[normal] Alt+[a-z] and '5' macro doesn't work

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[normal] Alt+[a-z] and '5' macro doesn't work

Post by tangar » Wed May 09, 2018 3:05 pm

Setup: problem occures in Windows client; num lock is OFF

1) can't assign alt+[a-z] to macro. Currently I'm trying to move all regular keys (from Aa to Zz) to ctrl and alt to have more 'space' for runie macroses and I found that alt+[a-z] macro doesn't work.

In the past there was 'kinda' similar problem - macro with alt-key paused TomeNET. It was solved with AHK script, but.... alt-key macro works _only_ for num pad:

alt+[1-9] - works.
alt+[a-z] doesn't work.

At the same moment macro alt+[a-z] works in World of Warcraft, for example.

2) key '5' at NumPad doesn't work. It's not possible to assign to it any macro. All other numpad numbers works.

3) some keys has the same bahavior.. I'm not sure could it be splitted somehow, but if it's possible - much more keys would be available. EX:
[hotkey = duplicate]
Home = 7
End = 1
Page up = 9
Page down = 3
.. 'arrows' also duplicate numbers.
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