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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:42 pm

4.5.5 changes:

  • Macros that call spells or items by (partial) name are no longer case-sensitive.
  • Character sheet (SHIFT+C) can be left by hitting SHIFT+C again.
  • Clients in big-map mode (double map height) now also see more store inventory when entering a store.
  • Ambient sound effect support.
  • Monster knowledge (~2) now allows specifying a minimum level (ESC for none).

For server-side changes, see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1720#p1720

C. Blue
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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:20 pm

4.5.6 changes (client-side):

A Windows Installer download is now provided to make installation as easy as possible.

  • An option was added to toggle the main window's top message line behaviour regarding automatic clearing of last message that was displayed between traditional and new behaviour.
  • Merging of saved client options has been fixed (account-wide vs character-specific .opt file).
  • Auto-inscription files merging has been fixed (eg account-wide and character-specific .ins file).
  • Fixed a bug that crashes the client on startup if sub-windows were enabled/disabled in certain orders.
  • A bunch of audio options has been added in =3 (at the top and at the bottom of the page), allowing toggling certain sound-effect classes on/off as a whole (eg combat sfx).
  • It's now possible to invoke chat while in message/chat recall screens, allowing for easier answering people in order while having been afk; also from within the skills screen (shift+G) and most options screens (=) and the ~ (in-character info) screen.
  • Linux/OSX: The macro wizard should now correctly decide on a command macro instead of the usual hybrid macro for special keys that require it.
  • Custom auto-inscriptions are reapplied correctly when they are modified in & menu.
  • Gaining auto-ID and thereby identifying items you are carrying will attempt to apply custom auto-inscriptions on those.
  • Identify-backpack mechanics will correctly attempt to apply custom auto-inscriptions to the items.
  • Custom auto-inscriptions are now applied when IDing or *ID*ing an item too.
  • The audio hotkeys CTRL+N (toggle master) and CTRL+C (toggle music) now work while in a store or while looking at the map.
  • Audio options cut_sfx_attack and half_sfx_attack now reset between combat so there's always at least one sfx being played when a fight actually starts.
  • Fixed an error when trying to compile the client without sound support.
  • The player indicator '@' on the wilderness map (SHIFT+M in the wild or ~0) blinks now, allowing to see what terrain is actually there.
  • Shift+H key will now apply custom (client-side) and, if 'auto_inscribe' option is enabled, predefined (server-side) auto-inscriptions to an item.
  • Fixed a glitch in weather sound effects playing despite being turned off.
  • Fixed a glitch where weather tiles could mess up the screen after looking at the worldmap.
  • An option 'no_weather' was added that allows toggling weather effects on/off.
  • Fixed a freeze glitch in the rebirth feature (pressing '#' key on creating a character that previously existed).
  • Option 'hilite_player' has been added that draws a cursor around the character icon on the main screen at all times.
  • Option 'alert_mana' has been added, playing a warning sound when mana is below 20%.
  • Macro Wizard now allows setting preferred immunity for mimicry users.
  • Artifact lore (~6) now correctly displays hit/dam/dice/multiplier stats of boomerangs, slings/bows/crossbows and ammunition.

For server-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1767#p1767

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Mon May 19, 2014 8:27 pm

Changes in 4.5.7 (client-side):

