TomeNET Official Metaserver

NamePortNumber of PlayersPlayersGameVersion
europe.tomenet.eu183489Sauron, Punch, Wunderwuzzi, Preatilanesl, Eclipse, Narayana, ZeliMimic, Tyrael, Steel DragoonTomeNET4.9.1
apac.tomenet.eu183481Bad TouchTomeNET4.9.1
europe.tomenet.eu203480 TomeNET Arcade4.9.1
middle-earth.davidchmelik.com183483Rob Locksley, Green Man, Freyr VanirTomeNET4.9.1

All official servers are of the * domain and coloured green, ie and

Ping response times for all "" servers (not necessarily accurate):

Ping 01:09:58: EU 1 ms, Russia 47 ms, Middle East 78 ms, US East 79 ms, US West 152 ms, South Africa 138 ms, South Korea 262 ms, Australia 263 ms
(EU: Paris, Russia: Moscow, US East: Virginia, US West: California, Middle East: Bahrain, South Africa: Cape Town, South Korea: Seoul, Australia: Sydney)

Ping response times for all "" servers (not necessarily accurate):

Ping 09:09:48: South Korea 35 ms, Australia 101 ms, US West 107 ms, US East 162 ms, Middle East 236 ms, EU 245 ms, Russia 288 ms, South Africa 192 ms
(South Korea: Seoul, Australia: Sydney, US West: California, US East: Virginia, South Africa: Johannesburg, Middle East: Bahrain, EU: Paris, Russia: Moscow)