[class] runemaster suggesions

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[class] runemaster suggesions

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I've made new section at my website - TomeNET blog. First article there - my ideas about runemaster:

1) My favorite thing in Runemaster – non-linear gameplay; you have a lot of choices and options. Let’s add one more?

Suggestion: it would be great to have DoT attack which doesn’t interfere with ‘cloud’ spell. So it would be possible such combo:

a) apply DoT
b) cast AoE-DoT (cloud)
c) fire with all guns
d) repeat when DoT’s fade

It would make fights more rich. It could be DoT for AoE (new ‘surge’?) and DoT for solo target (new spell-type?).

So considering new ‘surge’ mechanics – it would be great if it wouldn’t interfere with ‘clouds’. Lets it would make less damage (btw currently there is a mistake in description of surge – it makes x6, not x3 ‘waves’), but it won’t interfere with clouds – so there would be more space for creativity when you fight.

2) burst vs ball spells… not too much difference. I do not use bursts at all, as I use ball for killing reflecting mainly (I know about balls radius-deminish, but it doesn’t matter much vs solo target).

Suggestion: make bursts more damage than balls or vice versa, make more difference; but make it also cost more mana.

3) swarm – at first I though that it’s something like ‘cloud’, but it’s more like balls, but more randomized. Such randomization and it’s damage doesn’t make me to use this spell. How to make it more ‘cool’? Hm..

Suggestion: Let’s make it ‘cloud’ alternative? Cloud stays in one place, but this ‘swarm’ cloud be like cloud which follows our target. Or maybe let’s it would be balls which fly ‘slowly’ (like 5x less speed?) to target, but make more damage if they manage to hit it.

4) flare… it’s too harsh to have 33% backlash for such price (even though I got 0% fail and all resists). I do not use it – runie too glass-canonish to receive a lot of dmg from his own spells. It’s easier (safer) to kill reflecting mobs with balls/beams and non-refl with bolts… So…

Suggestion: Maybe it would be great to move ‘flare’ from ‘enhanced’ to ‘common’ spells, so it would be possible to customize it’s backlash/damage, so there would be less dangerous options and very hardcore (with higher damage) for people who want to risk

5) ‘wave‘ spell are beautiful.. but the only use of it atm – to destroy items on the floor. Especially now – it’s much easier to kill small critters with ‘surge’.

Suggestion: How to make it better in something compare to surge?.. No idea. Maybe surge should be changed (as I proposed in the beginning) then wave would be useful again.

6) Кemove the need to have physical rune in backpack to be able to cast glyphs. It would make possible to use more wide variaty of glyphs on the floor and make gameplay richier.
Please let's continue brainstorm! If you have any ideas about runie - don't hesitate to post it in this topic!
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