Dark-elven warlocks

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Dark-elven warlocks

Post by PowerWyrm » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:36 am

Where do these suckers come from? ZAngband?

Here's the problem: they are level 23 and cast mana bolts. Looking at the latest V code (I presume it's the same in TomeNET), a mana bolt does 50 + 1d(350*mlvl/100) = 50 + 1d80 (!) for a level 23 monster. By comparison, a level 23 player, assuming diving at the same depth as his/her level, will have roughly 230 hps at that time (probably less in case of spellcasters and a little more for pure meleers), which will make them survive two bolts, maybe three.

Not a great deal... but dark-elven warlocks can also confuse characters, and it's rare to have confusion resistance at that point in the game. If they didn't get changed, cure critical wounds will remove the confusion, but only cure a pathetic amount of hps. This means that the player is in trouble if mana bolt comes next...

So the player survived mana bolt and confusion... but now how to kill the bugger? Easy with a ranged attack since they have low hps, but for pure melee characters, trying to land blows on someone that flees from you at +10 speed and keeps casting debilitating spells isn't that easy.

And now that one dark-elven warlock is finally dead after an epic fight... you have to face 10-20 more because they come in large packs!

Strangely, looking at the top 50 killers, dark-elven warlocks only appear 19th. So people tend to avoid them?

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Re: Dark-elven warlocks

Post by Nazgarn » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:55 am

The way I see it is I try to kill them for the chance of stat potions. Most of my characters are archer types so it's quite easy. Also, I try and have a high stealth as not to wake them. Although if I'm at the lower range of levels I may avoid them just in case. Better alive then dead eh?
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Re: Dark-elven warlocks

Post by Lightman » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:27 pm


These guys are nasty.

I'd say get hold of the lowest level ESP item you can trade and avoid them until you have much stronger heals, amazing stealth, suitable spell, fast enough ranged attack, mana resist, too much HP to care or another great reason. :D

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Re: Dark-elven warlocks

Post by tangar » Sun May 03, 2015 2:11 pm

Nazgarn wrote:Also, I try and have a high stealth as not to wake them.
Yeah. This guys are very sleepy. If you wont be too loud its very easy to deal with them.

Avoid vaults with them though :) They would wake up if you open the door.
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