_perception / 2) + (monster_vision / 10)

E: hands : torso : arms : finger : head : leg
    These values indicate how many pieces of equipment the player can
    wear while using this form. For example snakes can only wear a helmet
    NOTE: Mimics can never wear MORE items than in their normal form. So
    even a form with 8 legs would allow only 1 pair of boots to be equipped!
    In the monster lore (~7) some monsters may show 'tentacles'. These count
    for three limb-types together: Hands regarding wielding a weapon, fingers
    (can wear rings) and arms (can wield shields). Tentacles are not fit for
    wearing gloves though.

B: attack method : attack effect : damage
  attack effect:
      If the monster poisons or infects with disease, this will result in
      a poison brand. Similar it's for fire/cold/lightning/acid attacks.
    BLIND won't work on monsters that have NO_SLEEP, otherwise the target
      will be confused.
    HALLUCINATION and CONFUSE won't work on monsters that have NO_CONF,
      otherwise the target will be confused.
    TERRIFY won't work on monsters that have NO_FEAR, otherwise it'll
      scare the target.
    PARALYZE won't work on monsters that have NO_STUN, otherwise it'll
      stun the target.
    EXP_xx means the monster drains life on attacking. The player will
      receive HOLD_LIFE (resist life-draining attacks) from this form.
    SHATTER will result in a bonus to player's STRength attribute.
    LOSE_xxx will give the according sustenance.

    Monster effects (like poisoning or paralyzing) are applied to
    the player's attacks with a probability that corresponds to their
    rarity over the up to 4 monster attacks per round.
    Example for 'Ghoul' form:
    If the monster has 3 blows per round and one of them is poisoning,
    the other two are paralyzing, the mimic will have 1/3 chance to do
    a poison branded attack and 2/3 chance to do a stunning attack.

    These effects won't be applied if one of the following conditions
    is met:
    a) The player is doing a ranged attack.
       (Effects only work with melee attacks!)
    b) The player uses a weapon but the monster doesn't have an
       equipment slot for melee weapons, because it has no arms or is

    Melee to-damage bonus also depends on the monster form:
    The monster damage dice for each attack are multiplied and the products
    are all added up, the result is divided by 4.
    The result is now capped against 200, the closer this graph comes towards
    200 the flatter the curve will become. Let's call the resulting monster
    damage value 'monDam':
    This value is now compared against the player's melee to-damage bonus.
    If (monDam > meleetoDam) then newToDam = 1/2 meleetoDam + 1/2 monDam.
    If (monDam < meleetoDam) then newToDam = meleetoDam.
    So, very similar to how HP are averaged, the monster damage has no
    influence if it's lower than the player's melee to-damage bonus, but it
    may provide a great boost if the monster is more powerful than the player.

