Rescaling font size?

Additional files for the client such as sound, music or fonts.
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Rescaling font size?

Post by Ook »

I'm trying to find the best font size, and I was wondering if any of you guys know, if it is possible to rescale an existing font without too much hassle, maybe using a third party tool?

The thing is I only recently discovered the double window size option. :P Avesome! ...but the font size I like using makes the windows slightly too big for my screen, and I dont want to scale the font size down too much, because it makes my eyes tire too quickly. So, I thought, maybe there's an easy way of taking an existing font that I like and resize it with maybe just one pixel. E.g. transforming 16X16 to 17X17...

Lemme know if any of you have any good ideas, thx?

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Re: Rescaling font size?

Post by tangar »

there is a lot of different sizes

you could resize any font with 'Fony' program
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