New worldmap and dungeon spoilers **Aug 2015 update**

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New worldmap and dungeon spoilers **Aug 2015 update**

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** Updated on August 2015 **

New dungeon locations; some were moved to other locations for various reasons.

Ignore coordinates from post below. I'll update those later.
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Re: New worldmap and dungeon spoilers

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Some dungeon reviews, feel free to make your own as posts.

(26, 5) Angband, Khazad
- Closer than Lothlorien these days, however climbing or wraith is required to reach the stairs first time.
- Dungeon layout doesn't have any mountains, dark pits or random permanent walls (<- unless vault). Occasional water or lava might occur.
- Starting depth level 66. Sauron starting at -1650ft, Morgoth starting at -1700ft, Tik at -3050ft which is bottom.
- Watery and maze levels might break vaults or pits, dangerous
- Secret shops (rare jewelry and boot shops) can occur even on -50ft.

( 3,12) The Illusory Castle
- Normal stairs dungeon
- Layout is angband-lookalike, however some walls aren't actually walls at all.
- Boss of the dungeon is King in the Yellow, drops great loot.

( 1,13) Death Fate
- Force_down no_recall dungeon.
- You WILL die here.
- Only 50ft deep but you can not never escape this dungeon

(27,13) Mordor
- Level layout is mixup of mountains and granite walls
- Starting depth 34. Bottom at -1650ft. No boss.
- Watery and lava levels might break vaults, dangerous!
- Greater Titans start occurring at -1250ish
- Mixed ancient dragon / wyrm pits are possible at around -1400ft, but seen those -850ft too.

(31,25) The Orc Cave
- Level layout is mainly mountains and granite walls. Watery levels might pop up sometimes too (beware of aqua hound packs!).
- Monsters are mostly orcs, kobolds, hounds, sometimes troll pit or pack, also gnome mage or dark elven warlock packs are possible.
- Starting depth 10. Bottom at -700ft. Boss is Azog, King of the Uruk-hai. Drops pretty nice stuff sometimes.
- Most OOD monster detected so far: Greater titan in vault -650ft.
- Recommended starting dungeon because of the orc and kobold packs

(42,28) The Mines of Moria
- Force down, no_recall dungeon. Not ironman though (everlasts can float or wait if dead.)
- Starting depth 30. Bottom at -1050. Boss is Balrog of the Moria, can drop pretty great loot sometimes.
- Orc caves lookalike with occasional P pits and single dragons and easy demon packs.
- Pretty nice dungeon if you have lots of supplies, as you need to get all way to bottom before recalling.

(21,31) Mount Doom
- Definately not normal stairs, but taking upstairs is possible.
- Starting depth 85 iirc.
- Lots of high undeads (nightcrawlers and such), maybe nice for form hunting.
- Layout did have permanent walls here and there if I remember correctly.

(30,34) Ironman Deep Dive Challenge
- Layout is angband-lookalike
- Static towns at -2000ft and -4000ft, random towns starting around depth -1000ft. Random shops like library are possible around depth -450ft.
- No recall up (except in static towns for non-IDDC characters)
- No stairs up ever.

(59,51) Angband, Loth
- Same as Khazad, but doesnt require climbing to reach stairs.

(25,58) The Paths of the Dead
- Dungeon layout has granite walls and dark pits, no mountains. Quite a lot water puddles in levels.
- Monsters are mostly undeads (vampires, liches, death quasit and such), P-pits, vortexes, ghosts, hounds and occasional dracolich, death drake or golem.
- Monsters seem to occur less often here
- Pretty nice for general exping if you have nether and poison resistances, however Minas Anor is pretty far away.

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