[suggestions] player store search (market, auction, ah)

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Re: [suggestions] player store search (market, auction, ah)

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tangar wrote:
Sun Jun 04, 2017 11:09 pm
As we got another great update with @@ inscriptions (https://tomenet.eu/guide.php?chapter=0. ... .7.1)#r144), it would be wonderful to be able to search _only_ at inscriptions, so other part of the words wouldn't count.

EX: I search for item with light res, I put "Lt" in search:
I got 148 results; but only tiny amount of them got "Lt" in inscription; mainly it's "Lt" in nicknames or part of words (Magic Bolts, Money Belts & etc). Would be fun to have checkbox - search only in inscriptions :D
This would be awesome to have :) Ex: I'm looking for AM items - for unbeliever. But when I search 'AM' (anti-magic shell), I see 8 pages (230 entries) of items which has nothing to do with AM - Flamberge. Hammer, Vampiric items, Aman weapons, Adamantite & etc. Having a 'tick' to filter only inscriptions - would help a lot. It could be implemented by looking for stuff only within { } , like a regular expression
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