I'm heading to Mordor ...

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I'm heading to Mordor ...

Post by Archma »

Phew, my legs ache but I'm alive. I ran all the way from Bree to Gondolin and I'm here, where are the stairs going down...

- I know its below Gondolin town with a depth of -1700 to -3300.

What do you Know? What to watch out for? What can i expect? What items are needed?
What resistances are recommended? What will kill me the most?
Whats the main Uniques Bosses that can spawn or I need to kill?
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Re: I'm heading to Mordor ...

Post by tangar »

It would be awesome to have some information about Mordor :) I didnt spend there much time ;) Anyone?
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Re: I'm heading to Mordor ...

Post by Zil »

A lot of mountains, friendly levels, no dungeon boss. good place to get rid of ringwraiths.

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