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» (6.2a) Maiar skill modifications
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(6.2) Skills, opposed skills
(6.3) Abilities
(6.2a) Maiar skill modifications                                                
Maiar start with a low-profile skill chart, which gets boosted or diminished
depending on their alignment (enlightened vs corrupted) on initiation.

(Low-profile means that their "good" and "evil" skills - the four holy schools,
necromancy, traumaturgy and the three auras - are all reduced to 70% of the
character classes' usual ratio.)

When a skill's ratio has been modified on initiation, the skill will
automatically be set as close as possible to its previous value, and the extra
skill points will be refunded, so the character does not "lose" any skill
points by training skills prior to initiation.

Skills that become disabled on initiation will not be nulled and hence will
continue to have effect, although the character won't be able to increase them
any further after that.

Modifications for becoming 'enlightened':
  Necromancy, Traumaturgy, aura of death and Shadow become disabled.

  Sword-, Blunt- and Polearm-mastery skill x 1.3.
  The four holy schools x 2.1.
  Spirit school x 2.1.
  Divination school x 1.7.
  Light and Mana runes x 1.7.
  Fear and Shivering Aura x 3.0.

Modifications for becoming 'corrupted':
  The four holy schools and Spirit become disabled.

  Axe-mastery and Martial Arts skill x 1.3.
  Fire, Air, Conveyance school x 1.7.
  Udun school x 2.0.
  Darkness and Nether runes x 1.7.
  Shadow school x 1.7.
  All Blood Magic schools x 3.0.

   The four holy schools get completely reset, disabled and their points are
   fully refunded.
   They gain access to Udun school from the Wizardry school array.

Note: After a skill's gain ratio has been boosted as stated above, it will be
      capped against a maximum value of 2.000, which cannot be exceeded.
(6.2) Skills, opposed skills
(6.3) Abilities