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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:38 am

Client 4.4.6b has been released. It is strongly recommended to update.
(Note that both sound and music pack have been updated a few times since 4.4.5, so if you never updated it, now might be a good time to get all cumulative changes in at once.)

Changes/fixes/new features:
-Client now supports a couple of new mechanisms that for example allow you to play the board game "Go in the Casino in Minas Anor. These new mechanisms could be used for more cool things in the future.
-The glitch causing a crash with lots of funny blinking colourful garbage on the screen (when leaving the macro menu) should be fixed.
-New targetting mode '.' was changed to '-' since '.' was in use by rogue-like keymap.
-Another new targetting mode '+' was added. See guide. The macro wizard now asks for desired target mode and also explains them.
-Example macro sets for Linux have been added. (The current ones only worked for Windows). The macro set files have been renamed accordingly. (In lib/user/.)
-SPACE key can be used to cancel various repeated actions (searching, disarming, tunneling) and now also cancels resting.
-Specifying items by name instead of inscription now also works for '/' command ('generic use/activate').
-'w0' default macro on SHIFT+X was changed to 'x0' (requires @x0 inscriptions on the two items accordingly).
-Taking off ammo will prompt again for 'How many?' even if option 'whole_ammo_stacks' is on, to allow easy ammo sharing (magic arrows etc.).
-Activating an item will first check your equipment instead of your inventory, because you have to equip items anyway to be able to activate them. This fixes a problem if you have two items of the same inscription, one equipped and one in inventory.
-Linux client now allows much more things to be set in the .tomenetrc file, such as fonts and window sizes, instead of having to use environment variables or recompiling.
-Weather now reaches the bottom-most line (Hi, Sav).
-Snowstorm weather effect now plays in the correct situations.
-3 new UI options added: A simple hourly chat timestamp; Page beep on private message; Page beep on private message while AFK.

The server-side code has of course also undergone changes meanwhile, check out the 'Server updates' thread for that.

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Re: Client updates

Post by mikaelh » Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:03 pm

A bug was found in the 4.4.6b release. The files have been updated. If you already downloaded 4.4.6b, you need to download it again.

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Re: Client updates

Post by mikaelh » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:01 pm

The Linux clients for 4.4.6b have been updated. If your client fails to load shared libraries, try the updated versions.

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Tue May 10, 2011 12:56 am

The file has been updated with a fixed TomeNET.ini file that contains the new hostnames "" for the game servers and "" for the metaserver. (For details see ... &t=90#p628).
The file tomenet-4.4.6b.tar.bz2 containing the source code has also be updated accordingly.

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Re: Client updates

Post by mikaelh » Wed May 11, 2011 1:17 pm

The Linux clients have now also been updated to use the new hostnames. All references to the old hostnames have now been removed and the tarball has been updated.

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Client update to v4.4.7

Post by C. Blue » Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:12 pm

Client 4.4.7 released.

Main new feature: "Maia" race available at character creation, see Guide (6.4). Client 4.4.7 is required to play it.
With it comes a new magic school "Astral", that has a tome too called "Astral Grimoire". Astral spell book colour is orange.

Other important client-side changes:
Added command-line options '-q' to disable loading/initializing of all audio, '-w' to disable weather effects, '-u' to disable automatic LUA script updating.
New client options (see 2.3):
-Clear @.. inscriptions on taking item ownership (to avoid inscriptions interfering with own items)
-Prevent floating for a short while after death (to avoid losing items)
-Abort macro execution if a sub-action in a macro fails (to avoid macros running haywire if a spell book gets destroyed for example). Only concerns magic spells and trapping so far.
Linux config file .tomenetrc now has a 'Meta=' entry too.
Skilltree should now correctly remember which branches were expanded and which weren't.
Screenshot (CTRL+T) now works in inventory/equipment list.
Macro wizard allows hitting ENTER key instead of specifying trap ammo. This results in a prompt to allow the player to manually pick ammunition.
Spell names have been corrected regarding capitalization, so you will have to redo macros that call by name the following spells: Orb of Draining, Protection from Evil, Glyph of Warding.
Keys in the macro menu have been changed from numbers to more meaningful letters.

For server-side changes see ... p=646#p646.

The guide included in the client zip at first wrongly states that Maiar..
-have 10 hit dice, they have 11
-get initiated between 15 and 20, they are initiated exactly at 20
-Power Ray astral spell deals mana/nether damage, it deals light/darkness damage.
The current zip contains the corrected guide.

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TomeNET 4.4.8 released

Post by C. Blue » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:26 pm

Biggest new feature: The new runemastery. This 4.4.8 client is required to play runemaster now.
All old runemaster characters will get a free skill reset.
Credits to runemastery go to Mark and Adam for the original idea and implementation and to Relsiet and Kurzel for continuing and reworking.

Client-side changes in v4.4.8:
Runemastery completely overhauled/re-done (requires the new client).

