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Server update to v4.4.7

Post by C. Blue »

TomeNET 4.4.7 released.

Main new feature: "Maia" race available at character creation, see Guide (6.4). Client 4.4.7 is required to play it.
With it comes a new magic school "Astral", that has a tome too called "Astral Grimoire". Astral spell book colour is orange.

Other important server-side changes:
Vampirism, vorpal cuts, auras, backstabbing and certain chaos effects now work correctly in pvp.
Invisibility in pvp has been toned down.
Super-high AC has reduced effect in pvp so player can still be hit at all.
Artifact list now gets sorted for primary item type.
Monsters of same name now count to quests even if they are a different internal version (ie pack vs solo variant of the same monster).
Tunnelling spider webs requires much less digging power.
The commands "/note", "/notec" and "/untag u" work properly now.
Map ('M' key) will now correctly display all staircases.
Enlightenment potion will also identify the complete inventory.
Defensive stance can be used with martial arts.
Characters in main-hand mode will no longer auto-retaliate with their secondary weapon if they lose their primary weapon.
Various classes/races miscellaneous abilities have been adjusted.
Entering a no-teleport vault will change music to 'terrifying feeling' theme, assumed it is not overridden by a stronger theme (for example Morgoth's music).
Artifact rarities have been adjusted depending on base item's rarity to make some artifacts a bit easier to find.
Changed some shop colours and ammunition colours.
Inscription !* now works like !dksv=
New chat feature: Messages starting with +: will reply to last private chat.
Temple buys piety handbook, instead of magic shop. Weapon store no longer buys digging tools.
Rings of power will drain less excessively if the character is a high-experience-penalty race/class combination.
Vampires no longer enter 'gorged' state when feeding, reducing message spam.
Dungeon stores now differ in most cases even if the same store number is spawned multiple times at the same time (for Ironman Deep Dive challenge mostly).
Characters will no longer auto-open a door when they just tried to disarm it (important for cloaked rogues).
Facing the thing that should not be will now correctly be draining from your sanity (ie Nyogtha's melee attacks now afflict insanity).
Ethereal ammo should now correctly work in traps.
'Winner' and 'Fallen Winner' house door flags can now be used in conjunction.
Cure light/serious wounds potions heal somewhat more HP now.
Pseudo-ID of ammunition should now correctly give 'excellent' for ego ammo, provided the character has the ability to strongly pseudo-ID ranged weapons.
General store will now buy boomerangs.
@R recall inscriptions on multiple items shouldn't interfere in strange ways anymore but just work the way you'd expect them to.
Disarm spell level has been increased from 3 to 5.
Elvenkind boots are slightly more common now.
Characters can no longer interfere/backstab while resting.
Some racial weapon boni have been toned down to not force that race to use a certain weapon-class exclusively.
Glyph of Warding is now easier for priestly classes to cast than for mages.
Certain runes can now be used in golem creation to provide the elemental resistances/immunities that golems may get.
Monsters' rocket sound fx are now audible to all players nearby instead of just the target player.
Characters no longer get their original attribute boni reduced when in monster form.
Angel forms now see invisible and resist confusion.
+Mana bonus for fast-casting forms has been improved.
DEX bonus has been added to certain monster forms: Cats, rogues, monk-like fighters, master warriors.
STR bonus is now correctly applied to bear forms.
STR bonus is given for shattering attacks of a form (earthquake hits).
Minotaur form has been buffed slightly.
LOSE_xxx flag on attacks of a monster form now gives the according sustenance.

For client-side changes see ... p=647#p647.
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TomeNET 4.4.8 released

Post by C. Blue »

Biggest new feature: The new runemastery. The 4.4.8 client is required to play runemaster now.
Credits to runemastery go to Mark and Adam for the original idea and implementation and to Relsiet and Kurzel for continuing and reworking.

Server-side changes in v.4.4.8:
Runemastery completely overhauled/re-done (requires the new client).

