[suggestion] Randomize flavours for every new character

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[suggestion] Randomize flavours for every new character

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I came to this idea while played MAngband. I wrote about it at their github: https://github.com/mangband/mangband/issues/1184 . It's got the same relevance in TomeNET.

The problem:
In roguelike games it's pretty original feature to have random flavours of items (potions/scrolls & etc) every time you start a new character. I suppose, when MAngband derived from Angband this 'feature' was forgotten as in multiplayer game it's much harder to implement such feature cause players could trade items.. But the idea of random flavours and stuff is pretty cool; identifiying potions by drinking and scrolls by reading them (and getting yourself into interesting random situations!) when you start a new char - is very fun.

How to solve this issue? First what comes to mind:

1) client-side randomize flavours which you find items in the dungeon.
2) server-side change flavours every day (or after server restart).
3) to create 'fake' flavours, which would change to 'real' ones when you IDed item.

Or just do not use flavours for IDed item. So when item identified - it wouldn't have any flavour. I suppose it's the most simple way to implement this.
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