[suggestion] runemaster 'preferred element' macro

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[suggestion] runemaster 'preferred element' macro

Post by tangar » Sun May 13, 2018 11:43 am

When you play runemaster there could be two main approaches to organize your hotkeys and macroses:
1) you could choose to store different sets of .prf files for min-max spells.. So you have the same elements at hotkeys and you just control power of this elements with .prf files.
2) you could switch with a macro between different elements; types and power of spells on your 'attack' hotkeys are the same..

Actually I like second approach more - cause it gives more control over immunities/resistances/susp of different monsters.

The problem of organizing such macro - it's not ergonomic.. When you play mimic you could choose 'preferred' element for immunity. Why not to give such alternative way to runemaster?

Add new macro option to 'z': to switch between different element of runes (fire, shards, chaos & etc) with a hotkey. EX of algorythm:

1) I choose 'preferred' element (such macro should be done via 'macro wizard')
2) Now I choose preferred a hotkey with [(spell-modifier)/(spell-type)] to actually cast the spells (also adjusted with 'z') with preferred element
3) If I need to cast certain spells on fly without changing 'main' set of element (like 'dig' or 'resistance') - use such macro in old way (as it is now), without changin preferred element

It would make creating macro for runie much more comfortable, without need of operating loads of .prf files :D
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