Several typos fixed.
Several improvements/fixes/additions to notification/warning/info messages and mechanisms.
Modifications to depth/stats/names of some items. (2-h sword is now called Espadon. Former Espadon is now called Kampilan. More IGNORE_ flags added to various weapons and ego powers.)
Adjustments to some monster data (top 'p' give more exp).
Adjustments to character stats and skills.
Maiar info details fixed.
Vengeance requires open mind.
Removed stat potions from XBM.
Improved certain items offered by stores (diggers with negative boni).
Disable glyphs in town.
Elemental auras will no longer cause real death in blood bond.
Gloves of Slaying and of Combat get same potential for +hit,+dam.
Doors/stairs/gates no longer block aquatic creatures or likewise stun aquatic-form players.
Runes mentioned/usable in golem creation.
Defeating Morgoth on an ironman floor adds an allow-recall flag to the floor.
Titles and kinging messages properly relayed through world server.
Fixed some problems with 64-bit systems.
Randart pricing completely redone.
Randart allowed-item-type check fixed.
Better looking charges-splitting/display in stores.
Fury redraws HP correctly.
Weapon/armour inspection details in stores fixed.
Skills that can't be used get nullified to avoid confusion (eg fruit bat -> weapon-class skills).
Golems and some other creatures will no longer get randomly deleted from the world surface.
New damage types (inferno, detonation).
More ways of door/wall removal will create appropriate (instead of generic) floor.
New monster trap colours.
Dual-wield requires to be not flexibility-encumbered even when in main-hand mode.
Certain damage types have appropriate effects on inventory, monsters, items, players. (rockets, plasma, meteor, inertia).
A spell that damages and polymorphs will now first damage, then polymorph.
Guild chat added.
Salt water potion can be tasted.
Prevent parties/guilds of same name.
Reduced fail rate on 'ancient lore'.
The unique 'Quaker' can no longer kill perma-walls.
Randart weapons may get CHAOTIC flag now (re-check yours).
Magic shop now sells mage staves and no longer sells cure light wound potions.
Improved starlight.
Mindcrafter spells can no longer be deflected by REFLECTION flag.
Monster traps give appropriate note if monster dies/takes damage.
Skills 'Disarming' and 'Trapping' have been merged into 'Trapping'.
Trap kits have their weight reduced.
Monster traps will allow you to automatically identify their load when it hits a monster and generates a noticable effect.
Mage staff melee hits cause appropriate sfx.
!M inscription works correctly with ego ammo now.
Players in blood bond will no longer get their auto-retaliation suppressed by cloaking/shadow running.
Shadow running now includes the 'Sprint' effect.
Players cannot pick up items while paralyzed anymore.
Empty-minded monsters no longer behave surprisingly intelligent in certain situations.
Boni from Archery skill no longer apply to boomerangs.
Bug fixed regarding recall depth for RPG-Server-like dungeons.
'newbie_suicide' option now works correctly.
!L now works on boomerangs too.
!= does no longer also equip the item. Just use !=L if you want to combine both.
Glitch with taking trap ammo from the quiver has been fixed.
Cannot blood bond with targets on protected grid anymore (inn).
A glitch with monster traps has been fixed that could prevent more than one monster to take damage from it.
Gateway spell now requires a clean floor grid.
Shooting a party member in a Blood Bond now works.
Added new auto-retaliation inscription variant: '@Q' instead of '@O' (see guide).
Undiscovered secret doors now give proper messages when tunnelling into them.
Psi bolt traps now also hurt sanity.
Gorlim helmet now has DG_CURSE.