    sound.cfg and music.cfg files now support disabling a sound event or song by prefixing the line with a semi-colon ';'. This is *PREFERABLE* over commenting out the line with a '#' instead, because with a ';' the server will not wrongly assume that your audio pack is oudated, and possibly send you wrong sound/music codes as a consequence!
    If you receive a 'wrong' message on login about your sound or music pack being outdated, it means you still have some '#' instead of ';' in your cfg file(s) that you added yourself (the '#' that already exist in the cfg files are meant and needed to be there).
  • (A note in general, nothing to do with this update: If you get distorted sound effects, make sure that you don't have all four volume sliders at maximum. Reduce the master slider by 1 or 2 steps for example.)
  • A visual bug has been fixed that could leave ghost trails when switching to 'static screens' (skill screen, player list..) while weather effects were displayed.
  • Cursor is correctly restored to normal behaviour when turning off 'hilite_player' option.
  • Fireworks sound effects added.
  • Client-side auto-inscriptions will now overwrite 'cursed' tags too.
  • 'Hellish' mode's description no longer mentions the deprecated 'Hard' mode.
  • Buffer overflows have been fixed. Especially the OSX client should no longer crash occasionally when trying to call items by name (eg rods).
  • A glitch with weather particles 'smearing' over the map when entering certain info screens has been fixed.
  • Artifact lore ~7 now displays rarity too, roughly. (It doesn't take into account ALL theoretically required factors and might be off for a few arts.)
  • 'alert_afk_dam' is disabled by default, so newbies don't get beep-spammed into oblivion.
  • Missing keys for 'swap', 'wear/wield secondary' and 'house interaction' have been added to rogue-like key set (see guide; note that prefixing the '^' character to a letter in macros stands for a CTRL+... key combination.)
  • Skill mods of 0.000 are displayed as -.--- instead.
  • When having to enter a quantity, instead of any letter, pressing 'a' or spacebar will now select the maximum amount ("all"). Pressing enter key to confirm is no longer needed.
  • New option 'no_verify_sell' added. If enabled you will no longer be prompted 'Accept X gold?' but the sale will be confirmed automatically.
  • Bringing up equipment with 'e' key will now display the total armour weight in the top left corner in addition to the usual total weight in the top right corner.
  • Subsequent auto-inscriptions are no longer ignored if an auto-inscription in between is actually empty.
  • Smoother weather/ambient sound fading when entering/leaving buildings.
  • Extended colour codes (nether, nexus, etc..) added for coloured chatting.
  • In monster lore and artifact lore (~7 and ~6) the keys page-up and page-down can now be used to skip whole pages of search results and browse through a complete list of matches.
  • Monster lore now also shows the monster level in the search results and in the 'title line' of monster stats and monster description.
  • List houses now display current/maximum stock.
  • The config file (TomeNET.ini on Windows, .tomenetrc on Linux/OSX) offers a new option 'lighterDarkBlue' which may make the dark blue colour more readable on some screens. To enable it in TomeNET.ini, set the line to 1 instead of 0. To enable it in .tomenetrc, uncomment the line by deleting the preceeding '#' symbol.
  • The '#' key to recreate a previously designed character has been relabeled from 'previous' to 'reincarnate' ;).
  • Client-side auto-inscriptions now work even when mass-looting at very high speed.
  • On exit the client offers y/a/n choice for saving chat log/ALL messages (including chat)/none. Default (if you just press ESC or RETURN) is 'n'. The command-line option '-V' was added and auto-saves all messages on exit ("-v" remains unchanged).
  • All item-related commands now offer '@' option to enter a (partial) item name instead of choosing an inventory/equipment slot.
  • Outside of towns, the depth indicator will no longer turn light blue to indicate that you will get a floor feeling. Instead, a light blue asterisk (star) is added to the depth to indicate it.
  • Macro wizard offers two new features: 'enter custom action' and 'load macro file'.
  • New option 'exp_bar' added that shows experience as a bar instead of a number.
  • Shift+I can be used inside shops to inspect your own items.
  • New option 'consistent_players' added that simplifies how the player sees himself and other players on the map: It's always a white @ for himself, yellow while disruption shield is up, orange while in temporary monster form, dark grey for party members.
  • New option 'flash_player' added that will flash your icon in light red/green colour after you teleport, recall or change worldmap sector. It will also work for phase door or tele-to, if those cause your view panel to change.
  • Equipment slot indices are correctly redrawn after a command that uses an inventory item.

For a list of server-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1832#p1832

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:53 pm

Changes in 4.5.7a (client-side):

The Windows and Linux clients now contain an update tool named 'TomeNET-Updater'!
This is a little graphical tool that just has three buttons for your convenience:

1.) Update the actual game client itself.
2.) Install or update the sound pack.
3.) Install or update the music pack.

