Macro: turn/off "L" with the same key

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Macro: turn/off "L" with the same key

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I've just asked in-game:
Is it possible to make map close after I push "L" again? For example: I push "L" -> now I need to close map and to do it I have to push "Esc" or "space". But I would like to close it with "L". So it would be like "toggle", on/off key.

Rum (virus) kindly explained how to do so:

Rum: most easily with macro sets
Rum: basic idea
Rum: first you do the action previously mentioned, then you change the macro of the button
Rum: to \e\e
Rum: so you need two macro files mapon.prf and mapoff.prf
Rum: with only that macro in them
Rum: one being previously mentioned action *and* loading mapoff.prf
Rum: the other being \e\e and loading mapon.prf
Rum: its not as complicated as it sounds really
Rum: most easy:
Rum: first macro qwerty to the button you wan to set it up on
Rum: then save your macros
Rum: then open the macro file in a text editor and resave it as mapon.prf
Rum: then search for qwerty in the file to fine the macro you want
Rum: remove all other macros
Rum: change qwerty to \e\e)%lmapoff.prf\rs\r\eL
Rum: then resave that file to mapoff.prf
Rum: and change the line to A: \e\e%lmapon.prf\rs\r\e
Rum: you absolutely have to do it with runemasters :P
Rum: when both files are done, simply load mapon.prf from % menu and save macros
Rum: well after doing macro sets for runemaster, where you have bolt,ball,cloud etc,. spells for 10 different brands...

What I can tell.. Even Shakespeare looks pale, its more complex then nuclear physics... :? Thanks to Rum, but may be anyone has working example of such "magic", could you please post it here :)
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