digging (and hello after years)

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digging (and hello after years)

Post by darwin »

If I enchant a pick (or shovel) +5hit,+5dam will it dig faster or I just need to find a tool 'of digging'?

I started playing in '0s before Kurzel became a TomeNET programmer and updated/added rune magic. I adventured with him in a party I started and just saying I'm back sometimes now. Currently I'm a 14th-level high-elf ranger, looking to help new players if they join my party or join parties of slightly higher-level characters.
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Re: digging (and hello after years)

Post by C. Blue »

Yes, +hit,+dam enchantments help its digging power. Quite significantly actually! Also, the more the digging tool weighs the better it can dig (but may be too heavy to wield if the character's STR is too low, which will give a warning message when equipping it).
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