F: flag list
    The flags are translated to mimic abilities as follows:
    RES_xxx     Gives the mimic the specific resistance.
    IM_xxx      Gives the mimic the specific immunity! If a form offers
                more than 1 immunity, the immunities will be checked against
                the preferences you set, if none match or if you set it to none
                then one will be picked randomly. The remaining ones will turn
                into resistances. Potions of self-knowledge are helpful here to
                find out which one you got, or you could just suffer damage of
                the according type on purpose to test it out.
                You can set the desired immunity in 'm' menu ->
                'Use innate power' -> 'Set preferred immunity'. It will be
                picked if the form you polymorph into can provide it.
                If you are already using a form that can provide the immunity
                that you switch to, that immunity will become the active one
                immediately without the need for re-polymorphing.
                Note that two immunities are actually exempt and don't
                translate directly:
                    IM_TELE gives teleport resistance (like RES_TELE) instead.
                    IM_PSI gives insanity reduction (like EMPTY_MIND) instead.
    PASS_WALL   Will allow the mimic to pass walls like a ghost.
                These immaterial forms also drain the hit points of their
    KILL_WALL   The mimic will dig *easily* through walls.
    REGENERATE  Faster hit point regeneration (same as item ability, doesn't
                stack with regeneration obtained from item flag).
    REFLECTING  Gives 'reflect' ability to the player, see (5.8) for details.
                (Side note about monster reflection in general:
                The 'REFLECTING' flag on monsters gives them a flat 50% chance
                to reflect physical or magical projectiles.)
    CAN_SWIM    The player can pass water fields without problems.
    CAN_FLY     The player can levitate.
    STUPID      -2 intelligence.
    SMART       +2 intelligence.
    NO_CONF     Confusion resistance.
    NO_FEAR     Fear resistance.
    NO_SLEEP    Free action.
    NO_STUN     Sound resistance.
    NO_CUT      The player can't be cut and won't bleed continously from
    DISBELIEVE  Will increase the player's anti-magic field by
                ((monsterlevel / 2) + 10) percent. The range of the anti-magic
                field is increased by ((monsterlevel / 50) + 2) fields.
                The player will receive an extra shot per round with slings or
                bows since the monster seems to be good at shooting.
                If the monster shoots 1_IN_3 or better (better means faster,
                ie higher frequency, that is 1_IN_2 or 1_IN_1), the player will
                receive an additional extra shot (with crossbows too).
    HURT_ROCK   Means that this creature has a rock-like skin and body.
                Takes damage from Stone-To-Mud and takes more damage from
                'disintegration' attacks, but at the same time resists shards!
    WILD_WOOD   The player (like the monster) can pass trees.
                The player (like the monster) can climb mountains.
    WILD_TOO without any other WILD_xxx flags:
                Combines all WILD_xxx effects (such as WILD_WOOD and
    INVISIBLE   The player becomes invisible (see (5.16) for details).
                The player receives an aura.
                The player is susceptible against these attacks. Dangerous!
                Insanity attacks are reduced a little bit. See (6.6).
                Insanity attacks are reduced somewhat. See (6.6).
    AQUATIC     Gives superb water resistance.
    NEVER_MOVE  Using this form, the player won't be able to move (except for
    RAND_25     The player has +10% chance of moving randomly.
    RAND_50     The player has +20% chance of moving randomly.
    OPEN_DOOR   This form can open doors.
                Note that forms can open doors even if they don't have this
                flag, provided they have fingers and are able to wield weapons
                (a good example are Minotaur/Maulotaur forms of druids).
    BASH_DOOR   This form can bash doors
                (useful to forms that cannot open doors, see OPEN_DOOR flag).
    HURT_LITE   This form will take 2x damage from light attacks.
    HAS_LITE    If this monster either doesn't have a torso or can actually
                breathe light, it will give you +1 light radius.

    For all racial flags such as ANIMAL, SPIDER, EVIL, DEMON etc please see the
    list of racial abilities further below.

S: spell list
    These spells can be cast by the monster. Most of them are available to
    the mimic too, called 'mimic powers', some of them may have slightly
    different effects when used by the mimic. For a list of all available
    mimic powers see (6.8a).
    The chance to successfully use such a monster power is affected by the
    mimic's intelligence (INT).
    Depending on how frequently the monster is able to cast spells, the player
    gets boni on mana and on intelligence or wisdom stat!
    This only applies if the spells are in fact magic spells, not if the
    monster cannot do anything except firing missiles, shrieking or shooting
    arrows (etc).
    If the creature is able to cast 1_IN_3, the player receives +1 stat and
    +20% Mana bonus (of base mana, same way +MANA items work).
    If the creature is able to cast 1_IN_2, the player receives +3 stat and
    +35% Mana bonus (of base mana, same way +MANA items work).
    If the creature is able to cast 1_IN_1, the player receives +4 stat and
    +50% Mana bonus (of base mana, same way +MANA items work).

    About specific spells:
    BR_xxx      (breathing) will give the according resistance to the player
                (if that specific attack CAN be resisted at all).
    BR_PLASMA   gives fire immunity and resistance to electricity and sound.
    BR_GRAVITY  gives feather falling.
    BR_INERTIA  gives free action.
    MIND_BLAST  Insanity attacks are reduced a little bit. See (6.6).
    BRAIN_SMASH Insanity attacks are reduced somewhat. See (6.6).
    The mana costs of mimic powers are fixed, the success chance is relatively
    fixed too although it benefits somewhat from 'Magic' skill.

Especially interesting spells of mimics are 'Blink' (Phase Door) and
'Teleport'. These usually cost very little mana and can be very helpful,
so you might want to create macros for them.

