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» (6.10) Magic devices, skill and ability
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(6.9a) Guild halls
(6.11) Parrying and blocking
(6.10) Magic devices, skill and ability                                         
The player's "Magic Device" ability in the character overview screen is
calculated from a base ability depending on race/class, your intelligence, and
to the largest part from the 'Magic Device' skill in the skill screen ('G').
It determines how well a character can make use of magical devices such as
wands, staves, rods and activatable items (see (5.9a)).

The Magic Device ability is not limited to a maximum value, although the
player won't be able to increase it infinitely.
While a low magic device ability might be sufficient to use supportive devices
during breaks from combat, you will probably want superb, heroic or even
legendary magic device ability if you intend to use magic devices as weapons
in combat effectively. Otherwise your failure chance might be too high and
therefore your damage output lacking.

In detail, the magic device ability does this...
-makes it easier to use wands, staves and rods and to activate items.
 There's always a slim chance to succeed even if your magic device ability is
 really bad.
 Items that have higher base item level (from k_info.txt) determines how
 difficult it is to activate a magic device. This level is not the (often
 higher) level displayed on the item that you see when looking at
 it in-game (ie the level shown in curly brackets).
 Confusion reduces your chance, EASY_USE (rods of charging/of the istari)
 greatly increases it.

The 'Magic Device' skill does the following...
-increases the power of magic devices.
-makes rods take less time to recharge.
-helps to reduce effects of UN_POWER attacks (does not protect the remaining
 duration of a form gained from a ring of polymorphing).
-helps to increase the duration on polymorph-rings when they are forged.
-makes it easier to recharge items provided you don't use scrolls to do that,
 but a real magic device (some artifacts can be activated for recharging).

Magic Device skill and ability have no effect on the damage output of traps
loaded with a magic device or on recharge time of rods that are loaded inside
trap kits.

Rods have more high level item types and hence are harder to use on average,
staves and wands have more lower level types available in comparison.
Wands are always used directional (with a target), staves are always used
without a target, rods and other activatable items have both types.
Wands and rods that cast elemental bolt spells or magic missiles have a small
chance of actually casting a beam instead, on each activation.

Equippable items and true artifacts may have higher levels in general, but are
actually much easier to activate than normal magic devices. (For true artifacts
their base level from a_info.txt counts, ie what is displayed at
'Found around depth:' in ~6.)
(6.9a) Guild halls
(6.11) Parrying and blocking