Also see client-side changes at ... p=768#p768
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Re: Server updates

Post by the_sandman »

Some Maiar changes:
- capped the mod (after bonus) to 2.000
- ALL maiar gain 10% bonus in sneakiness and stealth (further unmodified at lvl 20)
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TomeNET 4.4.8a released

Post by C. Blue »

TomeNET 4.4.8a released.
Although it's just an 'a' the changes are actually not minor and some important bugs like the runemastery server crash and the inability of the client to auto-update LUA scripts have been fixed.
More server-side changes:

Rune-breaking fixed, which would frequently cause a crash.
Costumes are now usable during Halloween.
Psi attacks toned down in PvP. Especially no more sanity damage.
Bowel Cramps trap made less harsh.
Invisibility has been toned down in PvP.
Mage staff hit sfx fixed.
Clear Mind now projects correctly.
Faithful Focus now removes fear/confusion/hallucination too.
Shadow Running now also protects against shots in PvP.
'Noteworthy occurances' now display the latest one first.
Ironman Deep Dive Challange records are now saved and displayed at the top of 'noteworthy occurances'.
Bashing items in water is now possible, albeit only 1 grid far.
Allow changing AFK message without going un-afk.
Fixed some LoS bugs.
Fixed/enabled targetting mode '+' for shooting and runecraft.
Shamans may now also use T and g forms. Since it might've not been properly mentioned previously: They can actually also use H forms. (Those forms must NOT be undead or non-living.
Corrupted Maiar get no more stealth penalty, all Maiar get 10% bonus on Stealth/Sneakiness.
Maiar skill multipliers cap at 2.000.
By default, earthquakes from items cannot be turned off via !E.
Fixed fireproof spell scrolls always being Manathrust.
Fixed prices of fireproof spell scrolls. Enabled waterproof spell scrolls.
Non-greater mindcrafter crystals now ignore water and fire.
Dungeon stores now only buy the items they should buy.
Deeper dungeon book stores now offer better books same as higher level town book stores do.
Fixed (increased) power of fear/confuse/slow/sleep effect in potions/magic devices/dedicated spells.
Recalculated power/resistance of fear/confuse/slow/sleep spells; made their ball-versions more efficient.
Kinetic shield should now also block (physical) 'missiles'.
Maiar boosted skills now cap at 2.000 gain.
Maiar now all get a bonus on Sneakiness and Stealth.
Fixed guild chat to appear in chat-only window.
Added '-:' chat prefix that escapes special chat modi (set via TAB key) such as party chat and sends this line to global chat instead.
Small Water Cave is now small.
Ironman Deep Dive Challenge only allows players to enter that have at most reached level 12.
Party/Guild info in shift+p screen should now update correctly in all cases.
Improved signpost handling and display. Changed signpost to '+' symbol.
Flare missile technique works correctly again, lighting up a room too if the shot hit a wall inside it.
Some traps that had the wrong colour have been corrected.
Spell level changes: Phase door 1->2, Holy/Globe of light 1->2, Detect/Sense monsters 1->3, Sanctuary 1->3.
(Account id #1 cannot ever be re-used in case the Admin char that has id #1 is deleted.)

Also see client-side changes at ... p=788#p788 .
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TomeNET 4.4.8b released

Post by C. Blue »

Server-side changes:

-Great Wyrms of Power no longer occur in monster nests.
-Added /tym command for testing one's damage dealing/healing. Basically can tell you your 'dps'.
-Staircase colouring changed, see guide.
-Staircases no longer kill house walls with their half-circle of ambient features (trees etc.).
-Prevent probability travel in ironman dungeons.
-Server shutdown causes a notifying page beep to all players.
-Guilds have a new slash command '/guild_cfg' which brings some new features:
-enable designated guild members to add others to the guild (use new command /guild_adder)
-set a minimum level required to join the guild
-Reenabled and greatly improved jails, see guide '(4.3) Jails' for details.
-Fire-till-kill mode no longer waits for one turn after the initial shot.
-Commands /ftkon and /ftkoff work correctly now.
-Improved/fixed couple of misc interface things and descriptions/texts.
-Command /rec can be used while resting again.
-Ironman deep dive challenge now saves a bunch of information in the 'noteworthy occurances' list in the mayor's office.
-Looking at monster information (~3) now also shows the monster letter and its base colour.
-'l'ooking at Maiar will say 'enlightened..' or 'corrupted..'.
-Mana is now correctly replenished by necromancy skill.
-The fail rate of mimic powers now depends on your INTelligence stat (see guide '(6.8a) Spell failure rate').
-Polymorph rings have a better level formula.
-Notes from the /note.. commands can be longer now before getting cut off (about 2 lines).
-Auto-retaliation will no longer be blocked by adjacent NO_TARGET monsters.
-Commands /notep and /noteg are now called /pnote and /gnote.
-Fixed a bug preventing the highlander dungeon from appearing.
-Party/guild chat more compact: party/guild name is no longer displayed.
-If a monster disarms a rune trap, the player's mana upkeep is correctly reduced.
-Inspecting a player wearing a mummy wrapping now shows light source and quiver too.
-The Small Water Cave dungeon is now small.
-General store now sometimes sells mummy wrappings.
-Improved some race mali/boni (more consistent).
-Reduced runemasters' glyph circle radius.
-Added some important messages to CTRL+o scrollback buffer and made them orange.
-Sauron is smarter now: if he's up against melee chars he will try to keep a distance, if he's up against Runes of protection he will temporarily boost his casting speed by 50%.
-Some traps will disappear faster when hit repeatedly.
-'!E' anti-earthquake inscription works on Grond exclusively.
-Player stores now display wand charges correctly.
-Some basic dungeon stores are hard to steal from now.
-Due to some new mines getting opened, mining supply store now asks for 50% higher prices.
-Some spell name typos have been fixed ('Of' vs 'of', recheck your macros if you use those.)

Also see client-side changes at ... p=805#p805
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Client/Server 4.4.8c released

Post by C. Blue »

4.4.8c main server-side changes:

'k' and 'M' for a factor of 1000 and 1000000 can now be used in @S inscriptions in player stores, eg "@S15k".
"@S-" inscription for player store items added: Makes the item unsellable, like a museum mode.
"@r5" auto-inscription changed to "@r5!X".
Players no longer see house paint of houses of incompatible mode (everlasting vs non-everlasting mode).
Increased value of higher-level runes.
Fixed a bug with certain spells being able to exceed the maximum range.
Chaos/time rune level increased.
Players no longer lose hit points while stuck on grids that aren't really solid walls (eg mountains and trees).
You cannot drop level 0 starter items in town anymore, a hint will be displayed to press 'k' to destroy them.
Dodge/parry/block chances are now displayed as real percentage numbers instead of rough textual descriptions.
Rarely visited dungeons will now provide an experience bonus coming in 3 stages.
Dungeons no longer have minimum character level requirements to enter.
Command /coin now works properly.
Problems with rune auto-retaliation fixed.
Traumatury fixed (thanks Argle).
Books in stores are now sorted by school.
An item getting destroyed now also causes the appropriate sound effect, helping to indicate weapon destruction by Nazgul.
Weight bug in "Telekinesis II" fixed.
True artifacts can no longer be accidentally dropped in houses if that makes them disappear.
Hitting with a mage staff causes the correct sound effect.
Quest descriptions now show the monster's level.
Quests now last twice as long.
Fixed a glitch in the number of charges of wands that are generated in stores.
Fixed a glitch in fireworks.
Stun bonus from Combat skill is now correctly applied to all melee/ranged attacks.
Fear/confusion/stun boni from Combat skill now correctly work on monsters.
Fixed a glitch in Maia skills when using undoskills.
Great Wyrms of Power no longer occur in monster nests.
Accuracy and layout of /tym (/testyourmight) command improved.