Guild chat added.
Time stamps no longer overwrite top screen line while in a static screen (stores).
Better visuals in many menus/windows.
Cleaned up many menus/lists.
Instantly show effects of window flag changes.
Fixed some menu point letters.
Stat point assignment during character creation works properly for stats < 3 now.
Macro Wizard UI text fixed/improved.
Chat modes can be cycled by CTRL+U/I while in chat prompt.
Guild info added at the bottom of the party screen.
Macros no longer run wild if a (consumable) item used in the macro does not (anymore) exist in the backpack.
Allow hacking the .prf macro files to have multiple C/H/P binding lines succeed a single A (action) line.
Added error message if allocating memory for macros fails (shouldn't really happen ever though).
Added warnings when no egligible items could be found for a 'which item?' prompt.
Inscribe-command '{' now allows to optionally enter inscription before selecting an item.
Shift+slot ('Try?..') now can be used to override 'whole_ammo_stack' option, eg to drop/take off a specific amount of arrows.
Two options added that can be combined in 4 manners to determine the look and size of the player list screen (@ key).
The option 'whole_ammo_stack' now also works for other cheap, stackable items.
Added 'auto_untag' option that will perform an automatic '/untag u' command ie remove unique monster tags.
Increased maximum length of a chat message.
Added 'alert_afk_dam' option that will play the page sfx if the player takes [sanity/xp] damage while afk.
Stores will now display "Page x of y" instead just "Page x".
Buying from stacks in stores will display the maximum amount of items you can afford (in yellow) now so you won't have to calculate it.
Pasting items from stores no longer cuts off long item names.
Allow entering greater quantities (for dropping large amounts of gold).
Fixed glitch when selecting an item [in a macro] by its inscription and another non-egligible item had the same inscription, which would prevent successful command execution.

Sound pack and music pack have been updated.

Guide has been modified/expanded a lot. Examples: (6.7c) Useful low-level forms for weapon-using mimics; added hints in (6.5).

Also see server-side changes at ... p=769#p769

C. Blue
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TomeNET 4.4.8a released

Post by C. Blue » Sun Nov 20, 2011 3:00 pm

TomeNET 4.4.8a released.
Although it's just an 'a' the changes are actually not minor and some important bugs like the runemastery server crash and the inability of the client to auto-update LUA scripts have been fixed.
More client-side changes:

Client no longer crashes on auto-updating LUA files.
Some texts have been improved/fixed.
New option 'newbie_hints' allows you to turn off newbie hints/warnings.
When saving chat log, the file will carry a time stamp.
Command-line option '-h' works again for Windows client, via displaying a dialogue box.
Windows client will now automatically turn off numlock state on starting up.

Guide changes:

Some texts have been improved/fixed:
-Tarpaulin/Multi-hued dragon scale mail/Weapons of Nothingness description.
-weapons of morgul/nothingness.
-Ranged techniques.
-Mindcrafter description.
-Invisibility description.
-added basic skill point distribution suggestions to class hints.
-some misc typos and wrong spell levels.
-troubleshooting stuff.
-guild key handling, what happens if someone picks it up.
-AM field stacking explained more clearly.
-which .prf files NOT to use for storing macros.
Added paragraph (2.1b) that explains how to edit sound/music configuration.
Improved (4.12) about which monsters resist.
Improved (5.11) about how monster attacks vs player defenses works.
Explain some special monster spells in (5.12).
Replaced paragraph (7.5) by 'Monster tactics'.
Added (8.5a) about the Arcade Server.

Note: Updating just the binary (ie "TomeNET.exe" file) will be sufficient.

Also see server-side changes at ... p=787#p787 .

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Re: Client updates

Post by C. Blue » Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:41 am

Stealth-updated the TomeNET.exe file of client 4.4.8a (and test client) with a fix for the first two polymorphing powers which now no longer prompt for a direction.

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TomeNET 4.4.8b released

Post by C. Blue » Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:31 pm

Client-side changes (updating the binary file aka TomeNET.exe is sufficient - in that case you could manually add a line 'DisableNumlock=1' to it in any text editor if you want to control numlock behavior on client startup):

-Main window now displays your blows per round instead of "Study" (which occurred when there were undistributed skill points left).
-Added TomeNET.ini entry and '-k' command-line option to keep numlock state untouched on client startup (gets turned off by default).
-Client plays a greeting sound now. only happens the very first time a player logs in on a specific account.
-Improved polymorph description in the macro wizard.
-Added a client side option to toggle censoring of swear words (on by default).
-Add time stamps to death dump/screenshot.
-Mimic spell glitch fixed: Some spells were targetting or not targetting when it should be the other way round.
-Improved party screen layout.
-While browsing help files or other info screens, the screen's top line will no longer get overwritten by chat.
-Client keeps expanded/collapsed skills in server save file, therefore remembering its layout over sessions now.
-Polymorphing via mimic powers no longer asks for direction.
-Many additions/corrections in the guide.

Also see server-side changes at ... p=806#p806

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