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To be like not a crowd.

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:07 pm
by AHrEJl
Its a story about noob(s), who dont like be a same as crowd. Its not story about hero or god. Its story when u dont get end or answers.

Me a player who come to play and what i can say? Its fun a bit and hard to play, and nothing all be challange play.
U see a moster and hack to slash, u got advice to take a place.When dive in dungeon and die alot. U want to be like hero god?
To take a place in mess of slash, to take a glory tablescore and kill a boss to take the nimbus hardly god?
U make a boss to fall on sword, u bang and shot its hardly lot.
When try alot of class to play, what fcking place u got and change?
What point say, disscuss this place , if forum dead as holyshit.
No one to see, no one to be, no one to look what glory warrior u can be.
When heart is stone and blind as rule, decide to be ok, decide not rule.
The key to say, not matter what, decide to silent, decide to be like tree.
Its free, its free decide to be what u want and me not rule to what u want to be.
If hard is core agree with silent world, you can decide stay to be as tree.
Or change the world to do a little step, to change ur minds and make a shape.
To be a master of that key to change this dead world...
Spell?!Hack this silent with a slash?! WTFH to doing here a mister hero or adventure, dude?

Sorry if some words have mistakes or not understanble, english not my native, me not use spellchekers and other shit. gg, gl.
Best Regards. :ugeek: