Corrupted Mimic w/ Astral school

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Corrupted Mimic w/ Astral school

Post by Solanidae » Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:03 am

With the change to mimicry where each point beyond 30 gives +5 mana, I've been experimenting with skilling astral on a martial artist Corrupted Maiar mimic. The nukes are pretty handy especially since in my experience making a regular mimic, a lot of the better forms have very costly spells later on and the first tier power nukes cost almost nothing. There's also a handful of buffs I'm eager to try out once I can cast them consistently. I imagine a mana pool of about 250-300 should be very easily attainable. Magi gloves might be worth considering early on if no better melee gloves.

Corrupted Maiar already makes the best MA mimic race imo. Leveling one takes forever but most of your time is going to be spent scumming for your forms either way so I think it's worth it to pick a slow race. At level 50 you get fire immunity and pois res(which isn't provided by morgy crown!). ... 3-28-26-17

For forms I imagine:

Cave spider (alternatively fruit bat) -> Ogre -> Gargoyle from Mordor (maiar can ESP) -> Vampire Lord & Nether Wraith from early path of dead -> Osyluth from deep path of dead -> Nightwalker (alternatively Horned Reaper) from Mt. Doom -> GWoP sometime post-king

Honorable mentions go to forms like Novice Ranger & Greater Balrog/Hru which might be useful as well.

Haven't actually kinged with this char yet, but I imagine he won't have too much issue. Might post here again afterwards. If I plan on getting GWoP form, it may be better not to wear morgy crown and instead wear an auto ID hat or something.

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Re: Corrupted Mimic w/ Astral school

Post by PowerWyrm » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:43 am

That's the build I used for an IDDC char, worked pretty well even without the mana boost.

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