--- Information, please read! ---

List your items offered in your stores, request items from other players and strike bargains.
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--- Information, please read! ---

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Please specify whether you are trading everlasting, non-everlasting or pvp-mode items! >:)
Try to be as concise as possible about the contents of your shops or what you are looking for/offering!

Common abbreviations:
EL (everlasting mode), NE (non-everlasting mode), PVP (pvp-mode),
WTB (I want to buy), WTS (I want to sell), WTT (I want to trade, ie x for y).
You can use item symbols for shortcuts, eg "=speed" for ring of speed, or "?acq" for scroll of acquirement and so on.

Note that in-sector coordinates (those shown in rectangular brackets when using SHIFT+L to look around the map) differ between bigmap-mode and non-bigmap-mode:
Non-bigmap-mode: [0,0] to [4,4]. Bigmap-mode: [0,0] to [1,4] only. Basically they're relatively useless in bigmap-mode, since the height information is too broad.
So if you use those, please make sure they refer to non-bigmap-mode, so their resolution is fine enough to be useful. Otherwise consider just using terms such as "top left", "top center", "bottom right" etc.. Combined with worldmap locations you could maybe shorten this to something like..
"EL store, weapons level 35+, mainly swords, at (31,31) TL" for an everlasting store, in the top left area of sector (31,31).

Thanks, and remember: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.