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Re: server?

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If you deleted an account in the account editor or by deleting the tomenet.acc file itself, you can just recreate it and when it creates a character of the same name as a still existing savegame file that character becomes re-added to that account (assumed the character didn't perma-die in-game so far).

Only the character name matters, class, race, stats etc don't matter and will be overridden by the contents of the savegame file.
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Re: server?

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The screenshot looks oddly familiar. It looks like the shifting walls / trailing @ bug from ages ago. But it also looks different.
A few decades ago, when some of us were using Windows XP, there was this thing where a floor tile failed to render, if and only if support for East Asian languages / fonts were installed. When the floor tile failed to render, it did not put the cursor or pointer or whatever to the next tile, so everything afterwards gets shifted to the left.
If this is the same thing, I bet doing oddly shaped vaults in Angband would be hell. Same with the floor tiles inside quakes.

In the screenshot it seems there's a line of dots missing. I'm not sure how they are supposed to look, but i do recall they looked like smaller dots as floor times at one time. Ages ago there was a fix (for windows) to replace a failing tile with a normal dot. As this is not Windows, the fix does not apply. And the shifting seems similar.

However, there's also the small lag o meter and the oddly spacing in the character overview. Obviously there's no odd characters there, just missing hyphens and missing spaces. (the level 99 is at the right spot, the rest (experience) should be as far to the right as the level is)
I have no guess to the cause of those shiftings.

As things are for me, I have all same sized dots in Bree and Angband. I cannot find any setting and the floor dots are equally sized in a clean Windows client install. There's nothing I can do to see smaller sized dots. But there may be some setting from ages ago that changes things.

Expanding this to spaces and hyphens, I could only speculate a similar thing could be triggered by a colour which in some way is invalid.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to share to fix this. But the similarities are there. If it cannot be fixed, you can get used to the shifts in Bree, quakes and Angband. Most dungeons / areas are unaffected, but diving in Angband will be a serious challenge.
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Re: server?

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C. Blue, thanks.
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