Upscale logos

Additional files for the client such as sound, music or fonts.
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Upscale logos

Post by tokariew »

In last time I was toying little with video/image upscaling. So i decided to try to upscale TomeNET logo. So i start upscaling logo from 48x48 px to something bigger, let's say a lot bigger than reason will dictate. And only 44 images xD

So what i used for upscale?
waifu2x -- cuda deep learning sorta… name with brackets, in brackets is model used for specific upscale
nnedi3 -- interlacing filter but can be used to upscale too
gimp/infraview -- for basic upscaling algorithms
mpv -- tried diffrent upscale from this video player… file from this don't have TomeNet in filenames only algoritm name. so link for album with all upscale images
So maybe someone with some skill with editing photos, are ready for making something nicer from this :D
img {
max-width: 100%;
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Re: Upscale logos

Post by tangar »

good job :)
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