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4.4.8b stealth update

Post by C. Blue » Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:54 pm

The 4.4.8b client has been stealth-updated once more, downloading just the binary (EXE file) will be sufficient.
What was changed: 'Buying' items that cost 0 Au in player stores will no longer crash the client.

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Mac OS X client released, experimental

Post by C. Blue » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:59 am

An experimental Mac OS X client is now available in the 'Downloads' section. Note:
-It does not support FLAC audio files because FLAC didn't compile without errors on OSX.
-Run the file '' first, it's a one time procedure that will copy the required library files to your /usr/local/lib folder. Note that if you already have libraries of the same name in that particular folder they will be replaced by these ones.
-Run the file '' to start TomeNET.
-This client has been compiled and tested on Mac OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard. If you encounter any problems please write details to the forum.

Note: This download has already been available for 2 weeks without being mentioned on the main page. That was a first test version that was still lacking in functionality though, please re-download this one if you got it.

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:29 pm

The Mac OS X client has been updated: It no longer needs to install its libraries anywhere. Also, it is no longer considered a 'test' version.
Just extract it and execute the file '' to start the client, that's it. No more installation procedure needed.

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Client/Server 4.4.8c released

Post by C. Blue » Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:59 pm

4.4.8c main client-side changes:

"@S-" inscription for player store items added: Makes the item unsellable, like a museum mode.
Allow going back a store page by pressing BACKSPACE.
Keys 1,2,3,4 can now be used to jump to a specific store inventory page when shopping.
Allow chatting while in a store.
Macro wizard now also supports mimic spells.
Added -m command-line option to skip the motd.
Fixed a typo in ".tomenetrc" linux client configuration file.
Fixed crash when trying to buy an item of value 0 from a player store.
(If client quits with an error message, the return value will be -1 instead of 0.)
(Source: Added a makefile for compiling the client on Mac OS X, "makefile.osx")

Main guide changes:

List of auto-inscriptions from auto_inscribe option in (2.3).
Unbreath damage type added.
Armour weight effect on ranged weapons (to-hit) added near the end of (5.5).
Fixed ancient erratum claiming that yeeks are limited to 4 bpr, which they aren't.
Added Mac OS X instructions for compiling/running the client.
Improved section (2.1a) on how to install audio packs on Windows OS.

Also see server-side changes at ... p=941#p941

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Sat Jul 07, 2012 1:16 pm

*** NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE THE FILES a_info.txt, k_info.txt and r_info.txt! ***
They are required for displaying artifact and monster lore (see feature list below).
4.4.9 client-side features:

Players can now chat, inscribe and unscribe items while inside stores, item inspection screen, and many other info screens and menus (artifact/monster lore).
"Polymorph into..." ability now also supports entering a monster's name instead of its code number. The macro wizard and quick'n'dirty macros support this feature too.
Fixed a glitch with using mimicry commands in quick'n'dirty macros.
The '=' menu now has an entry 'I' to automatically install sound and/or music pack.
The '=' menu now has an entry 'f' to cycle between a few pre-defined font sizes, to enlarge the game on higher screen resolutions.
Added client option '-v' to automatically save chat long on exit.
Client now automatically saves font sizes and window positions on exit on all operating systems, and restores them on next startup.
Macro wizard design somewhat improved.
Allow pasting items while typing in some chat by typing a \\<slot> code, eg \\c for item in inventory slot 'c)', \\A for the primary weapon wielded.
Allow pasting store items while typing in some chat by typing a \\\<slot> code, eg \\\a for first item on currently displayed shop page.
New colour code '{-' restores the original colour of the chat line.
The '~' menu now allows to display the server's message of the day (same as /motd command). This is now called 'News'. The former point 'News' is now called 'Intro screen'.
The '~' menu now allows to search and display artifact and monster lore and stats (this requires up-to-date files 'a_info.txt', 'k_info.txt' and 'r_info.txt' in your TomeNET/lib/game folder!). Lore and stats can also be pasted to chat via 'c' key.
Sub-window titles can now be used-defined in .tomenetrc too (such as "Chat").
Auto-generated .tomenetrc has been fixed/improved.
Fixed main window being one line too high on X11 systems.
Longer font names (256 characters) can be specified in .tomenetrc, which could so far provoke a crash.
Macro wizard now supports casting mimic spells by a numerical index, ie 1 for first spell after the three basic polymorph powers (so it'd be spell 'd)'), 2 for the second spell (aka 'e)') etc.. This allows for a set of generic mimic spell hotkeys that work independantly of form. They work for both, targetted and non-targetted spells (and use the default targetting method).
Fixed shop screen glitch when emptying a page by buying the last item on it.
Chat mode prefixes (eg '$:') as well as private chat can now actually be used while we are in a specific TAB-selected chat mode (eg party chat mode).
During character creation it is now possible to go back at every single step via BACKSPACE key.
A glitch in auto-inscriptions have been fixed that causes them to not work correctly if leading or trailing wildcards ('?') were used.
Improved world map display via SHIFT+M or ~0. It can be scrolled with directional keys too.
In some client menus (eg character creation) where directional input was possible, rogue-like direction keys are now also accepted.
All message dumps done by the client will now go to sub-folder lib/user instead of the main TomeNET folder.
Windows client no longer crashes if a key is pressed very early on starting up.
Store-like houses now display their maximum capacity.
Up to 120 items (on 12 pages) can now be viewed in player stores. (yeah :-p)
Note that music pack was updated a couple of weeks ago, giving towns different night music among other stuff.

