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Client-side changes in 4.7.2:
  • An audio pack selector has been added under = X that allows switching between sound and music packs on the fly. It will read packs from all folders that are placed in lib/xtra and start on "music" or "sound", eg "TomeNET/lib/xtra/musicyay".
  • Audio packs (sound/music) now support a meta data section labeled "[title]" that consists of "packname=", "author=" and "description=". This info is displayed in the audio pack selector (=X).
  • Guide chapter search improved.
  • Auto-inscriptions: Wildcard '?' changed to '#' symbol.
  • New colour codes (lamp light and darkened lamp light).
  • Unified capitalization and spacing of skill/spell names, fixed spell names, tiers and descriptions in the guide.
  • New chapter search keywords 'bpr', 'spells', 'dung', 'dung typ', 'ac'.
  • Many keys will show up human-readable in the macro list (%i) now.
  • no_shriek_sfx has been changed to quiet_shriek_sfx. Removed no_am_sfx and no_store_bell as these can be set via =n.
  • New client options: diz_unique, diz_death, diz_death_any, diz_first, that show fluff text on first kills/death.
  • sound.cfg/music.cfg: Allow linewrapping via " \" (space and backslash) being the last two characters in a line.
  • Max samples and songs per audio event increased from 32 to 100.
  • sound.cfg/music.cfg: Line length increased from 2048 to 4096.
  • music.cfg now supports declaring songs of an event as 'initial' by prefixing a '!' symbol. One of them will always be played first, then the rest is played.
  • music.cfg now supports referencing events via '+' symbol, skipping all initial songs in that reference but allowing to make the reference itself initial.
  • New music events have been added.
  • New option 'mute_when_idle', which will mute music, weather and ambient sfx while idle and in town.
  • The audio mixer (CTRL+U) now has a new hotkey CTRL+R that will reload the currently active audio packs. Useful for live-testing changes you made to the audio packs, without need to relog.
  • sound.cfg now supports sample names in quotes, same as music.cfg already did, for filenames that contain spaces.
  • Guide: Added chapter (6.5b) Class titles.
  • Files <trait>.prf and <trait>.ins will now also be auto-loaded on login, like it already happens for race/class/charactername specific prf and ins files.
  • Daytime dependant lighting added. Depending on the time of the day/night the world surface will have different kind of lighting that varies in intensity and colour (eg reddish sunset). This can be toggled via new client option 'palette_animation'.
  • Chat message history improved: Duplicate subsequent messages will only get added to message history buffer (CTRL+p/n) once.
  • Client chat: Allow pressing CTRL+C to search message history buffer.
  • Client chat: Added horizontal scrolling with correct colour coding.
  • Guide chapter search: Add a string in all upper-case to force it to match only the very beginning of a line. Use this to search for item flags such as LUCK for example.
  • 'Disease' is now its own status effect and no longer linked to 'Poison'. It will still drain hit points for a while, similar to poison, but cannot be countered by poison resistance. Holy Curing skill of 30+ and Constitution stat can reduce the effect. All races except for vampires and maiar can contract a disease.
  • Client has been updated to allow logging in to 'IRONMAN' type servers.
  • If you're on Linux and don't have basic 9x15, 8x13 etc fonts, try installing xorgs-fonts-misc or linux-fonts-misc packages.
  • World mini map (~0) improved: Now shows own coordinates and allows manual pinpointing of any sector to find out its coordinates.
  • Iron Teams can now be 'closed' in SHIFT+p menu or via /pclose slash command. Closed teams no longer allow adding new members. This is irreversible.
  • New character mode 'Soloist' added. It's same as 'Unworldly' (one life only) but additionally prohibits any trading with other players.
  • New option 'id_selection'. When using identify or *identify* magic, the list of items will only show items that have not yet been identified (or *identified* respectively).
  • New spell school 'Unlife' has been added to Occult schools. It is meant primarily for Death Knights to add a bit more variety. However, asides from adventurers of any kind it can also be accessed by Vampire Istari as a specialty.
  • Option 'flash_player' is now enabled by default.
For server-side changes see ... 6101#p6101

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