Note that 7-zip must be installed in order to use this updater. Get it from
The Linux client additionally requires GTK to be installed.

  • 'lighterDarkBlue' setting (in .tomenetrc) has been fixed for GCU-clients.
  • A glitch has been fixed that would cause a fallback-song to be played when a line in music.cfg had been commented out with ';'.
  • Common actions like recharging or enchanting should allow specifying items by name fine now, fixed a glitch where this was not possible with the 'Recharge' spell.
  • The character overview screen (right after logging in with account crecedentials) now displays the location of each of your characters.
  • The magic device skill description displayed in 'C' screen now scales a bit differently to better reflect the character's ability to use them ('excellent' and higher don't show up very early on).
  • Rogue-like key set users can now use CTRL+G to apply auto-inscriptions, which is 'H' key in the normal key set.
  • It's now possible to inscribe and uninscribe items from within the lore screens, making it easy to cheeze-inscribe your true artifacts.
  • A glitch with ambient sfx has been fixed that could cause an sfx to be played in the wrong place (mostly fireplace sfx being played outside of an inn).
  • The monster kill list (~2) now displays monster levels too.
  • Monster lore (~7) no longer lists multi-hued/any-hued monsters when searching for monsters denoted by a violet character (eg '!vv' vs '!vM' vs '!vm').
  • A glitch in artifact lore (~6) has been fixed that caused mess-ups and wrong artifact names due to artifacts not having descriptive text lines.
  • Targetting method 'g)' (in the macro wizard) should now work as described there.

For server-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1846#p1846

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:19 am

Changes in 4.5.7b (client-side):

  • Fixed a bug that prevented recharging items by name via recharge spell.
  • Monster/artifact lore search updated and a glitch fixed that prevented perfect matches from showing up first.
  • Macros will no longer trigger within monster/artifact lore screens.
  • font_map_solid_walls will "correctly" modify the exp_bar layout too.
  • Rogue-like key map completed/fixed: Now access is possible to the audio mixer and its hotkey switches.
  • Based on a patch submission by Cribozai, the client now allows cursor movement and advanced editing when typing in a chat line: Keys are CTRL+A/S/D/Q/W/E/V/B.
  • Chat-mode toggle keys are now CTRL+R/T/F/G instead of CTRL+A/T/L/G (all-, party-, floor-, guild-chat mode).
  • In normal stores it is now possible to use wear/wield and take-off commands while inside the store.
  • When prompted for quantities you may once again enter a letter (or more) to drop 'all'. Just pressing 'a' or spacebar key still work too of course.

For server-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1861#p1861

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:49 pm

All Windows 4.5.7b clients have been reuploaded with a fixed TomeNET-Updater tool.
The original one was unfortunately broken due to "stripping", a process that should usually have no effect other than reducing the file size; that non-functional updater would not start up at all but instantly terminate (crash), sorry for the inconvenience. It's now 8kB larger, but at least it works. =P

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:37 pm

Client-side changes in 4.5.8:
  • A bug in the TomeNET-Updater tool that comes with the client has been fixed, so it no longer crashes on startup.
  • Hotkeys for text input manipulation have been fixed.
  • Duplicate monster/artifact flags have been cleaned up.
  • Some multi-hued/any-hued monsters in ~7 will now correctly show up when (and only when) searching for colour 'm'/'M' instead of their placeholder base colour.
  • All artifacts have describing text now.
  • Macro wizard 'throw' no longer asks for 'potion' name.
  • 'view_lite_floor' option added for lighting up additional floor types such as grass and dirt.
  • 'last_words' option removed and always assumed on (it has been reused for view_lite_floor, hence "removed").
  • Some shading improvements for the corresponding 'view_..' client options.
  • Several 'view_..' options were renamed to correctly reflect what they are for.
  • A bug was fixed that could on rare occasion crash the client when inscribing an item.
  • Some runecraft changes regarding beams and other stuff. This client update is required if you're playing a runemaster.
  • When viewing stats as linear numbers ('linear_stats' option) stats of 40+ will be displayed as '**' instead as '40'.
For server-side changes see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1885#p1885

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Re: Client updates

Postby mikaelh » Sun Nov 09, 2014 1:06 pm

The Linux binaries for 4.5.8 have been updated. The original binaries were missing the runtime library search path (sorry about that). The updated binaries should fix any issues with missing shared libraries.

