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C. Blue
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Re: Server updates

Post by C. Blue » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:49 am

There was an issue with the server not properly compiling due to _GNU_SOURCE function strcasestr().
This has been corrected, if you were affected just download the 4.7.0a source again.

C. Blue
Posts: 307
Joined: Sun Dec 13, 2009 6:28 pm

Re: Server updates

Post by C. Blue » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:40 am

Version 4.7.0b server-side changes:
  • Tree-growing spells had their failure rate reduced.
  • Missing occult spells have been added to tomes.
  • Some occult spells have been adjusted. INT vs WIS fail rate stat usage adjusted.
  • Some races gain intrinsic occult 'Shadow' school bonus.
  • 'Shadow Gate' is now level 26 and split between Shadow and Conveyance school.
  • 'Blindness II' has been changed to 'Darkness'.
  • 'Poisonous Fog' had its level increased somewhat.
  • Increased damage of most bolt spells players can cast.
  • Darkness bolts no longer have blind effect.
  • Spellbook autoretaliation accepts spells with letters past 'i)'.
  • Necromancy/Traumaturgy has been reenabled for most classes.
  • Some monsters had missing resistances, abilities or susceptibilities added.
  • Aura-toggling fixed.
  • Fixed a glitch happening to some clients when they log in with 'big_map' enabled that caused the client to switch back to small map.
  • Source compiles correctly when strcasestr() is missing (when _GNU_SOURCE isn't available).
  • Dungeon bosses spawn more reliably.
  • Resisting an element statically or temporarily correctly cancels any susceptibility.
  • 'Apply poison' accepts mushrooms of poison and of unhealth too.
  • Some artifact weapons had their (+hit,+dam) buffed.
  • '?' displays correct keys for rogue-like keyset users.
  • Fixed (allowed/prevented) remappability of certain monsters (for custom fonts).
  • Pebbles can now be crafted from shards of pottery.
  • Death Knight: Traumaturgy skill fixed.
  • Death Knights have intrinsic fear resistance.
  • Priests can now use blessed weapons as if they were 'blunt' type, getting their Blunt-Mastery skill applied to them.
  • Ego items have less insane level requirements.
  • 'Iron Team' type parties only allow trading with other members of the same party.
  • Improved event reward item generation.
  • New command /dis F[a|b], works same as /dis f but destroys a whole pile of loot at once.
  • New command /ic * to ignore even private messages, if they're not from a party member. Added alias /dnd for this.
  • New command /kifu <your email> that sends you all your new kifus (Go game records, in *.SGF file format) to the email specified, after you played Go in the casino. Note that this command is character-name-based, not account-based.
  • Partying can only be done before entering IDDC now. Cross-mode parties are possible at the entrance worldmap sector.
  • Trading is now only possible with party members.
  • Parties for IDDC must be 'Iron Team' type.
For a list of client-side changes see ... 3859#p3859

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