Also see client changes at ... p=940#p940
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Re: Server updates

Post by C. Blue »

The next release is not ready yet, but the server has already been updated with these new features:

-Most dungeons now have 'bosses' who may appear at the deepest floor, similar to the Wight-King of the Barrow-Downs so far.
These bosses can no longer spawn or be generated in any other place/situation.
Those bosses usually have a 1 in 3 chance to drop a specific static artifact, which cannot be found otherwise.
Some bosses also 'drop great' in general.
Dungeon bosses will change music to the specific 'dungeon boss' theme (the one you heard so far when fighting the Wight-King).
NOTE: If you kill Sauron, you will automatically get kill credit for the 'Shadow of Dol Guldur', since it is supposed to be some sort of weaker reflection of Sauron's power, or avatar if you will. ;) (This also affects existing chars who already killed Sauron, they cannot kill the Shadow anymore.)
-24 (all of them) so far completely unfindable artifacts are now findable, 16 of them via killing a specific dungeon boss (see below for lists).
-Players now have separate recall depths for each dungeon. So if you've been to -150ft Orc Cave, that won't enable you to recall to -600 Barrow-Downs if you haven't been to Barrow-Downs before.
Existing characters will however get their one 'max recall depth' translated to each dungeon on a worldmap grid they've been to at least once, even if they haven't entered it yet.
Your specific max recall depths are listed in ~ -> recall depths and towns, as usual.
-Bree now has a different music during night time for a change, day music remains same as usual (if you dont get any music during night your music pack is outdated).

List of dungeon bosses and their artifacts:
Barrow-Downs: Wight-King, Stone of Lore
Nether Realm: Zu-Aon, Ring of Phasing. (no change here actually)
Submerged Ruins: Ar-Pharazon, Toris Mejistos
Cirith Ungol: Shelob, Sting
Heart of Earth: Golgarach, Anchor of Space-Time
Paths of the Dead: Feagwath, Doomcaller
Illusory Castle: King in Yellow, Helm of Knowledge
Maze: Minotaur of the Labyrinth, Helm of Hammerhand
Orc Cave: Azog (surprise), no artifact
Erebor: Smaug (a boosted version!), Nauglamir
Old Forest: Old Man Willow, Boomerang of Beor
Mines of Moria: Balrog of Moria, Quarterstaff of Olorin
Dol Guldur: The Shadow (new, basically same as old 'Necromancer', but less Sauron-doppelgangerish), Ring of Durin
Small Water Cave: Watcher in the Water, Trident of Wrath
Sacred Land of Mountains: T'ron, T'ron's Coat
Land of Rhun: Ulfang the Black, Careth Asdriag
Sandworm Lair: Sandworm Queen, Armour of Sandworm
Helcaraxe: White Balrog, Til-i-Arc

Newly findable artifacts in the wild (ie not bound to any boss):
Narya, Thalkettoth, Luthien, Cammithrim, Arunruth, Glamdring, Anduril, Razorback.

-The ironman deep dive challenge (at 40,41 main server) now has 2 static towns besids the random ones, at -2000 and -4000 ft (which are kinda rough sketches for now that await further refinement...).

*** UPDATE: ***

As suggested by Kurzel, the Ironman Deep Dive Challenge..
-is now closer to Bree ((34,34), see /motd)
-requires 0 exp to enter and no previous trading (same as Highlander restrictions)
-will not generate random towns before 900ft or after 4950ft. Random towns now have a greater chance to spawn around n*1000 ft ie, the closer to 1k/2k/3k/4k/5k you are the higher the chance to see a town, except for the static towns at 2k and 4k.
-is now 127 floors in size (many chances to spawn Morgoth),
-has two safe static towns at 2000 and 4000 ft in which there will be no monster spawns and which allow you to withdraw (recall out) prematurely, although you won't get any credit for beating the challenge then
-(EXPERIMENTAL) allows everlasting and non-everlasting chars to form a party together and trade items, while inside the actual dungeon.
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Re: Server updates

Post by C. Blue »

About upcoming reset of the world map:

New terrain types and improved terrain bleeding have been added for next release, and those require a reset of the world map.
However, the world map also holds houses, dungeons and towns, which therefore will be reset too. That means all houses will turn ownerless and all house contents will be wiped out.
To overcome this, a mechanism has been added that saves all house prices and house contents (ie items and gold piles) and returns them to the former house owners after the server update has been completed. When the server restarts with a freshly generated worldmap, players will be able to use the command /request_estate or just /request to automatically fill up their backpack with their old house contents. If not all of the stuff fits into your backpack, just use the command again after you dropped some.