List of server-side features: ... 1219#p1219

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:00 am

The 4.4.9 OSX clients have been updated with two bugfixes that should remove a message glitch and a possible crash on polymorphing. Re-download them and replace the file 'binary', that will be sufficient.

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Re: Client updates

Post by mikaelh » Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:06 pm

4.4.9a client-side changes:

- fixed random text appearing in some prompts
- fixed random actions when triggering macros under certain conditions
- fixed client crash after triggering macros under certain conditions

Only the client binary has changed.

server-side changes are here: ... 1229#p1229

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:59 am

Stealth-updates were applied to 4.4.9a executable (ie TomeNET.exe / tomenet / binary, depending on what your OS is: Windows / Linux / OS X):

1) Two days ago, WINDOWS CLIENT ONLY: There was a problem with 64-bit Windows that prevented the audio pack auto-installation (menu '=', key 'I') from detecting an installed 7-zip.

2) One day ago, all clients: Artifact lore displayed too short names for artifact trap sets.

For Windows, simply redownload and replace the TomeNET.exe file.
For Linux and OSX, redownload the 4.4.9a client and simply replace the 'tomenet' (Linux) or 'binary' (OS X) file respectively.

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:09 pm

Version 4.4.9b:

Major bugfix: If a spellbook is lost, attempting to cast that spell can cause the character to try and perform random weird (suicidal) actions.
On 64-bit Windows OS, the client's audio pack autoinstallation will now correctly detect a 7-zip installation.
Trap set names in artifact lore are now displayed correctly.
A potential crash bug in the GUI Options menu has been fixed.
Some memory-related bugs have been fixed.
Client no longer shows an outdated guide link in the login screen.
Client no longer suggests certain ridiculously high starting values for STR and DEX for some classes.
New game-play option 'big_map' added. It makes the dungeon map shown in the main window twice as high as usual, ie 44 lines instead of 22. The whole main window will in turn be 46 lines in height instead of the usual 24 lines. Note: You might have to delete your tomenet configuration file in some cases in order for this to work, or to edit it and manually insert two entries for the main window's height and width, similar to how those exist for the other windows.
The 'big_map' feature will also affect some other functions such as chat history and certain info screens.
Snowstorm sfx is only played in really stormy weather.
The guide now contains troubleshooting information about the voice-over-IP tool Mumble.
Certain alias keys have been added (and some have been brought back) when in a store or house, the following keys are now synonymous: 'g' and 'p', 'd' and 's', 'x' (to examine) and 'I' (shift+I to inspect) or 'l' (to "look" at an item).
Added info to the guide how to target a friendly player, via '(' key.

The official TomeNET IRC channel has moved from WorldIRC to Freenode:
Channel #tomenet, on server (port 6667). Also there are chat-relay-channels #tomenet.rpg and #tomenet.arcade.

Also see server-side changelog here: ... 1251#p1251

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:45 pm

A new test client is available that adds two extra character slots to player accounts.
Those are dedicated slots for creation of one character for each of the following events exclusively:
-Ironman Deep Dive Challenge
-PvP mode
That means if you have your 8 character slots filled up you will always be able to still create a character for PvP and another one for Ironman Deep Dive. Of course you can also use your usual characters for this purpose (those from the first 8 slots, as always).
A new option is offered in the character menu: 'E' to create a slot-exclusive character.
You can use this if you want to create a character that uses one of the exclusive slots, instead of one of the normal all-purpose character slots.
If your 8 normal slots are full, an exclusive-slot character will be used automatically, since there are no other options left.

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