Spell duration issue

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Spell duration issue

Post by lunitin »

I noticed something odd with duration on a couple of spells...

At my current skill levels:

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Thunderstorm        Air     8   43  53% dam 6d14 dur 14+d10
Ice Storm           Water   11  36   5% dam 124 rad 1 dur 30

Now if I macro
Ice Storm followed by Thunderstorm

\e)m@11\r@Ice Storm\rm@11\r@Thunderstorm\r

You successfully cast the spell Ice Storm
You successfully cast the spell Thunderstorm
The air around you charges with lightning
<Ice storm ends>
<~8 seconds>
The air around you discharges.

Ice storm will end before Thunderstorm, around 8-9 seconds difference in Bree. If I switch the order of the macros and cast Thunderstorm first, ice storm still ends before thunderstorm.

If Ice Storm has a dur of 30 and Thunderstorm has a dur of (15 to 24), how is it possible for Thunderstorm to out last Ice Storm?
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Re: Spell duration issue

Post by Kurzel »

Ice Storm's duration counts the number of ticks, iirc they go off ~3x per turn.
Perhaps this representation was for easy damage calculation, but it's kinda misleading.
A better description might be "dam 124x3 rad 1 dur 10".
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