So in case you want access to certain items from your houses right away without having to go through a series of /request commands, you should just take the item out of your house and hold it in your inventory before the server reset begins.
This especially concerns a few very old characters that have more than 7 houses (presumably up to 10), since some items (those that /request happened to save at the very last spots in line) might be pretty inaccessible until you sorted out where to store all your stuff.

*** Note that public houses ie houses that cannot be bought by players will not get their contents saved, so if you have items stored in such houses you need to secure it before the reset! ***

The server reset is currently scheduled for next weekend.
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Re: Server updates

Post by C. Blue »

4.4.9 has arrived, and while the server is still down for generating a somewhat decent world map, here are the patch notes.
*** NOTE: DON'T SKIP a_info.txt, k_info.txt, r_info.txt ON UPDATING! ***
They are required for new client-side features, see client-side notes link below.

Server-side changes:
First of course the changes that were already a few weeks ago, see ... 1219#p1189 .
New runecraft (beta, still balancing/modifying etc, but it's fully functional and you can use it just fine, the guide has a complete list of spells and explanations). For any runecraft-related issues contact Kurzel.
New instant-resurrection feature for everlasting characters, that will help you to dive when noone is around to rescue you. See ... 1216#p1216 .
Player golems are no longer accidentally hurt by other players' melee/spells.
Fixed a glitch with /undoskills when used by Maiar.
Randarts giving hit point bonus now display the 'royalty requirement' for this in their inspection (*Identify*) screen.
The lack of a Go game engine or failure to start it up no longer causes infinite loop on server startup.
Players polymorph back to normal form if they reset their mimicry skill via /undoskills.
Fixed a bug that resulted in the account editor to display garbage.
Shamans can now correctly create rings of polymorphing.
"Hard mode" removed from the game.
Door-smashing sfx is played when getting kicked out of a store when caught stealing.
Inspecting a true artifact now displays its lore text too.
Traps of thirst now play a potion-quaffing sound effect.
Monsters that never move and never attack in melee no longer break runes of protection.
Season change will no longer mess up town areas.
Sauron employs a cast speed boosts or tactical movement depending on the situation.
When failing to recharge an item there is now a 50% chance to just deplete the item instead of destroying it.
Rubble in hallways is now often wide enough to completely block off the hallway.
Hobbits receive a DEX warning when wearing/taking off boots.
Value calculation of dark sword randarts has been improved (mostly increased).
Shop action descriptions have been improved.
Maia experience penalty has been increased from 380% to 400%.
Broken doors are now coloured umber instead of light umber to distinguish them from open doors.
RPG server description in meta server changed (speaks of 'Ironman' now).
Exorcism damage has been increased.
Chat messages are no longer broken before interpunctuation or after an underscore.
AFK status toggle messages no longer appear in chat-only log.
Hit messages vs unique monsters that a player has already killed are now displayed in dark colour, to indicate that he should leave the kill for a team mate. A client option has been added ('warn_unique_credit') that additionally beeps when hitting a unique that the player has already got kill credit for.
Smileys are recognized better, especially in '+:' replies.
Message when tunnelling into certain rare wall types has been fixed.
Ammo created by archery ability 'Create ammunition' will no longer receive any discount and therefore always be sellable to shops for full price.
'Drain life' (wands, priest spell) handling has been corrected, fixing a priest spell glitch.
Annihilation has been changed to just deal damage (more than drain life) without returning hit points.
Special dungeons (event-related or jail) are no longer just called 'Wilderness' in the dungeon list screen, but have more distinct names.
On weapon disintegration by Nazgul a weapon-specific sound effect is now played (the same as when dropping the weapon or otherwise handling it).
Characters will no longer attack with a backstab if a normal critical hit would have dealt more damage. If your character still lands a backstab attack then that means that it would not have landed a better hit without backstabbing this time.
