Druids Elemental Shield

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Druids Elemental Shield

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Just started playing a Druid a little while ago, and am having a blast. The class is well designed and getting new forms as you level up is very rewarding. I absolutely love Nature's call, it's my new favorite spell (It grows trees around you and the surrounding area). Imagining the monsters in the dungeon having trees spring up all around them and hearing their friends getting systematically cut down out of sight is great fun :)

I would really like to see a resist elements spell for this class though, they are after all Druids. It seems strange that they have no protection against the forces of nature.

Or if not the spell then could we make their spellbooks immune to the elements, they could be stones instead of books?

All of the other caster type classes get this in one form or another Priests-Holy Resistance, Istar-Elemental Shield, Ranger-Elemental Shield, Shaman- Elemental Shield, and Holy Resistance, Runemasters have access to base and poison resist, Mindcrafters don't get a resist spell, however the greater crystals are not harmed by elements.

Oh, another cool idea would be a water version of grow trees. Create a small lake underneath you so you can use some of the cool aquatic forms more.

Just a few ideas that were floating around in my head, If you have not tried a druid, i highly recommend one they are lots of fun.
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Re: Druids Elemental Shield

Post by Kurzel »

Try using the forms for elemental immunity, it's even better than double resistance! :)
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