Strange deaths topic

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Strange deaths topic

Post by tangar » Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:09 pm

Lets post there strange deaths, to share mystery stories :)
Moment of the death:

1) something summons Bile Demon. I can't udnerstand what and tele away
2) after I teleported to the new location - I open the door and I've met some other mobs; right there again something summoned Bile Demon who finished me

I've checked with my high lvl char - it was Strygalldwir ( ). He is invisible, BUT I got see_inv from amulet (Platinum Amulet the Moon). Why I didn't see him? I wasn't blind (I see other mobs).. He was at too big distance? But how he managed to summon then if he was out of LOS?

Spoiler - how it was happened - could be found in comment at oook :)
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