I'm heading to The Cloud Planes ...

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I'm heading to The Cloud Planes ...

Post by Archma »

Traversing the Wilderness and traveling over the expanse of terrain I see this glint in the sky and start heading that way.
It was nothing... was it my imagination... Then a rainbow appears and I see a golden pathway spiraling heavens way...

- This seems new?

What do you Know? What to watch out for? What can i expect? What items are needed?
What resistances are recommended? What will kill me the most?
Whats the main Uniques Bosses that can spawn or I need to kill?
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Re: I'm heading to The Cloud Planes ...

Post by Domiano »

Good questions here... I have a very limited number of answers.
Its entry depth is under max ang (probably), since I have grey EXP here.
I saw wyrms 'n stuff, so probably dangerous.
I saw a lvl 42 character unable to enter
I saw... Clouds, which you cannot wraith into/dig into, cus lol, you'd fall.
I saw... monsters could dig through the clouds/see through them... dangerous.
I heard that it is 'no recall into', cus golden <
I did not see any new golden unis in the uni list, so it looks like no dungeon boss.

Other than that? I know jack all.

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