[idea] Reincarnate bodies of dead players as monsters

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[idea] Reincarnate bodies of dead players as monsters

Post by tangar » Mon May 14, 2018 5:12 pm

inspired by nethack.

It would be fun to have more 'interaction' with other players, especially if you play solo; to give more feeling of 'real' players around you, to feel that you are not alone.. There is a chat and information about other player deaths, which gives such feeling, but just imagine how nice it would be to meet another players' DEAD BODIES WHO WANNA EAT YOUR BRAIN! :D

after any player die - from now on there is a small chance to spawn his 'corpse' (named like player) at any lvl. This corpse would appear again and again until it would be killed. This 'corpses' inherits lvl of player, and some of it properties and abilities. So meeting especially powerful corpses could be quite dangerous.

I think it's fun to have different types of bodies:
1) Ghost
2) Wraith
3) Skeleton
4) Zombie
High lvl magic-able players could appear as liches :D

How to choose which form shoud be generated...

Approach #1
By final state of the body. If player was evaporated - he would appear as Ghost.. If was killed as regular death and his body still solid - as zombie. If he was killed by acid - skeleton.

Approach #2
type of the corpse could be defined by modes:
1) if player died as EL - his ghost could be spawned; killing your own EL ghost restores part of lost experience (lets EL player try to hunt for their ghosts? make them _strong_, Nazgul-like)
2) if it was NE - he come back as a zombie; if it was [Normal] - he would be skeleton.. after you killed NE zombie - next time such corpse could appear as skeleton; after skeleton killed - he could return as ghost. NE 'zombie' could have 1-2 _heavy cursed_ items from past player equipment (which were dissapeared at death by random). EL ghosts do not drop anything (but restore exp, see above)

I'm not sure which option is better, maybe just start this with the most simple way? :)

Some more points:
1) In general killing any of dead players give decent exp (as ghost has the same lvl as player had).. Something like [nice Wyrm * 2], but killing them isn't easy.. It's like new obstacle for players.
2) especially dangerous could be *insane* corpses as they preserve more skills and equipment
3) there is especially high chance to meet 'corpse' in bone room (room full of bones)
4) add trap which could summon corpses.. Also scroll of summon undead could do it rare
5) rarely low-lvl corpses could appear in Bree (trying to get into Prancing Pony lol). Make them more harmless then others.

And some fun - make 'corpse' speak (to lvl chat) some random phrases which this character said in the past (with some letters lost), EX:
"H@w to ...ake off tel#po$tati..n ri*g?"
It would be also good way to understand that there is a corpse on lvl...

Where to start
While this system isn't fully implemented, maybe it would be fun just to spawn extra powerful 'named' ego undead monsters sometimes; take names from https://www.tomenet.eu/deaths.php

Meeting other player, even in 'dead' state would give the game more feeling of 'presence'. And also you would get chance to kill some famous TomeNET players at last!.. Or who knows, maybe they would kill ya (legit PK?!) :D Such 'monsters' could be like very new threat to players; we all quite get used to Nazguls and they are ESPable... It would be pretty fun and quite tomenetish to have _rare_ chance to meet no-ESP powerful undead bodies of other players!
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