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The following build is my IDDC build for druid. It makes IDDC nice and easy, but could be used as a regular character too, although in that case I would probably go for Dwarf.

Roll a Draconian Druid of chaos lineage. You will need balanced stats: STR for carrying capacity, INT for the Earth school, WIS for the druidic schools, CON for hps. My starting stats: 18/10 16 18/10 11 15 14. Enough for meleeing and casting.

The build with druid is pretty much straighforward: martial arts/magic/earth/arcane lore/physical lore. You want to max them all except Earth, which should leave you 19 spare points to spend if you raise Earth to 30. This is enough to get resistance to shards and to cast Dig/Stone Prison, although it will leave the failure rate of Stone Prison very high. Since those 19 points are not much and won't help in any major skill (sneakiness, combat, health), I'd spend them in Earth to lower the fail rate of Stone Prison then in Stealth for a little boost (something like 39 Earth/6 Stealth or 34 Earth/9 Stealth).

In the beginning, buy books of Toxic Moisture I and Herbal Tea, along with a lantern and basic supplies (CSWs + phases). If you can, buy also a shovel. With Martial Arts at 1, you start with 2 bpr which should be ok for now. For your first level ups, put your points into Arcane Lore, Physical Lore and Magic so you are able to cast Toxic Moisture I (3 in Arcane Lore) and Herbal Tea (3 in Physical Lore) and get a decent mana pool (4 in Magic). For the next level ups, concentrate on your spells: you want to skill Arcane Lore/Physical Lore/Earth first so your skill level is equal to your character level, then Magic to optimize your mana pool. Every spare points go into Martial Arts.

At level 5, you learn your first forms, as well as the Sprint technique. Macro Panther form, which will be your main form for now, as well as your Player form (for opening doors). You can also macro Sprint until you can cast Quickfeet. The level 10 forms are quite useless, unless you're desperate for hps or cold immunity.

At level 15, your Panther form becomes obsolete. Replace it by Sasquatch (outright better + cold immunity + can climb + can open doors). You can also remove your Player/Panther form macros. The level 20 forms are quite useless, but you can macro Great Eagle for water crossing (and shopping) and Aranea for poison immunity. Once you get the chance, buy a book of Ancient Lore, a book of Dig and a book of Toxic Moisture II. You can keep Toxic Moisture I for a while for non poison resistant monsters (since it costs only 5 mana to cast instead of 20).

At level 25, you get two useful forms: Wyvern (poison immunity/climb/fly) which should become your main form, and Multi-hued hound that you should macro for (mainly) fire immunity. You can remove other form macros except Sasquatch (for cold immunity).

At level 30, your skill in Earth should be at 30, so you get resistance to shards. Get a better cloak if your current one is a cloak of Protection. Start to build up your spell arsenal with Toxic Moisture II and III, Extra Growth II, Ancient Lore, Quickfeet, Dig, Nature's Call and Herbal Tea. Put Toxic Moisture III, Ancient Lore and Nature's Call into a Codex of Arcane Lore. Put Extra Growth II, Quickfeet and Herbal Tea into a Codex of Physical Lore. To be on the safe side, always carry 3-4 copies of the two codices and the Dig and Toxic Moisture II books. The level 30 forms are more or less useful: Minotaur (speed/high HPs) will become your main form, so macro it next to Wyvern, Sasquatch and Multi-hued hound; Giant Squid is pointless except if you get watery levels (for protection vs stunning); 5-headed hydra is completely useless.

At level 35, you get two forms that have immunity to fire: Elder Aranea and Plasma Hound. Macro one of them instead of Multi-hued hound since they are outright better (I would go for the Aranea since it's SMART and will boost INT). 7-headed hydra, as its 5-headed cousin, it completely useless.

At level 40, be sure that your Martial Arts skill is at 40, so you get the Climbing ability. Replace your main form (Minotaur) with 11-headed hydra, which gets immunity to fire (you can remove the Elder Aranea macro). Buy a book of Stone Prison (if you didn't do so already) and put it with Dig and Toxic Moisture II in a Codex of Utilities. With Earth at 30, you should get a fail rate of 40% at 18/120 INT, 10% at max INT. Put a few skill points in Earth to decrease that fail rate.

At level 45 you get the mighty Maulotaur form: fast (+6), immune to fire and quite strong (its only drawback, being STUPID, is the loss of 2 INT). Replace 11-headed hydra macro with Maulotaur at once.

At level 50, you get your best form with Jabberwock: it's more powerful than Maulotaur (better HP, AC, todam), but doesn't have immunity to fire, so keep Maulotaur macroed. At this point, you should have Jabberwock as main form, Maulotaur for fire immunity, and anything that could provide other immunities.

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Re: Druids

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Great strategy, let's see some IDDC winners. o/

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Re: Druids

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Now shard resist from earth school at 40 points, but anyway it is great strategy for druid :)

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Re: Druids

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So earth druid nerfed a bit :) Approved!
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