Client modification to display temporary effects

Additional files for the client such as sound, music or fonts.
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Client modification to display temporary effects

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I want to modify client to display more temporary effects(like resistances and ESP) in comfortable way(near the health bar ideally).

I ran into several implementation problems:
1) it is not clear how to determine that a certain effect is acting. There are not many flags for temporary effects in packet that client receives.
Now i'm parsing message in Receive_message() function (nclient.c) to extract information about start and end of resistance effects.

Are there any better ways to get this information? If so, what are they?

2) There is no place for additional info on main screen if option BIG_MAP is down.
I thought about creating additional window(like inventory/chat or equipment ones) but don't know how to create it, yet.

If someone can provide information about this problems, i would like to know it.
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