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by Avenger
Tue Nov 12, 2019 1:33 am
Forum: Bugs
Topic: When "Dungeon Keeper" went wrong.
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Re: When "Dungeon Keeper" went wrong.

Got one as well, six isolated rooms. Picture available on request - seems I can't upload it directly.
by Avenger
Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:34 pm
Forum: Bugs
Topic: Intrinsics granted by Spell Schools don't appear to work
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Intrinsics granted by Spell Schools don't appear to work

I recently reached level 30 in my Holy Curing skill, and got a message saying I now resist Blindness and Poison. The Guide and Skill Builder also indicate I should have received these intrinsic resistances, yet my character sheet doesn't show them, and I can still be blinded(but not poisoned, courte...
by Avenger
Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:49 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: [stats] Deaths: the more the merrier!
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Re: [stats] Deaths: the more the merrier!

I'm curious how many deaths I've racked up without managing a kill yet =P

Is this count still being tracked?
by Avenger
Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:33 pm
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Topic: Android port?
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Re: Android port?

This is something I would love to see as well - I've heard rumours of an Android port before, but nothing for public release. I can't imagine anyone will be doing any serious play on Android, but it wouldn't be bad for store scumming and chatting. (inb4 hellish yeek adventurer solos Zu-Aon on Androi...
by Avenger
Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:56 am
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Best roguelike games
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Re: Best roguelike games

I highly recommend DoomRL and its upcoming successor game, Jupiter Hell. DoomRL is a fast paced shooter roguelike, with multiple difficulty settings and tons of ingame challenges and achievements. I expect more of the same from Jupiter Hell, and I've created a thread linking to the Kickstarter for i...
by Avenger
Wed Nov 16, 2016 4:49 am
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Jupiter Hell Kickstarter
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Jupiter Hell Kickstarter

Not sure how much interest there is in Roguelikes outside of TomeNET here, but in the event that there is some, I'd like to spread the word about Jupiter Hell, a successor to a DoomRL, which just hit kickstarter. I've played a hell of a lot of DoomRL and it's a fantastic roguelike, albeit significan...
by Avenger
Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:00 am
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Topic: TomeNET skill builder v2.0
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Re: TomeNET skill builder v2.0

Skill Builder currently shows Human Rogues train Occult(Shadow) at 0.700, ingame this value is 0.600.

Additionally, there is a general lack of information on the Skill Builder regarding shadow spells and bonuses.