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Re: Client updates

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Client-side changes in 4.9.0c maintenance release:
  • Meta server list in GCU/commandline mode no longer gets blanked out.
  • big_map can now be toggled, enabled and disabled via = b/M/n keys (instead of just toggled with =b).
  • big_map can also be toggled via /opt commands even though it is not a real option anymore.
For a list of server-side changes, see ... 7511#p7511

This maintenance release doesn't update anything regarding sound or music packs over 4.9.0(a), so if you already had 4.9.0(a) with everything up to date then you only need to update the client binary (the client executable file) and the guide. You can do this easily with the TomeNET-Updater, or manually by grabbing the 5-6MB downloads, for example.
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