Armored Runemaster

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Armored Runemaster

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Runemasters can wear a decent amount of armor before they start getting penalized. With 20-30 points in combat you can easily fit a DSM into your setup. That combined with a +3 1.5h life weapon and a shield makes you rather tanky. Mage staff is unnecessary IMO since runemaster isn't nearly as mana-starved as Istar, and being able to get over 1k health is really nice for tough fights. ... -1i1a-1-1i

Something like this, vampire for time res(haste spell backlash) and because I think the race is fun. I think High Elf is also very solid. Combat can be adjusted as needed to fit gear, base is 23 and you get 0.3 per point in combat. Once health/runes are maxed and combat is adequate, sneakiness, interception and stealing are all fun options for post-king.

For sigils I'd put time(speed) on some magi gloves, I think +6 is the highest PVAL that will work? Weapon can only be +3 so is probably better to put mana or time res on depending on race and planned encounters. Mana res for Sauron is nice.

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Re: Armored Runemaster

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Will Combat also help prevent the speed loss from heavy armor?

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Re: Armored Runemaster

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only martial artist loss speed bonuses when wearing heavy armour, in other instances, you just carry to much, and need to increase strength

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