64-bit Linux client: ... 64.tar.bz2
32-bit Linux client: ... ux.tar.bz2

SHA1 checksums for the fixed "tomenet" binaries:
64-bit: dc6d96063f5009b3018c1780ef849abe00d10328
32-bit: 1349da1efd079cbb8a563406b93dfac93f86b01b

If you have binutils installed, you can also check that the output of "readelf -d tomenet" contains these lines:
0x000000000000000f (RPATH) Library rpath: [$ORIGIN]
0x000000000000001d (RUNPATH) Library runpath: [$ORIGIN]

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:23 pm

4.5.8a released, client-side changes are:
  • Some view_... options were renamed to properly reflect what they actually do.
  • When experience to level up is displayed as a bar ('exp_bar' option in =1) the colour for drained exp bars has been tweaked.
  • Store bell sound effect is enabled by default now (can be turned off in audio options, =3).
  • Immunities, susceptibilities and most monster type flags (ANIMAL, EVIL, DEMON..) are now highlighted in the monster lore (~7).
  • Flags are no longer cut apart on line break when pasting monster/artifact lore.
  • Improved weather sound effect oscillation prevention when the amount of weather particles visible on screen fluctuates much.
  • Rogue-like keymap fixed/completed: Audio hotkeys CTRL+Q/V work in map/store mode, CTRL+C now force-stacks items.
  • Visual glitches on artifact/monster pasting into party/guild chat fixed.
  • Slot-exclusive modes now display better/more intuitive choices and explanations on character creation.
  • New feature 'auto-reincarnation' added. Also supported as '-R' command-line parameter, or when logging in with a character name via command-line argument.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented activating an item in equipment slot 'a)' by name.
  • Macro wizard now supports combat stance switching ('I').
  • The somewhat lighter 'dark blue' colour is now enabled by default.
  • The dark grey colour has been darkened a bit more to better distinguish it from 'slate' (normal grey).
  • Artifact lore will colour flags: Curse-related or similarly bad flags are dark grey, flags that are affected by the +pval (magical bonus) are light green if positive or bright red if negative.
for server-side changes see here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1931#p1931

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Re: Client updates

Postby C. Blue » Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:18 am

4.5.9 released. Client-side changes:
  • Memory leaks and crash bug fixed.
  • When using exp_bar option, the fill charactes (minus sign) are displayed in yellow instead of brown when your experience is drained, for better visibility.
  • Options menu now contains a shortcut to the audio mixer.
  • A martyr/dungeon wizard colour flickering glitch has been fixed.
  • Monster lore now also highlights NONLIVING and correctly highlights DRAGONRIDER vs DRAGON flags.
  • Options have been reordered.
  • New option: alert_offpanel_dam that beeps if you are attacked while using the locate command to look elsewhere on the dungeon map.
  • New option: idle_starve_kick. If this is turned off, you won't get kicked out automatically when you have been idle for 30 seconds while starving.
  • Option view_lamp_lite has been split up into view_lamp_floor and view_lamp_walls.
  • The master options view_granite_lite and view_special_lite that actually enable all the other view_ options have been renamed to wall_lighting and floor_lighting respectively.
  • New option: no_afk_msg. Turn it on to hide all afk/unafk-messages from other players.
  • Experimental: In the h menu you can knock on a house door (has no further purpose other than generating a sound effect).
  • Playing in command-line mode (just a terminal, no windows) will properly disable/ignore big_map and font settings, so the client won't crash or display visual glitches anymore.
  • The TomeNET-Updater (Windows version) now allows specifying sound pack (1st line) and music pack (2nd line) URLs in the file updater/TomeNET-Updater.cfg. (Linux/OSX users can just edit the script files in the updater folder directly.)
For a list of server-side changes see here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7&p=1954#p1954

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