Martial artists can now make use of 'Backstabbing' skill, which will turn out as moves to twist the targets neck and which damage mechanism works the same as normal weapon-backstabbing.
Vampires now feed more on backstabbing a sleeping target to death. They also feed on killing other players now.
Players may now /hug, /pat, /poke and /slap themselves.
Dungeon black markets will now produce more *ID* scrolls.
Dungeon towns are now also fully mapped for players who log out and back on on those.
Dungeon towns no longer spawn any monsters.
Characters now act as fast in dungeon towns as on the world surface (ie time is not slowed down there anymore).
Characters that quit in dungeon towns leave the game instantly, same as in normal town area.
Accelerate nerves fail chance has been reduced.
Food consumption, temporary mimicry (from ring), curse effects and experience drain in dungeon towns behave the same as in normal towns.
Go rules changed to Beijing Olympic Mindsports rules, so that white gets an extra point if she passes first. This is done to counter naive Mirror-Go.
Mindcrafters now get improved sanity bars by just levelling up, same as other players who actually train 'Health' skill to those levels for this purpose.
Guild auto-readding now only accepts newly created characters.
The command /dress now works differently (see command reference in the guide).
Characters now always have at least 1 digging power instead of 0, so they can eventually remove rubble.
More and bigger houses are available now, houses should practically never block each other's entrance doors anymore. In turn the number of houses per character has now been reduced to 6.
Castles (aka houses with moats) have been limited to one per character and can only be purchased by kings/queens/emperors/empresses. This is compensated by the greater number of moatless big and huge houses now. Castles also cost 25% extra.
Dungeon towns can no longer have no-map or no-magic-map flag.
It's not possible to steal from the following stores in the dungeon or in dungeon towns: Temple, potion store, black market.
A player-store glitch has been fixed that could cause losing the payment for partial purchase of item piles.
Store-like ("traditional") houses can now hold up to 120 items on 12 pages.
When a traditional (store-like) house that is sold, its size and price are reset to their original values, before the house was extended by its owner.
Sanity curing messages now display the correct article, fitting the gender of the spell's target.
A single colon at the end of a chat line can be typed in without need for typing it as two colons.
Command /dis will no longer freeze the game if there was a guild key in the inventory.
Mountain terrain now has less magma/lava, while volcano terrain now has more mountains.
Blocking/parrying shots in pvp will now play the according sound effects.
Willpower info now states the correct level for gaining +1 EA, and casting it will correctly redraw the bpr number.
PvP mode chars can no longer enter Ironman Deep Dive challenge.
Items traded on RPG server will now correctly change ownership in all situations.
Menu ~4 now shows the correct unstaticing behaviour regarding dungeon level depth.
A glitch has been fixed causing to switch town music to wilderness music on day/night change although the player is still in town area.
Shields now all use symbol ')'. Moltor's boots now use symbol ']' as all other boots.
A glitch with multi-line chat messages has been fixed that could surface if a colour code was near the end of a line.
Fixed a glitch preventing a randart from being sold if it previously had CURSE_NO_DROP flag even though it is now uncursed.
Fixed a display glitch still showing certain curse types on a randart even though it has been uncursed and those were hence no longer in effect.
Missing skeleton types have been added.
Monsters opening/picking doors now cause a sound effect accordingly.
Looking at items with 'l' that are of incompatible mode (everlasting vs non-everlasting) the item name is displayed in dark grey.
Larger birds can wear two rings now instead of just one.

and see here for new client-side features: ... 1220#p1220
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Re: Server updates

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The source code for 4.4.9a contains a few small server-side fixes that were made after the launch of 4.4.9.

client-side changes are here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58&start=30#p1228
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