Further, certain races get additional fixed abilities
(even if they are not explicitely mentioned in ~7):
Bats            Feather falling.
Elves           Resist light.
Dark-Elves      Resist darkness.
Hobbits         Dexterity bonus of +2 for not wearing shoes. (Or 'Halflings'.)
Gnomes          Free action.
(Dwarves        Blindness resistance, climbing at level 30.)
(High-Elves     Resist light, see invisible.)
Yeeks           Feather falling.
(Ents           Slow digestion, speed - 2, sensitive to fire, see invisible at
                level 4, can swim easily, pass trees.)
All animals     Able to pass trees.
All spiders     Able to pass mountains, able to pass spider webs.
All ghosts      See invisible, Infra-vision +4 (stacks with undeads' +1 bonus).
                Ghosts are susceptible to light.
                Almost all ghosts can pass solid walls.
All orcs        Resist darkness.
All trolls and giants
                Sustain strength.
All monsters with stone skin (HURT_ROCK flag)
                Shard resistance.
All dragonriders
                ESP_DRAGON at level 5, feather falling,
                levitation at level 30.
All evil creatures
                Becomes susceptible to certain 'good' or 'holy' effects.
All undead creatures
                Resist darkness, blindness, poison (usually immunity, depends
                on ~7 flags), time and nether;
                can't bleed (no_cut), infra-vision +1, insanity attacks are
                reduced by a little bit (see (6.6)).
                Drowning damage taken is halved.
                Becomes susceptible to 'life', which concerns some healing or
                cleansing effects mostly.
                However, at the same time they become gorged less quickly when
                for example quaffing lots of healing potions quickly.
                Take 2x damage from holy orbs or holy fire and suffer
                from many 'good' effects/spells (even more so than demons).
                Suffer less often from black breath infection and consequences.
All greater undead creatures
                See 'All undead creatures' above, and in addtion they get
                another +4 bonus to infra-vision (ie +5 in total).
All greater demons (capital 'U')
                Resist poison (usually immunity, depends on ~7 flags) and time.
                Take 2x damage from holy orbs or holy fire and suffer
                from a couple of 'good' effects/spells (similar to undead).
All non-living creatures
                Resist poison (usually even immune, depends on ~7 flags)
                and fear; insanity attacks are reduced somewhat (see (6.6)).
All vampires and vampiric monsters (vampire bats and others)
                Vampires are susceptible to light.
                Chance to drain life on attacking in melee.
                Vampire bats and mist have 100% chance to do a vampiric attack,
                real vampire forms (and vampiric ixitxachitl) have 50% chance
                (half their attacks are hits, the other half is biting).
                For details see '(5.15) Vampirism'.
All angels      Resist light, blindness and poison (usually immunity, see ~7
                flags), resist fear, resist confusion, free action, some
                resistance to insanity-inducing attacks (see (6.6)), see
                Note: 'Fallen Angel' doesn't get light resistances.
Mist and fume   Feather falling.

Keep in mind that by changing forms you can potentially lose abilities that
you had in player form, because they were bound to your normal form.
Example: An ent mimic won't drown in water, but if it polymorphs into an orc,
it loses the intrinsic ability to pass water since orcs aren't made of wood.

Attributes and miscellaneous abilities can also be affected by certain aspects
of the monster form you use:
(Note that all bonus aspects stack, so a troll might get much more than just +1
to strength, because he's also quite heavy and therefore gets another bonus.)
STR     Melee damage: -1..+4 (-1 won't apply if creature is very heavy though)
        Earthquaking melee hits: +1 each
        Body weight: +1..+3
        Bears: +1
        Trolls: +1
        Giants: +1
        Dragons (mature and higher): +1
INT     Cast speed (1_IN_1 to 1_IN_3): +1..+5
        (will also give up to +50% base mana)
        STUPID creatures: -2
        SMART creatures: +2
DEX     Halfling forms when no boots are worn: +2
        Rogues: +1..+2
        Monks/Master warriors: +1
        Ninjas/Mystics: +2
        Cats: +2
CHR     Dragonriders: +1
        Small, non-nasty animals: +1
        Spiders, orcs: -1
        Trolls, giants: -2
        Nonliving/evil creatures: -1
        Undead/demons: -2
        GOOD creatures: +2

Stealth         Body weight: -4..+3
Infra-Vision    Undead in general: +1
                Ghosts specifically: +3

Intrinsic abilities that aren't kept when changing forms:
Characters keep certain racial abilities even if they change form, while some
other abilities might not persist through polymorphing. The following abilities
will NOT remain active when changing shape, ie are not "polymorph-proof":

    +DEX bonus from not wearing shoes.
    Pass trees.
    Speed malus (will be reduced), swimming, pass trees.
    Feather falling, levitation.
    Intrinsic breath weapon - you can only use it if you're actually in dragon
    form (including dragonriders) or in any reptilian form (including Hydras).

Abilities acquired from traits (such as 'enlightened' or 'corrupted' trait for
Maiar) are also considered intrinsic abilities and therefore polymorph-proof if
they aren't on the list above.
(6.6) Sanity (or insanity)
(6.7a) Polymorph rings ('Ring of Polymorphing of <form>'):