Instant resurrection [4.4.9]

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Instant resurrection [4.4.9]

Post by mikaelh »

One of the features introduced with the release of 4.4.9 was instant resurrection. In this post I'm going to first cover the technical details of instant resurrection and then I'm going to explain why we decided to introduce this feature. Feel free to discuss the feature in this thread.

Instant resurrection is only available to everlasting players and has to be enabled at the temple. Upon death, your character will return to the temple suffering only exp penalty, losing gold, and possibly losing some items. The exp penalty of instant resurrection is 50%. With the introduction of instant resurrection, the normal exp penalty on revival was lowered to 35% (from 40%). The amount of gold you will lose is (dungeon level) * (dungeon level) * 10 + 10. Gold will be automatically withdrawn from your bank if you are not carrying enough with you. The chance of losing inventory and equipment items is the same as with normal death.

The town in which you get revived is based on your default recall point (the town you last visited). In the wilderness, the cost is based on the internal difficulty level of the wilderness sector you're in. Kings will lose their title as per usual death. The exp loss when revived with the priest spell is 35% .. 30%.

Instant resurrection will not work no-ghost levels (including Morgy levels) or in the Nether Realm. It will also not work if you don't possess enough gold (either with you or in the bank).

The idea behind instant resurrection is to give the players a choice to make the game a bit easier if they want to. Players can choose to recover faster when their character dies and to play without the fear of losing their character. We hope that it will support solo-diving at higher levels and make the game experience smoother overall.

We also wanted to make the alternative of not enabling instant resurrection a bit more attractive and that's why we decided to lower the exp penalty of normal resurrection.

This feature is not enabled by default but I fully expect that a lot of players will enable it.

UPDATE: Kings lose their title, priest spell exp%.

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Re: Instant resurrection [4.4.9]

Post by PowerWyrm »

This is really a nice feature, especially for newbies who are not accustomed with the regular way of resurrecting. Also useful if you're diving with no high level chars around susceptible to rescue your character if you die. The formula for the death "cost"... I suppose the dungeon level is not expressed in ft right? This is roughly 1k at depth 10, 100k at depth 100, which is more than affordable for any character.

A little suggestion: change the Temple layout so it becomes like the Tavern, with the regular shop and some space to put resurrected characters after being instantly revived.

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